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Summer Bay Holocaust

Guest ScreamingQueen2006

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Story Title: Summer Bay Holocaust

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters: Alf, Penn, Miles, Marilyn, Sid, Other characters mentioned

BTTB rating: G/T

Genre: Parody/Comedy

Does story include spoilers: None

Any warnings: Violence of a nature.

Summary: Crazy parody expect the unexpected.

Chapter 1

Alf Stewart closed the Bait Shop door and slipped the key into the lock. Two tugs on the handle just to make sure, then he'd be off home. It seemed the usual end to a usual day, but something was about to shock and terrorize the residents and perhaps change their lives forever.

The starry night sky hung low with the sound of rolling waves coming into shore as the figure of a man stepped out behind Alf.

“Well, if it isn't the local idiot”

Alf turned around, he recognised that voice anywhere.

“I thought I told you to disappear out of town.” Alf shot a glare of hatred at Penn.

“I could have, but that wouldn't be much fun would it?” Penn smirked.

“Don't push me pal.” Alf was loosing his cool.

“Still think you're tough as old boots ay.” Penn thought toying with Alf's emotions was a riot.

“If you came here to make our lives a misery you've come to the wrong place.” Alf stood his ground.

“Oh really.” Penn grinned devilishly at Alf.

“I know what you did Alf.” Penn looked serious.

“What's that?”

“I saw you do it.” Penn was becoming angrier, it was almost as if he were being possessed.

“Do what?” Alf was becoming impatient.

“I saw you kill my mother and i'm not gonna stop until you pay.” In a fit of rage Penn grabbed Alf by the arm and flung him down on the floor. Alf lay there groaning in pain, looking up at his attacker. “My back..”

“Say your prayers Alfie.” Penn dived down sinking his teeth into Alf's neck. “Ahhhhhh!”

“Alf!? Is that you Alf?” called Sid.

Penn leapt up and ran.

“Sid! Over here mate.”

Sid rushed over to an injured Alf.

“We need to get you out of here and seen to immediately.” Sid looked concerned unable to identify the wounds in the darkness. He knew Alf needed medical aid soon.

Meanwhile at SummberBay House the evening had altogether, so far, been an uneventful one. Miles sat at the table, a coffee in one hand, his eyes glossing over an autobiography of Marilyn Munroe.

“Hey Maz. This women is so much like you. I think you should sue for breach of uniqueness.”

“Excuse me?” Marilyn looked at him bemused. Miles showed her the book's front cover.

“Oh Miles, don't be silly. She's not all together with the world.. anymore.. so I can't sue.” She smiled affectionately.

“Ah right. I haven't gotten to that chapter yet.”

Sid burst through the door disturbing the peace, his arm round Alf's waist, acting as a crutch. Sid helped Alf over to the couch before acknowledging the others. He studied him for a minute, he looked pale and exhausted, little was he to know that the symptoms were beginning to take hold of their host.

“Oh my gosh. Alf are you ok? What happened?” worried Marilyn hurried over to his side.

Sid very matter of factly answered. “He's taken a very nasty bite.”

“Sid!?” Marilyn looked at him anxiously.

“It seems to have been an isolated case.”

Miles moved closer to get a better view. “Do you have an idea as to what bit him?”

“I'm not sure, but my guess is a Vampire or Zombie.”

Marilyn placed a hand to her mouth in utter shock, “Oh my gosh.”

“Are you kidding me. I thought Halloween was yesterday?”

“No Miles i'm not joking.”

“If I ever get my hands on that flammin' mongrel...” Alf couldn't say another word, the pain was too much.

“Alf try not to talk. I'm going to head out to the car to get my kit. I'll be back real soon, you just hold in there ok.” Sid headed for the door, but Marilyn collared him before he could leave.

“Sid. What if that thing that attacked Mr Stewart comes back.”

