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Fri 25 March 2011 – Episode # 5260

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ The April Mystery Deepens “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 25 March 2011 – Episode # 5260 ]


Maz arrives and wakes Nic, who is dozing on the couch. Maz is clearly concerned when Nic tells her et the date with Angus went well. She’s also worried at Nic & Angus are seeing each other again tonbight – as Maz tells her et there’s an anti-natal class. Nic insist tat she can do both.


Angelo doesn’t seme that keen the several of the River Boys are going to have credit accounts here. He also doesn’t like it when Brax 1st gives him the r nicknames, then somni clearly fake names.


When Irene asks, April tells her she is waiting for Dex – so they can do an assignment [where they have to invent a country, what its ppl believe, what there’s exports etc are]. Irene is concern that April got the mole on back of her neck removed [and didn’t tell Irene]. April insist that everything is ok with her.


Roo doesn’t have mush luck who she talks to John bout more consulting work OR when she suggest to Brax ta she could be a function co coordinator here. She doesn’t like it when he tells her there’s they DO need another waitress though.


After Maz bails, Dex is worried bout April. She makes a tiny mistake on the map of the country she invented – so she trashes that one, and starts again with a clean sheet of paper.


Maz express her concerns to Sid bout Nic/Angus – esp. bout seeing each other before the anti-natal class today.


Angelo & Brax have a misunderstanding about the business – and Angelo is annoyed at Brax easilily dismissed his convcerns.3

Soon after, Roo has a reversal of fortune with both Angelo & John keen on her business ideas.


Dex continue to worry bout April – who has trashed many versions of her new country map. Even though he tells her that her latest is “A+ times infinity”, she doesn’t like it when he says its [only] 10 tie better than his. April decides to bail, and Dex hopes/insist she won't destroy her latest map. Maz & Sid arrive home.


Angus [as he prepares diner for himself & Nic] talks bout various foods that are good for babies etc. When he comets bout how long the meal will take to makes, Nic tells him bout her anti-natal class tonight.


Roo is getting impatient waiting to use the showers. Colleen makes some intersting suggestions to solve the problem [i.e. Roo washing her privates in one of the sinks]


When Angus & Nic talk bout the bay, Nic evasively tells Angus she won’t be a struggling single mum.


As Nurse Julie gives instructions to the numerous couples who are at the anti-natal calls, Maz insist to Julie that Nicole will be here soon.


Angelo continue to be worried bout being in business with Brax – as the latter tells him that many of the River Boys have now paid their “tab”, but there appear to evidence [in the til] that that’s not the case.


Nic & Angus arrive VERY late for the anti-natal class. Maz is keen by Nic’s birthing partner like they planned, but Angus [given how late they are] is Nic’s partner of this class.


Irene is closing up, and April has a freak out bout the map NOT being creased [as it will be ruined if it is]. April apologises of “going off” at Irene. Also, Irene gives April a big bag to put the map in.


When Roo tells Angelo the “fun” with the showers at the van park, he suggest ta she can stay at his place. She likes that idea.


When the anti-natal class finishes, Nurse Julies “: suggest” that Nic should be on time next times. Angus is taken aback when Nic tells him ta she isn’t keeping the baby – she is giving it top Maz.


Roo loves the house – incl its 2 bathrooms. When she sits on the couch with Angelo, she totally say to him the she want to stay here. He takes that the wrong way – and tries to kiss her TWICE. She sets him straight – platonic housemates.


LATE AT NIGHT - April descends the strairs. When Irene wonders if it’s April she can hear, April says te she is getting a glass of water. However, April, of course, goes to work on THAT map/country project.



Ruby & Charlie clash about Ruby/Casey

April tells Dex “I have to keep things in perfect order or terrible things will happen !!!!”

Angus tell Nic that he needs some time out to think bout what’s happening

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


April: dark [pink & white floral] top/green [dark dots] headband


Nicole: sky blue maxi dress


April: light pink dressing gown/white [red floral] nightdress


Angelo: dark shirt

Angus: aqua shirt/dark t

Brax: dark t

Colleen: white [dark swirls] bvlouse/pink top/red & white floral skirt

Dex: dark vest/sky blue [yellow trim] t

Irene: red elbow length sleeves blouse

John: blue shirt/dark jacket

Marilyn: dark knee skirt/white [dark leafy motifs] top

Marilyn: leopard print top

Nic: orange top

Nicole: white [red floral] top

Nurse Julie: mauve [work] blouse/dark long pants

Roo: blue top/dark jacket

Roo: dark dressing gown

Sid: purple [dark stripes] shirt

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