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Thurs 27 Jan 2011 – Episode # 5219

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Distractions “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 27 Jan 2011 – Episode # 5219 ]


Maz is ken to talk bout the baby sitch, but Sid insist that he has to go to work. He bails.


When VJ talk to Leah bout things in te bible, she suggests that he should expend his reading – eg a series of Vampire novels [can I assume she meant Twilight?]. VJ isn't that keen on her suggestions.


NEXT DAY – Xavier talk to Romeo. He;s worried ta he;s not herd from April in 3 weeks – as they use to email, Skype etc every day. Romeo suggest that all ;'ship have a habit of going “south” eventually – he uses Romeo/Annie as an example.


Sid arrive an talks to Nic bout what's occurred. She tells him she was going to get an abortion, but couldn't go thru with it. When he talks bout Nic changing her mind tween now & when baby is born, Nic says its not her decision to make – as this bub, in Nic's eyes, in Maz's already.


Ruby, Indi & Desx chat – bout how Indi is going to be scoping out the uni today. They try to hide [campus maps etc] that they've been doing that when Romeo &* Xavier arrive. When Leah asks, Dex agrees to be VJ's school buddy – show him the “lie of the land” so to speak.


Romeo wonders to Liam if Bianca has heard from April of late. Liam comment that its been about 3 weeks since he has. As they chat, we discover Liam & Bianca went O/S duing te 6 week break tween the 2010 final & the 2011 opener. Liam invites Romeo to where he & Bianca have been hanging out lately.


Dex tells VJ various do's & don'ts of high school. VJ disagrees with some of Dex's advice – commenting on how Elijah would say to9 “turn the other cheek” instead. Dex reminds VJ that Elijah is a LOT bigger that Dex & VJ.


Romeo. Xavier & Ruby enter – all trying to distract the other from their issue [like Romeo not ghoingbto uni but Indi is].Xavier & Ruby enter – all trying to distract the other from their issue [like Romeo not going to uni but Indi is]. Ruby is evasive when Romeo wonders what she needs distracting from. Ruby or Romeo introduces Summer [a girl who reminds me in looks of Melody from a few yrs back].


Sid makes it clear to Maz that he's annoyed that she made such a big decision affecting their family][without talking to him 1st. He suggest that he is keen foe them to have a child – but his not so keen on that baby being Nic's.


Liam is surprised that romeo has bought along Ruby, Summer & Xavier with him today – to Liam & Bianca's home away from home – not sure how to describe the place [all te mod cons, but a kinda ramshackle, open air structure..


DEWx & VJ are talking – incl how Leah thinks it kinda weird that VJ is so into the bible whhn some loser [called Jase] is keen to have a go at Dex & VJ. Dex “suggests for VJ to run – which he does – as Dex & Jase start wrestling etc.


Xaver talk to Bianca bout Apirl – the lack of contact, bianca suggests theres nothing to worry bout. Romeo & Ruby talk – bout how [with Indi not here & Ruby sans a b/f at the monent] ther's both alone her right now.


Sid tends to a sizable abrasion that Dex now has on his cheek – cos if the fight. When Sid asks, Dex & Indi seem pretty cool with the idea of an addition to the family. Although leah thinks Dex for looking after VJ today, Indi still wonders why Dex [as alwasya in this sitch] didn't run.


Romeo & Ruby talk bout Xavier – about how Summer is the distraction he needed. Nic & Ind arrive – sound like they had a good day scoping out the uni. When the whole baby thing is mentioned, Bianca inist that there's no way that she and Liam have baby plans.


Sid tell Maz that his kids are tatally OK with another mbr of te family, but whilst Sid is cool with having a child with Maz, she insits that she wants Nic's bub.


Whilst Liam leads a singa long, Xavier is getting very cosy with Summer. We see a msyterious woman [we only initailly sees from her knees down] exit a cab. Naturally, its APRIL …. who catches Xavier kising Summer !!!!



Robertson “grills” Will

Morag is annoyed that Alf hasn't told her many things bout Penn

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Bianca: hot pink scoop top/dark jacket/dark long pants


Ruby: bleu & white swirls? Maxi dress


Dex: red [dark tree branches?] t


April: pink shoes/red asymmetric skirt/white top

Indi: white [dark inknown motifs] jacket/dark top/dark long pants

Jase: dark long pants/dark [purple unknwon logo] t

Leah: hot pink scoop top/denim jeans

Leah: white [dark trim][ top

Liam: grey [dark unknown motif] t/dark long pants/dark jacket

Marilyn: dark [gold swirls] dress

Marilyn: dark low cut v neck elbow length sleeves top/dark skirt

Marilyn: white [dark bone like motifs] cardy/dark low cut v neck dress

Nicole: dark cardy/sky blue knee length dress

Nicole: dark nightgown/silver nightdress

Romeo: dark & grey wetsuit

Romeo: dark long pants/grey jacket/blue t

Romeo: white [dark unknown motif] t/sky blue shorts

Ruby: dark [white swirls?] bikini

Sid: blue long sleeve top/dark long pants

Sid: light blue button up shirt

Sid: purple button up shirt/denim jeans

Summer: green thin strap top/denim shorts

Summer: red thin strap top/denim shorts

VJ: white [dark headphones] t

Xavier: dark & grey wetsuit

Xavier: red button up shirt/purple [roskband?] t

Xavier: sky blue [blue horiz stripes] t/white [red unknown motifs] shorts

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