Sid pulled her into a loving embrace. “I don't think it will, just relax and try not to worry.” He let go and smiled then headed out to the mysterious, eerie night.

Marilyn called to Miles to keep a close eye on Alf while she went to tell Nicole and Ruby to stay upstairs until the all-clear.

Miles hopped over to the kitchen and started to prepare a sandwich. “You know Alf all this excitement is making me hungry.” He took a bite out of the ham and tomato sanger and kept talking. Then suddenly from out of nowhere a strong hand seized him by the collar, flinging him from his spot into the pantry door. Miles slammed smack into it cracking the wood with his weight.

Penn leered towards Miles, grinning showing his fangs. Just before he could reach the downed Miles something from outside was distracting him. Penn moved over to the door and peered out to see Colleen hurriedly making her way to the back door. He stepped behind it so that she wouldn't see him until she was properly inside. “You who only me. I've just come to deliver this hotpot. Betty Alsopp says it's a classic and I made it especially for you lot to try.” Nobody answered.

“Hello? Anyone home? Miles?” Miles let out a whimper. Colleen saw him laying on the ground surrounded by debris. “Miles?” She squinted then shock set in. “Oh Miles what happened here, it's like carnage.” Colleen set down the hotpot and gulped as she saw Penn, his eyes a deadly shot of red, glaring at her with his fangs ready in anticipation.

Penn seized the pint sized old fuddy duddy, Colleen yelled in fright at the horror she was about to witness. Miles leapt from the floor, finding all the courage he could muster and decked Penn to the ground. Colleen landing beside them. Penn grabbed hold of Miles, tightening the grip around his neck moving in for the bite of the night. Miles stared up aghast. The wooden stake drove into Penn with brutal force sinking into his heart. Miles moved quickly from underneath Penn. Sid stood over him with relief. “Is everyone ok?” Colleen backed away managing to get up on her feet and ran outside. Almost a second later she came bolting back and slammed the door behind her.

“Oh my giddy aunt. Madge Wilkins is out there as a zombie. Who am I going to gossip with now?”

Alf appeared behind Miles placing a hand on his shoulder. Colleen's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Alf had taken on the form of a zombie. Miles turned round not expecting to see what stood before him. Miles gasped, stepping back wide-eyed as zombie Alf lurched nearer. He dove and just before his fangs connected with Miles' neck Marilyn had grabbed a lamp from the computer desk and smashed it over Alf's head. This only annoyed him more and as Miles turned to escape Alf sunk his teeth into Miles' buttocks. Miles cried in agony “OUCH! My bum!”

Colleen lunged forwards with a chain saw on full power slicing off Alf's head' “I suppose watching movies does pay off."

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Thanks so much for your comments Red Ranger, Carina, Cally and Chipsferryroxmissox. Here's the next installment, I hope you guys and any other readers enjoy it.

Chapter 2

Some time had passed after the chaos. Marilyn remained seated at the dinning table, trying to collect her thoughts. She refrained from looking about the blood spewed kitchen, close to the patio where Alf's lifeless corpse lay. A white sheet draped over him for modesty.

I thought you could do with a cuppa. I added some sugar in for the shock” Sid said setting the cup down on the table before her.

Marilyn looked at him. “Poor Mr Stewart...I can't bear to think of him out there on his own.” Her hand flew up to cover her mouth, choking back a sob.

Sid touched her arm sympathetically, “It will be ok.”

Marilyn responded placing her hand in his. “I hope so.” She picked up the cup with her free hand and took small sips.

I'm sorry to have to say this Marilyn, but I'm afraid that things might get worse before they get better.”

Marilyn placed the teacup down and looked worriedly at him. “What do you mean worse?”

“I mean that other people might 'yet' come into contact with these creatures and I worry about you. I don't want anything happening to you.”

“Aww Sid, that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me, but that's so awful.” Overcome with emotion, Marilyn leapt from her chair and embraced Sid. “I love you.”

