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Wed 10 Nov 2010 – Episode # 5203

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Hunchbacked Slave “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 10 Nov 2010 – Episode # 5203 ]


Xavier talk to [ April bout John/Gina. its so weird to him they’ve kept this from him.

Dex & Sid entry. Dex is worried Graves might be her – but she’s not. Dex insists he’s not “over” her, but Sid vehemently tells Dex to “get over it.”


Alf offer to lend Rood the money – but she denies his request. Alf is suspicions at someone more is going on her [just like he is off Roo & Gina’s chats]


John asks the likes of Alf, Sid & angleo “hypothetical” ‘ship advice questions. They suggest he should just apologies to Gina and make an honest woman of her. Robert arrives – he wants to see tee restaurant kitchen now and he also want to interview Sid morrow.


Xavier tells April he isn’t keen on going home – in light of what occurred. Gina approaches and sits with him, as April bails. Gina & Xavier chat bout what occurred – eg Xavier wonders what john’s intentions are.


NEXT DAY – Alf chat with Roo , inkling telling her that he dreamt last night of getting on tee plane to africa with Miles. When they talk bout Peen’s murder, it’s Roost that's sus this time – when Alf makes a comment bout not having any evidence.].


Dex is on the couch – and Sid insist Dex must either go and paly or help him. There’s a knock at door – and cos Sid ask De to get the door, Dex acts like a hunchbacked slave. Since he is acting so weird, of course its Graves & charlie at door – to interview Sid [in place of Robert]. Dex quickly bail top his room.


John looks at the engagement ring he's bought Gina. He puts it in pocket as Gina arrives. She wants John’/Gina to be public knowledge again – as long as there’s no talk of marriage. John agree = and colleen is happy to se them kiss.


Ruby is enters as she suits at et wheel of a car. The driving instructor [not Alex][ get in – and the lesson starts rather badly [incl Rubes rambling bout her bad experience with Alex].


With Dex eavesdropping on whtl;s going on, Sid insist he can’t tell Graves & Charlie bout Peen’s medical histoty – as that’s braking patient confidence.. Sid goes and speaks to Dex – suggets he should give Graves the “cold shoulder” treatment.


Alf enter tee house – and when he sees no one is home, he [in laundry] take the cover to one THOSE killer knife out of his fishing gear.


Dex tries to soo make Graves jealous – by being REALLY intesrted in Charlie.


In the lifeguard gear bay, John & Xavier talk bout what’s going on with John/Gina. John tells Xavier he wished he had known what Gina would say – he wouldn’t have bought that ring.


Alf is gathering firewood, but he tells Roo he is just clean up the van park.


Graves & Charlie are about to bail when Dex [in a suit] wonders if they will give him a lift. Graves has had enough – and tells Dex he’s got to get ore tying to replace his mum. After Graves & Charlie bails, Dex calls himself a freak.


Ruby arves and tell Chare her test went badly. Charley tells ruby that shell’s got the like ice cream and DVDs at tee ready. Ruby then tells Charlie she is just joking – she’s PASSED her test. Rubes can’t believe Charlie has so little faith in her that she prepared a “failure” party.


Roo looks at her email account – their’s MANY emails about tee money she owes ppl.


Alf throw that knife cover in the fire. Roo approach – but Alf convince her to go back into tee house before she sees anything. After she bails, the cover is well on its way to be destroyed.



Leah tells VJ bout her split with Elijah

Gina confronts Roo

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


April: multi colour [dark trim] low cut v neck mitt thigh dress


Dex: yellow shirt/dart tie/dark suit


Ruby: white [dark trim] top/dark long pants


Alf: bone long pants/light blue [dark cheek] shirt/wide brim hat

Alf: dark shirt/khaki long pants

Alf: red dressing gown/blue [whit stripes] PJs

Angelo: dark l/s shirt/dark long pants

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Charlie: off white top/dark long pants

Colleen: tropic village motif blouse/peach blouse

Dex: blue [white shoes] PJ long pants

Dex: blue shorts/white [dark circles] t - with red singlet beneath

Dex: purple [blue sunrise?] t/dark long pants

Driving Instructor: blue shirt/dark tie

Gina: purple [dark floral] low cut top/dark long pants

Gina: white blouse/dark long pants

Graves: peach blouse/dark jacket/dark knee skirt

John Palmer: yellow & red lifeguard polo/red shorts

John: blue shirt/olive green long pants

John: white [dark vet stripes] shirt/dark long pants

Robert: dark suit/dark vest/ white long sleeve button up shirt/dark [white diag stripes[ tie

Roo: dark [partly sparkly] jacket/bleu top/dark long pants

Roo: dark cardie/blue low cut v ink [white trim] top/dark long pants

Roo: dark cardie/white top/dark long pants

Sid: dark l/s shirt/dark long pants

Sid: dark shirt/denim jeans

Xavier: bleu [white circular logo] singlet/multi colour stripes shorts

Xavier: dark [green sun & white “Santa Monica”] t/denim jeans

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