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Fri 18 Feb 2011 – Episode # 5235

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Skank “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 18 Feb 2011 – Episode # 5235 ]


Dex shows Colleen & Leah the fight involving the River Boys that Romeo & Ruby saw at et end of the previous ep. Dex thinks its all pretty cool for a sociological perspective, but Leah & colleen insist at the River Bys is all way are trouble.


After Mile 7 Romeo chat bout school for a bit, Inid arrives. She wondered why he didn’t say goodbye lat night, but Romeo insists ta he tried. Romeo comments about her Indi & her new study grips friends make him kinda immature. Indi bails.


VJ talks to Leah – he is keen to know about Elijah. Leah tell him Miles didn’t tell him that mush [the evasive etc].

Indi [like Leah & Colleen] isn't keen on Dex’s banter bout the River Boys.


Gina tells Mile at she wants him to take a special interest in Casey. Miles isn’t ken – but Gina isn’t taking no for an answer.

Miles talk to Casey – both aren’t keen on this arrangement. Dex films the chat.


Leah is on the phone. She is intriquid when someone tells her Elijah can’t com to the phone. She is SHCOKED by what she is told …and tells Colleen Elijah is on a plane right now hading for Oz,


Ruby, Romeo & Casey are all in a class taught by Miles. Rubes is keen on hearing some of Miles’ adventures O/S, but he doesn’t want to.

Romeo & Casey clash, and Romeo takes the fall – insists to Miles he started it [when Casey did]. Miles sounds/looks very flustered./annoyed -0 and gives Romeo 2 weeks detention.


Colleen tells Leah at she thinks Elijah is retuning to Oz to be with Leah. Indi is also on this opinion.


Dex talks to VJ – sound like VJ is settling in well into high school [on several sports teams etc].

Nearby, Casey talk to Romeo – thanks him for not dobbing on Casey [that Casey started their clash in clash].


Leah is distracted by THAT phone call – she’s got several orders wrong.

Rubes tells Casey that she doesn’t think its fair Romeo “took the fall” for what happened today. When Casey says Romeo is rubes’ b/f, she denies it, and she is taken aback when Casey calls her a skank …. to the point where she doesn’t respond, she just walks away in shock.


With Dex filming it all, Miles & Casey verbally clash. Gina intervenes – she tells Casey to go to her office. After Casey head off, Gina tells Miles that that clash COPULD have got a lot worse. She’s clearly disappointed with him.


When Leah asks Miles bout Elijah, Miles continue to be VERY evasive bout what’s going on with Elijah.


Casey enters a classroom = with many ppl [incl Romeo] on detention. Romeo & Casey, despite their initial clash, look like they are quickly becoming friends.

NOTE – Despite Casey calling my fave Ruby as skank, I like him …. He’s so far my fave of the River Boys.


Indi wonder to Rubes where Romero is. Ruby tell her bout how Romeo is on detention. Indi is worried the she & Romeo are drifting apart, but Rubes tells Indi at she is sure Romeo & Indi can work things out.


Casey tells Romeo that no one EVER escapes Mangrove River. Romeo insist at Casey should try.

NOTE – this further supports my similar to Rocco theory.


Indi sees Romeo & Casey chatting befoer Casey gets in her brothers car. Indi is intrigued – given what Rubes said bout how Casey & Romeo were fighting earlier.


Romeo * Indi are chatting. When he says the noting special happened today, she tells him she knows bout him being on detention. Romeo tells her bout that = and that he’s now found some common ground. Romeo tells Indi he definitely doesn’t want he & Indi to split up. Indeed, they muchly kiss.


Dex is filming as Casey gets out of his brothers’ car and head for et beach. Dex comets that Casey is soooo not like his brothers. Colleen verbally abuses the 2 River Boys in the car. Casey realise t De x is filming him – and heads towards Dex …. as the other River boys. They grab the video camera of Dex, and as they physically clash. Dex’s camera falls top the ground. Indeed, through the cameras perspective we see the River Boys grabbing Dex and dragging him away.



Dex is lost in the bush ….thank to the River Boys. Casey knows where he is, but will he tell ppl?

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: white lacy crop jacket/blue, green & silver maxi dress


Leah: mostly red top


Casey: dark [several ppl’s faces] t/dark shorts


Rick : dark top/dark shorts

Colleen: 2 tone blue floral blouse/red long pants

Dex: SBH uniform

Gina: grey suit/grey suit

Pee Wee: dark top/dark shorts

Indi: dark scoop mid thigh dress

Miles: blue l/s shirt/purple t/dark longa pants

Romeo: SBH uniform

Ruby: SBH uniform

VJ: SBH uniform

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