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Amy Mathews cast in new play

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Just thought if any of you Aussies wanted to go along, Amy's performing in a play during 26th March - 17th April called Orange Flower Water. The site which I've linked below (from Amy Mathews official facebook fan page) describes it as:

"Two married couples live with their children in relative bliss … until two of them begin a passionate affair.

Penned by Six Feet Under co-writer Craig Wright, Orange Flower Water is a dark, funny, and ultimately life-affirming examination of the cruelties people inflict on the ones they love – or once loved – in order to stay alive.

Darlinghurst Theatre Company is pleased to welcome back Stella Green Productions who revived Alan Ayckbourn’s Bedroom Farce in 2010. Cutting to the core of Orange Flower Water, the Stella team will unveil the humanity and desperation behind the sometimes inexplicable choices we all seem capable of making"


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