“I love you more.” Sid held her close.

“That's impossible.” said Marilyn as they shared a smile. Suddenly the sound of banging on the front door distracted them.

“Hello, is anyone in there? This is Constable Buckton open up!” Charlie demanded.

Sid rushed to open the door, Charlie quickly made her way inside as the lock clicked into place.

Charlie scanned the kitchen “What happened here? Have any of you been bitten?”

Miles hauled himself slowly off the couch and shuffled over to her. “Me by crazy bum biter Alf.”

Marilyn pouted in frustration. “Miles! That's so disrespectful.”

“Where's Ruby?” Charlie asked, trying not to panic.

“She's upstairs with Nicole.” answered Marilyn.

“Is there anyone else here besides you three?” Charlie questioned.

“There's Colleen and Nicole who you know about.”Sid confirmed.

“If anyone's got a plan, now would be a really good time to share it.” Charlie suggested, with a stark hint of desperation .

Miles thought for a moment. “There's an old minibus in the caravan park.”

“And..does it work?” asked Charlie

“Yeah, I think so.”

“Great, we'll use that so we can keep on the move. There's too many of them out there to remain sitting ducks.”

Twenty minutes later everyone stood in the foyer, ready to leave and head over to the minibus.

“I've made sure we're prepared just in case we get attacked , got rolling pins and knives.” Miles came up behind them. Sid looked at him and took him aside.

“Ermm Miles...I hate to say this mate, but I really recommend that you stay here. It could significantly reduce the numbers already out there.” Sid mentioned quietly, but Miles kicked up a fuss so everyone could hear.

“This is so unfair. I'm not even showing symptoms.”

“We can't risk it Miles, I'm sorry.” Sid spoke honestly.

“Sid's got a point.” Charlie agreed.

“Are you gonna be ok Miles?” Nicole asked.

“I've got a nice tasty beer waiting in the fridge and there's a Kylie in concert 2 hour special. What's not to be ok about?” replied Miles, a sorrowful expression etched upon his face.

The heartfelt goodbye lingered in their minds as the last of them jumped into the minibus. As Sid started up the auto-mobile into gear, clouds of thick smoke shot out from the exhaust. The wheels in motion, steadily speeding along leaving the comfort of the Caravan Park.

Meanwhile at the Austin's house, Xavier and Gina were spending quality family time together, playing Monopoly.

“I'll be the boot.” said Gina.

“Wait. You can be the dog and I'll be the boot to kick it.” joked Xavier.

“Xavier.” Gina shot him a disproving look.

The board had been laid out on the table, they had decided who would be banker and were all ready to play when a desperate knocking interrupted their game. Xavier opened the door and greeted April. Gina looked over at her with a friendly smile.

“Hi April. We're playing board games this evening. Would you care to join?”

“I don't think now is a good time. You need to lock the door and draw the curtains.” April was shaking and looked absolutely terrified.

Xavier looked at her confused. "Why would I need to lock the door and draw the curtains?"

“What's going on April?” asked Gina.

“Just turn on the TV.” instructed April. “It's plain as day when you see what's going on.”

Gina turned on the television, immediately her mouth dropped, her stomach felt an awkward urge to throw up. She changed the channel a dozen times over, all were showing the same footage of the massacre virus that was sweeping the Bay and their television stations.

Meanwhile, back on the minibus, it had slowed down and came to a holt outside Angelo's. Charlie clambered out, turning slightly to view Ruby.

“Stay here, ok?” She told Ruby.

Ruby looked at Charlie, an amusing half smile painted on her face.

“Of course, anything you say Charlie.”

“Rubes, I'm serious.” She paused, hoping the seriousness of the situation would sink in for Ruby at this point.

“Ok, I'm to stay on the bus. I got it.” Ruby accepted.

“Good because you're all I've got and if anything was to happen to you.”

“I know, but can you save the mushy stuff until later. The sooner you go the sooner you'll be back.”

