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2010 FINALE / "Nicole Is …….. “

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ 2010 FINALE / Nicole Is …….. “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 26 Nov 2010 – Episode # 5215 ]

NOTE – The ceremony for the 2010 IADL awards is at the tail of this ep guide.


As Alf & Roo arrive for the wedding, Roo tell Alf she will soon be coming home [to t Bay] for good.

Nearby, Maz tries to apol to Coleen – who insist she doesn't speak to dead ppl [i.e. Maz is dead to Colleen].


John & Gina have an intriguing chat bout weddings.

Alf speak to Will – who tells him part of what occurred when Robert questioned him.

All the assembled crowd ][all the SB regulars etc] are rather surprised when Liam arrive – he sits at back of the church].

Nic is looking not exactly brilliant – and she comet to Maz that weddings do this to her every time.

Meanwhile, Bianca has a flashback to when she was dance on et beach with Liam on night of the formal. April interrupts, saying its time for the wedding.

Lily [flower girl], Charlie [bridesmaid], then Bianca gracefully walk up the aisle – all set for the ceremony to begin.

The priest performs ceremony – and he gets no objections from anyone as to why this wedding shouldn’t occur. Next are the vows etc, and whilst vittorio keenly says “I do”, Bianca just can’t go thru with this !!!!

She runs to Liam and the hug etc. April is pleased, but Joanna so isn't. Vittorio tries to DRAG Bianca back to the alter to marry him 0- whish Romeo takes offence too. Indeed, Romeo PUNCHES vittorio – which Ruby looks quite impressed by. Joana is soo not imnpreswsed when April claps.

Bianca &* Liam bail from the church on his motorcycle – with April, xaver, Romeo & ruby seeing them off.

When April & co re-enter the church, Joanna makes it case t Bianca just made a big mistake, but a grinning April its its the best decision Bianca has ever made.

Gina suggest to john that he should make evetyinng better – and asks him to repeat everything she says to him … i.e. John & Gina are getting married today instead !!!!!!!!


Bianca & Liam waaaaaaaaay confess their love for each other [she’s still in her wed dress btw]


With Coleen as matron of honour & xavier as best man, John & Gina get married !!!!!!!!


John & Xavier talk about what’s occurred – and how happy Xavier is now that john & Gina got together. Xavier that bails – insist he has to do something.

Iren talk to Will – commet on how being her can’t be easy [given that he & gypsy are over].

Sid examines Romeo’s hand - suggests he put ince on it. Both Indi & ruby are clearly impressed by what Romeo did.

Ruby talk to Maz – insisting the love of her life has been “under her nose” the whole time.

Roo talk to Alf. She need to go away from the bay for a bit [to tie up loose ends] – but will be bask pretty soon.

Angelo & Xavier arrive in the fully restored car john &* Xavier has being doing up – with just married on the back window. John & Gina get in the car and bail.

.Xavier is shocked that April is so distressed – Joanna is taking her back to Europe FOREVER [as she doesn't want a repeat of what Bianca just did]. Xavier & April hug – before Johanna & April bail in their car.

Maz talk t Nic. She is keen for Nic to have some champgnbe with her – as all has gone wrong for Maz since she didn’t die. Nic tell Maz that she can’t drink ….. Nicole is PREGNANT [to Penn] !!!!!!!


Robert ^& graves bail - which a rather official loking documnet with Alf’s name on it.


At an intersection, Bianca & Liam and John & Gina encounter each other. both couples are waaaaaaaaaay madly in love.

Elsewhere, April is totally in tears - as Joanna takes her way from the bay.


Robert & graves arrive – and charge Alf with pen’s murder. They cuff him and take him to their car. Leah is esp. annoyed at Robert for doing this.

Everyone in the crowd is suspicious/concerned when Will [and Irene] bails.


Alf looks pensive as Robert etc take him to the station.



In 2011, we see …..

Morag in tears

Alf in court

Dex locked in the boot of a car – like what Aden did to Geoff

Ruby kissing Romeo

A wild party outside the surf club

The police chasing [i think] Shandi

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


April: white [dark trim & vert stripes] strapless mid thigh dress


Charlie: elec blue one shoulder maxi dress


Ruby: blue & green halter dress


Alf: dark suit/wide brim hat/dark [blue diag stripes] tie

Angelo: dark shirt/white shirt

Bianca: ivory strapless wedding gown

Bianca: blue & white sparkly diag striped one shoulder top

Colleen: red dress/red red fascinator/pearl necklace

Dex: maroon shirt/off white suit

Gina: grey knee dress

Graves: red blouse/dark jacket/dark skirt

Indi: dark [silver trim] thin strap dress

Irene: dark low cut top/grey skirt

Joanna: red knee dress

John: dark suit/white shirt/dark [white dots] tie

Leah: dark dress

Liam: dark jacket/dark shirt/bark long pants

Liam: blue shirt/dark tie

Lily: white [frilly trim] dress

Marilyn: leopard print dress

Nic: red frilly shoulders l/s mid thigh dress

Priest: black [partly white collar] priests’ outfit

Robert: dark suit/white/dark [white diag stripes] tie

Romeo: dark suit/mauve shirt

Roo: dark scarf/2 tone blue maxi dress

Sid: dark suit/dark shirt/dark [white check] tie

Vittorio: grey suit/white shirt/silver tie

VJ: dark suit/blue shirt

Will: dark suit/dark shirt

Xavier: grey jacket/dark shirt/dark long pants


Welcome to the 2010 It’s A Designer Label Awards Ceremony, otherwise known as the EMILYs

Before getting to the announcements of the awards, some formalities to take care of.

