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Sucker Punch

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Title - Sucker Punch

Type Of Story - Med / Long Fic (See where it goes)

Genre - Drama

Rating - A

Characters - Liam, Coby plus locals

Spoilers - No

Warnings - Labnguage, Violence, Adult Themes

Summary - Liam's younger brother comes to town, but why has Liam kept him a secret from everyone?


Liam sat alone writting a love song and playing his guitar.

"pretty boring song, bro" he heard voice say behind him

"Coby" Liam replied sitting his guitar down beside him but not turning around

"Got a beer for ya young brother or what?" Coby said

"What are you doing here?" Liam asked

"What I'm not aloud to see my big bro" Coby asked

"I just didn't think you'd want to see me, that's all" Liam replied

"I got out of the nut house today and recieved this" he said handing liam an opened envelope

Liam looked in it

"I see" he said

"I don't want it" Coby said "So i was thinking maybe you could just take it and go see Ash or something i don't know"

"you got somewhere to stay?" Liam asked knowing he'd regret it

"Nah mum wants nothin to do with me" Coby replied

"Well there's an extra bed here. It was for Bianca sister, but she moved out"


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