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Wed 2 Nov 2010 – Episode # 5198

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ I Always Get My Man “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 2 Nov 2010 – Episode # 5198 ]


Roo is on back patio – she looks at an envelope with “mum “on it.


Robert is on the phone with the Federal Police. They are looking of Roo – cos of Martha & Hugo. Robert tells them the he knows where Roo is.


Nic is studying when Roo enter the room. Nic is helped by some of Roo’s tales form when she was studyuing for exams all those years ago.


NEXT DAY – Nic & roo are chtatting as they walk. Roo assures Nic ta if Roo “made it” in New York, then Nic can too. Nic walks away, and Alf thanks Roo for mushly helping Nic. Robert approaches – he is VERY keen to speak to Roo.


As Miles drives Leah & VJ back from the airport, VJ is telling him many stories about Elijah in Africa. Leah doesn’t look to be so keen on hearing these stores.


Roo insist at she’s not seen/hard from Martha & Hugo, but Robert isn’t so sure. Roo is intrigued when Robert teel her how Alf lied about not knowing Tulip.


When Xavier wonders, Gina tells him ta last night she went out to spoke to a teacher who wanted to talk to her bout the curriculum next year. Xavier is very intrigued by this.


Miles talk to Leah bout how Robert is in town and that’s there’s no change of Miles getting together with Roo [after what occurred with Shandy]. Miles is surprise when Leah tell him that her ‘ship with Elijah is OVER ... and ta she hasn’t told VJ.


Nic isn’t so keen on how confident that Ruby is about how Alex is “the one “for her. Ruby loves it when she sees Alex running nearby. Ruby starts to go over to speak to him, but she trips over her schoolbag.


Xavier tells John that he thinks Gina is seeing someone else now. John in its t he & Gina are over.


Alf insist he want to help Roo if Martha has contacted her, but Roo is more interested in hearing bout Tulip.


Irene is surprised ta Leah has come straight to work, but Leah insists that it better this way. Robert approaches – he is keen to talk to Leah, but she is busy now and will talk to him soon.


John tells Gina what Xavier thinks [i.e. Gina has moved on dor John]. Gina suggests t talk about this later.


Alf tell Roo bout his ‘ship with Tulip – which is why Peen was out to get Alf. Rood tells Alf at she thought all at time he bailed from the house after Martha [in the 1980s] died is because she thought she reined him too much of his wife, but Alf tells Roo it was cos he was seeing Tulip. When Alf apologies to Roo, she reminds him of what he said to her yestercay – therls nothing to forgive.


After her latest driving lesson ends, Ruby is in a very happy place. A kiss with Alex is icing on the cake.


Roo is concerned tat Robert is here, but Alf assure her he’s not her to spy on Roo. Indeed, manets later, Leah & Robert bail. Gina sits with Roo & Alf. They agree to have dinner at Gina’s place tonight [rather than talk in public bout Martha & Hugo.]


Leah tells Robert a she realise at Elijah is very at home in the disaster zone type environment he is in now, and te she couldn’t take him way from that. Leah gladly accepts Robert’s offer for her to talk to him any Tim bout things. It’s also clear Robert is still very keen on Leah – as he insist ta he always get his man [or, in this case, woman].


Alex & Ruby have a VERY friendly chat – and ruby loves it when he kisses her. After Alex bails, Ruby talk to Nic bout how awesome Alex is.


Roo talk to Gina. She hand Ina the “mum “envelope and tell her Martha & Hugo need their help.


Nic sees Alex WAAAAY kissing a girl who isn’t Ruby.


When Nic tell Rubes what she saw, Ruby doesn’t believe her – as Alex is the love of her life.



Alex tells Ruby he thinks she is “easy”

Charlie literally lays down the law to Alex

Sound like Elijah’s been injured

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Leah: white jacket/blue knee dress


Ruby: red low cut beck top/white skirt


Nic: white [pink flamingo] one shoulder dress/blue & white kini


Alex: brown singlet/dark shorts

Alex: grey t/dark shorts

Alex: light blue shirt

Alex’s g/f: grey l/s top/grey shorts

Alf: blue [brown check] shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Gina: dark suit/grey top

Irene: dark top

John: pink l/s shirt

Miles: dark shirt/white [dark unknown motif[ t/denim jeans

Nic: SBH uniform:

Nic: grey scop top/dark long pants

Nic: grey tank top

Robert: dark suit/white shirt/dark [white diag stripes[ tie

Robert: white l/s shirt/dark vest/dark tie

Roo: blue & white floral top

Roo: blue low cut v neck top/dark long pants

Ruby : SBH uniform:

Ruby: blue & purple low cut v neck top

VJ: dark jacket/red t/denim jeans

Xavier: SBH uniform

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