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Fri 25 Feb 2011 – Episode # 5240

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“Nothing Worse Than A Bit Of Curiosity To Find What You’re Really Looking For “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 25 Feb 2011 – Episode # 5240 ]


NEXT DAY – A brick has been thrown thru the window, and Angelo blames the River Boys. He urges cahrlie to fix this sitch.


VJ is keen to see Elijah, but eventually leads to Leah telling him bout Elijah new wife & stepson.


When Morag gives Elijah a spare key to his van, she tries to ascertain exactly what’s going on twen Elijah, Grace & Tarbo – but Elijah keeps tings close to his chest.


Leah makes it clear to Elijah she knows Elijah & Grace’s marriage is a sham, esp. Since Elijah kissed her. Because Miles knew bout this, but didn't tell him, she “suggest:” he should bail [which he does].


Charlie queries Brax bout his whereabouts last night. She gets nowhere – and Brax even suggest t he’ll set up a chair for her [net to his] as her visits are becoming frequent.


Brodie & one of the other River Boys tease Liam bout a his recent gig at Angelo’s and then they start on colleen – who notice one of them try to “borrow” food.


Leah arrives, and see VJ’s bible stories book in his bag. When she talks to VJ, he wonders why he is with this other family now. Leah tells VJ its best of Elijah answered that – so they [with the bible stories book] bail.


Leah tells Elijah to explain what occurred to VJ – esp. sicken he's into religion this days.


Colleen arrives – insists to Charlie the River Bys are mushly trouble. When they go into the interview room, colleen seems quite please that their “chat” is going to be recorded .. Looks at the camera etc.


Brax offer one more to help Angelo – who refuses. Brax comments Angelo having no customers [whish he doesn’t when Brax visits just now] or a girlfriend.


VJ tells Elijah that he’s prayed a fair bit lately, and it worked. Elijah didn’t die and Elijah returned to Oz, but it didn’t rally work since Elijah has a wife. Elijah insists to VJ need to have more faith and as they continue to chat, the tension twen them is resolved.


Brodie follows Colleen, calling her Mrs Smartie and rally annoying her.


When they arrive at Colleens; van [her mobile home is being refurbished]. Brodie calls her trailer trash. Brodie suggest a Colleen should be grateful the he escorted her home, but she insists on not spending time with the like of the River Boys. When Colleen gets into his van and shuts the door, its clear that Brodie [outside] is up to something.


Elijah & VJ arrive. Leah thanks Elijah for speaking to VJ, but she doesn’t need him talking to her bout what’s occureed. Elijah bails.


Charlie tells Brax that they’ve discovered a local kid threw the brick into the surf club. Brax reminds her it’s the 2nd time she’s accused that River Boys of something that’s not been their fault. He also suggest [see my ep title] that she’s been doing so to have more encounters with him. Charlie doesn’t take offence – and there’s more than likely some truth in it.


Miles seriously questions Elijah bout what he is doing = insist that are 4 lives in the balance, and that Elijah has made some poor decisions of late. Elijah insists that miles can’t tell him how to his life,


NIGHT – colleen is in her van when she hear a loud voice, and that her van starts to move …. Te photos she has of Alf & others fall over and colleen is quite distraught.


Angelo talks to his only customer at the monet, Morag. Sound like he’s coming round to Brax’s suggestions of help.


Elijah looks at some half ripped up parts, trying to put them together again he then he sweeps ALL the papers off the table with his hand in frustration.


Before Morag bails, she or Angelo joke that twelve been a date tonight [as she’s been the only customer here]. As Morag bails, Brax arrive. Angelo accepts his offer of help [cheap alcohol].


When her van finally stops moving. Colleen picks up a torch and a saucepan and perpares to go outside.



Maz sees Dex wearimg her clothes !!!!! …..

and tells Sid [after initially blaming Indi for borrow her clothes]

Romeo & Casey clash over Ruby

Indi tells Nic she feels she & Romeo are drifting apart

Miles & Morag voice their suspicions bout Elijah & Grace’s marriage

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants


Miles: purple [dark trees on yellow background] t


Colleen: blue & brown tropical village Blouse/dark top


Angelo: dark shirt

Brax: dark sleeveless jacket/dark shorts

Brodie: green t/red & black shorts

Brodie’s mate: dark singlet

Colleen: white floral nightdress

Elijah: green [white “A&F”] t

Leah: grey top

Liam: dark [white unknown motif] t/denim jeans

Morag: orange elbow length sleeves top

Morag: red top

VJ: red [white “rock” and blue square motif] t

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