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Fri 4 March 2011 – Episode # 5245

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Being With Casey Is Better Than Being Alone “

[ Screened in Australia Fri 4 March 2011 – Episode # 5245 ]


Ruby sees Casey – and wonder why he bailed so quickly when they saw Romeo this morn. Ruby wonders if its cos Casey has feelings for her – and she also comet at Romeo told her ta he thinks tat Casey is trouble. Casey bails.


Casey & Romeo physically clash over Romeo’s comet to Ruby bout Casey. Ruby can’t belive this is happening. Liam breaks up the fight – and puts them both on detention. When Liam asks, Rubes teels him she has no idea why they were fighting.


Bianca is ken on having a girl’s night out. Leah, Maz & Irene are keen too … but Bianca clearly isn’t so keen on having it at Irene’s place [she has DEF thinking of “hitting the town” so to speak].


Romeo tells Indi ta they can’t spend time together this arvo, as he’s on detention. She’s annoyed – as she is missing a uni lecture to be here. Indi tell Romeo they REALLY got to talk tonight.


Although Indi makes it quite clear that she & rally keen top spend some alone time with Romeo, Sid [even with Maz on Indy’s side] is keen on a night at home tonight.

Soon after, Maz tells Sid at she think that Indi is planing a VERY special [sleep tog there] night with Romeo. She suggest, as she is going on a girl’s’ night, ta he has a boys night out with the likes of John.


Liam is soooo getting nowhere with his latest song. He bails.


John & Sid are chatting when Liam arrives. Sid & John suggest they can help Lima with his song.


During the girl’s night out, Nicole suggests that a boy in her uni class that has contacted her a number of times is gay. When Leah is asked, she tells ppl bout her non event date with Brax – but she doesn’t go into why. Bianca isn’t rally enjoin tight – and Irene’s mock tails add to his misery.


Indi prepares of her BIG night with Romeo. She’s in a way sexy dress etc. she send a text to Romeo.


Romeo sees that text – wondering where he is. Romeo looks downtrodden – like tonight with Indi will be them breaking up.


Casey arrives and when Ruby wonders why he’s occasionally violent, he tells her that when ppl expect you to act a certain way [like the rest of the River boys], it’s easy to fall into the habit of behaving the ay they think you will. Casey wonders if Ruby will go out with him. She says she might [with it bang implied that if Romeo isn’t interested in her, she will]. Casey bails.


Bianca talks bout the song that Lima is writing bout her [high maintenance woman]. She doesn’t like it when Nic says he did that same thing for her.


John & Sid are a tad drunk as rte try to help Liam with THAT song. Bianca arrives – confronts Liam bout the song. He tells her that it’s was just a little white lie.


When Nic tells Rubes bout how that boy from her class has send her a few text messages, Rubes isn’t so sure at he is gay – but Nic doesn’t think ta anyone would be interested in her in her cuirent preggy state. also, Ruby is disheartened when Nic tells her that Indi has a BIG night planned for her & Romeo tonight. Nic bails.


Indi sends/thinks about seining anotht5 text to Romeo – as he’s not here yet.


Rubes is asleep on the couch when she is woken by somnone knosking on the door. She’s suprised tat Romeo is here. Romeo is concerned bout Casey [and ruby’s feeling for him]. Ruby tells Romeo that he’s kinda insisted in Casey – but only cos the person she really wants is unavailable. Rubes emotionally tell Romeo that he is the person she loves – and when Romeo wonder why she’s “seeing” Casey, she tells him that its better than being alone. Romeo tells Rubes Indi is surely going to break up with him tonight. He geo to bail – but Ruby stops him. She kisses him – and its turns into a full on pash.



There was A preview …..


it was for the next ep of “My Kitchen Rules” [reality show] where the contestants will be cooking for the H&A cast

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Nic: silver [kinda billowy] tank top


Indi: dark [silver dots on the bust] low cut dress


Indi: dark [purple & blue floral] top


Bianca: off white top

Bianca: red knee dress/snakeskin like belt

Casey: SBH uniform

Casey: white [red & black unknown motif] t

Indi: white [dark vert stripes] mini dress

Irene: orange low cut top

Irene: white [purple floral] top

John: light pink shirt

Leah: grey [silver horiz stripes] top

Leah: white [gold vert stripes] top

Liam: dark [white “Hendrix, Page”] t

Marilyn: dark [pink floral”] scoop dress

Marilyn: dark knee dress/red jacket

Romeo: dark jacket/ Romeo: blue [light blue “adidas” logo] t

Romeo: SBH uniform

Ruby: SBH uniform

Ruby: white low cut thin strapped [dark floral] dress

Sid: blue shirt

Sid: dark jacket

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