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Wed 26 Jan 2011 – Episode # 5218

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Circle Of Flight “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 26 Jan 2011 – Episode # 5218 ]


NEXT DAY – Morag is looking thru the case notes to do with Peen murder. She comets to Nic, Romeo & Alf that it seem that there are many ppl who didn’t like Penn – and she’s REALLY going to sus all of this out.


Maz talk to Sid – wondieng how mush help they could be to Nic withy her bub. He doesn't sound that keen. From tee way Maz was making these enquires, seem like she has more then just babysitting on her mind.


VJ takes many pics of VJ in his new SBH uniform. She’s surprised he’s so mature that he doesn’t hate Roberson being in town – as Robertson is just doing his job.


Maz meets with Nic. She tells Nic ta she hasn’t told Sid of her plans yet, as she needs time to bring him round”.


When Leah wonders to Robertson if he “suggested” to VBJ to say those comets [only here to do a job]. Roberson insists he’s not talk to VJ at all recently, He suggests a Leah should REALLY talk to VJ bout this etc.


Alf [with Colleen as his minder this time] has a BIG go at John fro making changes at et surf club in his absence


Colleen suggest to Alf that he shouldn’t be “going off” at ppl like john – and tat he should be using all his energy to instead find tee killer beefer Roo gets home.


Sid talks to9 John about Maz’s inquiry’s this morn. John think Maz is sounding SId out [i.e. that Maz is keen to have a child with him].


Alf teals Nic, Morag, Colleen &* Romeo that he is keen to have a family get togetjher tonight [to celebrate their family]. Nic sooooo isn’t ken when Morag about her various Qs bout Peen & her pregnancy.


When Leah talk to VJ, She diosveer att he; s on Facebook …. Talking to some kids from a church gripe that Elijah intro’d him to. Leah goes all Net parental [don’t give out too mush info to strangers, don’t meet in rall life with ppl you talk to online]. She ads he can talk to her bout stuff – not just go online and chat to his finds there.


With tee celebration alf arranged in full swing, Morag & Maz encounter each other for the 1st time in ages. Morag asks Sid bout when he knew sat Nic was preggers – but he rejects her Q [patient confidentiality].

Colleen is wired when John arrives – but Alf insist the invited John. Alf also is keen for John to take over running the surf club, since Alf has this trial hanging over his head. Colleen eventuality forgives Maz – and Maz is quite evasive when Sid tri to talk to her. Sid & Maz bail.


Leah talks to Roberson. She surprised but pleased VJ is reading the bible of his own volition. Roberson is plead that leach is using him as a soundsing board sometimes. Hover eve, when he goes to kiss her, she bask way – too much.


The celebration is over [i.e. non VPH ppl have gone home]. Morag grills Nic bout Peen & the pregnancy, Morag believes severity Nic says, but wants Nic in court [to assist Alf etc] but Alf isn’t ken on that – given how mush of a grilling Morag just give her.

NOTE – Morag’s mock cross examination of Nic reminds of when a similar thing that happens to Ellie Linton in the sublime novel “Circle Of Flight”


Maz & Sid arrive home, and Sid wants to know why Maz is avoiding him. He wonsre if she; wants a baby. She shows him the ultrasound pic of Nic’s bub – that Maz has agreed to adopt!!!!!!



Marilyn & Sid at waaaaaaaaaay at odds bout the baby

[i.e. Maz made a BIG decision without talking to Sid AT ALL]

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: hot pink scoop top/denim jeans


Nic: red top/dark long pants


Colleen: blue & green leafy blouse/most red skirt


Alf: white pdark check] shirt/bone long pants

John: light blue shirt/dark long pants

Marilyn: dark low cut elbow sleeve top/dark skirt

Morag: dark l/s top/dark long pants

Nic: dark nightgown

Robert: dark suit/dark waistcoat/white button up shirt/dark [white diag] tie

Romeo: white [dark circles]\ singlet/dark long pants

Sid: purple shirt/denim jeans

VJ: SBH uniform

VJ: white [dark picture frame like motifs] t

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