These awards are split into 2 sections – Best Dressed & Most Consistently Well Dressed, and there are 11 awards on offer.

Best Dressed followed the principals of the Olympic Games, with the most GOLD medal victories determining the ultimate winner.

For the Most Consistently Well Dressed awards, the winner is the person with the most points, on the basis that each Gold medal is worth 7 points, each Silver is worth 5, with each Bronze scoring 3 points and each Honorable Mention worth 1 point. These Honorable Mentions have no bearing on the Best Dressed awards.

Every single H&A ep of the 2010 season, 220 episodes in total – from the series return on January 25 to the finale last night [Nov 26] - has contributed to these results.

Throughout the 2010 season, there has been 50 people [35 females, 15 males, 28 guests and 26 newbies] scored at least one medal (and are eligible for Best Dressed), whilst 154 people [68 females, 86 males, 129 guests and 108 newbies] scored an medal or a honorable mention and are in the running for Most Consistently Well Dressed.

Now that most of the formalities are done, onto the announcing of the awards themselves, starting with the award for Most Honorable Mentions

With this award, and the accolades for Most Silver and Most Bonze Medals, we will just announce the winner.

The 1st EMILY of the night [with 299 HMs] goes to ….


This is the 3rd time that Alf has won this award

The next 2 awards to be announced are the New Talent accolades.

These awards are for those people who’ve not had an end of year ranking before the one that they attained this year. Because the EMILYs only commenced in 2006, it means that the likes of Will Smith are eligible for the new talent awards – as they’ve not been in the Bay, apart form this year, since these awards commenced.

The 1st of the New Talent accolades to be awarded is for Most Consistently Well Dressed New Talent.

The final 5 nominees are ….. April Scott, Bianca Scott, Reverend Elijah Johnson, Marilyn Chambers and “Rabbit”

and the winner (with 249 points, 31 more than the 2nd placed person) of the 2010 EMILY for Most Consistently Well Dressed New Talent is …


Now, to the Best Dressed New Talent EMILY.

The final 5 nominees are …… April Scott, Bianca Scott, Marilyn Chambers, Mink Carpenter and “Rabbit”

and the winner (with 12 GOLD medals, just 2 GOLD medals more than the 2nd placed person) of the 2010 award for Best Dressed New Talent is …


The next award is the EMILY for Most Bronze Medals,

and the award [with 19 Bronze medals] is


Now, to the accolade for Most Consistently Well Dressed Guest.

The final 5 nominees are ….. Annie Campbell, Reverend Elijah Johnson, John Palmer, Mink Carpenter and “Rabbit”

and the winner (with 147 points, just 9 more than the 2nd placed person) of the 2010 EMILY for Most Consistently Well Dressed Guest is …


Miles Copeland will accept this award on her behalf

The next award is Most Consistently Well Dressed Male.

The final 5 nominees are ….. Alf Stewart, Angelo Rosetta, Miles Copeland, Romeo Smith and Xavier Austin

and the winner (with 302 points, 73 points ahead of the 2nd placed person) of the 2010 award for Most Consistently Well Dressed Male is …


And now to the most prestigious of the four Most Consistently Well Dressed EMILY Awards – the one for Females.

The final 5 nominees are ……. Charlie Buckton, Leah Patterson-Baker, Nicole Franklin, Rachel Armstrong and Ruby Buckton

and the winner (with a MASSIVE 477 points, just 18 points more than the 2nd placed person) of the in 2010 EMILY award for Most Consistently Well Dressed Female is …


This is the 2nd year in a row that Ruby has won this award

The next EMILY is that for Most Silver Medals in 2010,

and the award [with 24 medals of this color] is


Time to get REALLY serious with the GOLD medal, winner-takes-all, Best Dressed awards, starting of with the honor for the Guest/Recurring characters.

The final 5 nominees are ….. Adrian Hall, Annie Campbell, Mink Carpenter, Mitzy Fraser and “Rabbit”

and the winner (with 8 GOLD medals, which is 2 GOLD medals clear of the 2nd placed person) of the 2010 award for Best Dressed Guest is …


Once more, Miles Copeland will accept this award on Rabbit’s behalf

Now, to the boys – with the EMILY for Best Dressed Male.

The final 5 nominees are ….. Aden Jefferies, Dexter Walker, Reverend Elijah Johnson, Miles Copeland and Romeo Smith

and the winner (with 6 SILVER medals, just 3 SILVER medals more than the 2nd placed person) of the award for Best Dressed Male is …


It’s been a great year, fashion wise for the Baysiders, esp. for those who feature in the final accolade of this ceremony, the EMILY for BEST DRESSED FEMALE.

The nominees are ……

Indigo Walker, Leah Patterson-Baker, Nicole Franklin, Rachel Armstrong and Ruby Buckton

and the winner (with a 32 GOLD medals, which is 3 GOLD medals more than the 2nd placed person in the category) of the 2010 EMILY award for Best Dressed Female is …….

Drum roll please ……………………..


Congratulations to all the 2010 winners, and we all look fwd to 2011 and lots of deliciously awesome outfits.


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