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Tues 22 March 2011 – Episode # 5257

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Nice Undies “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 22 March 2011 – Episode # 5257 ]


With Grace by her son’s bedside, Elijah phones Morag, and then Leah – informing them of what’s occurred. They are both shocked – as are colleen & VJ when Leah tells the ta Thabo is dead.


Roo makes up in Miles’ bed [with Miles beside her] she try to get out of bed without him waking, but she doesn’t succeed. Miles instantly jump to the conclusion that they musta slept together [both are fully clothed btw]. Roo and Miles head downstairs. Miles is still muchly in shock at what’s seems to0 have occurred. As he is in his boxer shorts, Nic make te comet that is my ep title. After Miles & Nic bails from the room, Morag has a go at Roo – commening bout getting a bed reputation again.


Grace tells Elijah she love the sound of waves on Te beach. She comments Thabo won’t get the chance to swim here.


After Elijah & Grace enter their van, Grace waaaay cries. They hug – before getting REALLY intimate


Colleen talks to Roo bout last night at Angelo’s. Roo gets rid of Colleen by telling her there was pole dancing as well. Miles sits with Roo, who admits to9 him that they sooo didn’t sleep together, as teeth only reason she was in his bed is cos the bed itself [which is so mush nicer at the one in her van. Miles seems offended at Roo DIDN’T take advantage of him last night.


Elijah & grace chat for a bit before her bails. Morag that approaches Grace – wants to talk.


Roo & Nic talk bout what happened with Miles last night. Looks like Nic didn’t take it too well when Roo made a comet bout her keeping the bub.


Grace thanks Morag for chat they had. Morag sees Nic – who puts her hand on her baby belly.


Morag has another go a Roo, cos of the comet she made to Nic.


Miles & Leah chat bout the Elijah sitch. They then encounter VJ & Elijah – and they talk bout the funeral whish is tomorrow.

Elijah walks away – but Miles goes after him. Elijah insists everyti8ng has changed now Thabo is dead, and teeth he is going to always be there for Grace.


NIGHT – Roo tells Nic she never should have said what she did, and that its TOTALLY up to Nic what she decides with the baby.


Elijah arrives. He is ken to speak to Miles, but Morag tells him that Miles isn'tt home. Talk terms to tomorrow, and Morag insist Grace is REAKLY depening on Elijah tomorrow, so Elijah will have to put anything else aside & be there for Grce.


VJ talks to Leah & Miles bout Thabo. This has made VJ question his beliefs, but in the end, he agree to attend the funeral,


With Grace asleep nearby, it looks like Elijah is muchly questioning his faith.


NEXT DAY – Nic, Colleen, Grace, Miles, Leah Morag & VJ are all there for Thabo’s funeral. Elijah enter the building, and although/because he is giving a seromn about faith, he stops & starts … and hasn't completed it [doesn’t look like he will either] when the ep come to a close.



Seems like it’s the world versus Ruby [over what happened with Romeo]

Elijah is having a serious crisis of faith

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: pink ruffled top/white jacket


Nic: orange thin strap knee dress


Roo: predominantly purple lattice top


Colleen: blue top/silver [pink floral] blouse

Colleen: dark blouse/red [dark swirls] top

Elijah: black [partly white collar] priests’ outfit

Elijah: green polo

Elijah: red [white “Abercrombie” logo and 2 tennis racquets] t

Grace: 2 tone blue dress [with a similar headscarf]

Grace: blue [dark floral] dress

Grace: gold [dark mosaics] dress

Leah: dark top

Miles: dark shirt

Miles: grey t/Australian flag motifs boxer shorts

Miles: red [pink & black old style street lamp] t

Morag: dark top

Morag: dark top/white cardie

Nicole: predominately white [dark trim] top

Roo: white [red unkown motif] t

VJ: dark suit/white shirt

VJ: white [dark headphones] t/green & black shorts

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