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Wed 17 Nov 2010 – Episode # 5208

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ All Part Of The Investigation “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 17 Nov 2010 – Episode # 5208 ]


DAY AFTER THE EVENTS OF 5207 – Will & Leah start to get annoyed/freaked out that Lily & VJ said they were sleepi9ng over at tee other’s place.


Ruby tells Nic that she is ken to go to as many parties as possible – to meet the man of her dreams that way. Nic rejects Ruby’s [joking or otherwise] suggestion that ruby can be Nic’s date to the formal,. They head into the water for a swim.


Leah is surprised that Irene & Robert are being so calm bout what’s occurred – VJ missing, i.e. Leah comets “if it was you child ….”]. When Robert asks, Leah tells him she confiscated VJ’s mobile recently.


VJ & lily comet on how a dog ate/stole mush of their food last night. VJ gets a car to stop – and although Lily isn’t keen on the idea, the 2 kids get in the car with a dude called Gary. VJ tells tan guy that want to go to city – so they can go to Africa.


As Robert & Graves ask Will & Leah for recent pics of their kids, Leah notices one of her credit cards is missing.


As Gray stops for fuel, he tells VJ & Lily he has to get something from home before they go to cuity. After Gray go to pay for the fuel, Lily voice s her concerns to VJ bout what they are doing [she want to bail].


Leah & co discover there's a transition today on her credit card – for a flight to Africa. Robert notes that VJ wouldn’t have been able to go through with this – as the airline wouldn’t let him with adult permission. Graves speak to Robert a lintel away from Leah. She wonder what they are doing helping find these kids. Robert assures her it’s for a good cause. Avery tells them the kids has been spotted.


As Graves droves, she & Robert see the car the the kids got in going the other way. Graves does a 180 and they catch up with Gray. He says he knows noting bout the kids.


Whilst Ruby is talking bout theist find true love ting, Nic is too stress bout her impeo9ng exam results to party. Nic bails and Ruby sees Dex. They agree top go partying together – esp. since Dex has an idea for a car than can access.


Maz tries to film video messages – for after she’s gone, but she stops recordiing for a bit =- as tries a more upbeat msg.


Robert ^& Graves get truth out of Gray. After the local police haul Gary away, Graves has an idea bout where the kids could be. Graves & Robert find VJ & Lily hiding nearby. When Robert comet to Lily Will is worry bout her, she comet on how anger he is lately – bout something bas he was done. Lily ads Will tells her at she wouldn’t underrated what he’s done.


After Sid agree to send out Maz’s video messages, he doesn’t accept the tig that she want to give him [the thing she woukld have left him in her will]. Maz decide to sty the night at the VPH>


After Leah & Will thank Graves & Robert for finds the kids, Will tells Robert the bad thing was cheating on his wife. Before Will can answer further queries, he goes to Lily when she calls out top him. Robert comet top Grave that it was, like he thought, worthy to get involved in fining the kids – cos of Will’s possible involvement in Penn’s death.


Leah tell VJ she broke up with Elijah as she could se et hell’s a hero over there, asn doesn’t want him to have to dchoice tweeny being there and being in Oz with Leah.


Ruby iswui9ng at side of road when Dex arrives. She is ken top dine – given that Dex almost juts ran her over. She can’t believe it when he tells her that he’s “borrowed” his dad’s car. Dex inset that have plenty of time to get it back to where it was.


NEXT DAY - as she drives, Ruby talk top Dex bout the parties they went too. Avery pulls over Ruby & Dex. Ruby can’t believe in when Avery tells her she is drive a car that has been reported stolen.



Charlie is sus about Roo’s return to the Bay

Ruby tell Charlie bout her deadline – Ruby has just 2 weeks to find true love

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby : yellow [orange swirls] halter kini


Leah: red & occasionally white top/white jacket/blue knee skirt


Lily Smith: blue [various colored clothes] top/dark long pants/pink [various clolor dots] l/s top


Avery: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/yellow fluro vest

Dex: denim jeans/pink [dark kinda check pattern] vest/blue top/red singlet

Dex: yellow t/blue [dark horiz stripes] jacket/dark long pants

Gary: red & bleu check shirt

Graves: orange blouse/dark l/s shirtdress

Irene: yellow blouse

Marilyn: hot pink [dark trim & bow motifs] long sleeve top/dark knee length skirt

Nic: dark halter kini/white [hot pink floral] mid thigh dress

Robert: dark suit/white shirt/white shirt/dark [white daig stripes][ tie

Ruby: dark jacket/mostly purple knee dress/dark [with gold buckle] belt

Sid: dark l/s top/denim jeans

VJ: denim jeans/green [white unknown motif] hoodie

VJ: white [dark “surfing”] hoodie/dark t

Will: dark t/olive green long pants

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