Charlie didn't hesitate any longer, she ran swiftly over to the entrance of the restaurant and entered. She proceeded up the stairs quickly, but with caution. As she arrived inside the room, she surveyed the surroundings, sophisticatedly furnished and decorated. Then something stopped her in her tracks. She looked on in astonished amazement as her partner came into view, Angelo had the appearance of the living, but somehow there seemed a lack of free will. He was moving towards her in a sort of mechanical robot way.

“Angelo, say something, anything. Angelo?” Charlie approached him slowly. Suddenly he seemed to respond with repeated moans. Her mouth dropped and she began to back away. As she backed towards the door she tripped over a chair leg, landing on the tiled floor. She heard footsteps close by and turned to see a familiar face poke their head around the corner.

“Ruby! I told you to stay in the bus.” said Charlie angrily.

Ruby didn't have time to answer, she saw Angelo moving closer towards them and screamed. Charlie watched helplessly as Angelo grabbed Ruby. She reached for her holster, pulling the gun from it quickly. It was hard to target Angelo, as Ruby was in the way. No longer able to stand it, Charlie seized the moment, pointing the gun, she fired two bullets hoping she would hit the intended target.

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Thanks for your lovely comments, they mean alot. Sorry it's taken me so long to update. Hope you guys enjoy this chapter.

Chapter 3

Angelo stumbled backward and fell to the ground with a thud, blood poured from the exit wound heavily, colouring the marble tiles. While Charlie looked on in horror as Ruby lay, silent and still.

Meanwhile back at the Austin's there was debate about what to do.

“We should probably make a run for it.” said Xavier.

“If you want to put yourself out there as a meal ticket go ahead.” April shot him an unsatisfactory look.

“Well have you got any better suggestions?”

“Sadly, no.”

“Well we better come up with something.” Xavier turned to Gina, “What do you think Mum?”

Gina looked at him hesitantly then strode across the room over to the kitchen, grabbed a glass and filled it with Chardonnay.

“This isn't the time to be getting smashed.”

“I assure you Xavier, this isn't the least bit amusing for me either.” She said with forcefulness.

“I've got an idea.” April said and held up her phone. “We could call round the Bay. See if anyone is in a position to help us.”

Xavier looked back at April. "It's a start.”

Under the darkened sky the meadows long grasses, filled with lush flowers that rippled in the wind. The lights from the farm house were distinctly visible in the distance. Dexter sat on the ground, a feast lay on a blanket before him, he started to eat, unaware of the horror that unfolded elsewhere. He looked as if on a date without the girl. Dressed in a black waist coat, white t-shirt, black jeans and a black fedora hat.

Moments later a girl emerged from the trees. “Adrian!” Dexter shouted, surprised to see her.

“You waited all this time?” She looked at him oddly.

“Well, yeah. So you want a drink?” He replied.

“No, i'm fine, thanks for the offer though.” Adrian smiled at him, then looked up to the sky and pointed to a low lying cloud. “That looks like a Pokemon.”

Dexter followed her gaze. “ Oh yeah, so it does. “ He looked back over to her. “So what took you so long?”

“I don't know. I remember being followed on my way home, I hit my head and woke up the next day. Kinda weird.” She said.

Dexter looked at her bemused. “Haha really? That must be confusing. So what do you think of the picnic?”

“What do I think?” Adrian licked her lips. “It looks nice, but I want something else.” She moved towards him and bit his neck.

Dexter yelled out in agony and pulled away before she sunk her teeth into him again “Get off me. Why do you like my blood? There's so many other people out there. Why mine?”

“You're the closest right now, duh.” She bent down and bit his neck again.

Dexter pushed her away from him. “Just get off me.”

“No, I'm hungry, and you're not leaving until I'm full.” She bit him once more.

Dexter winced slightly at the pain of her bite. “Well I was holding out to be the cuddly werewolf, but I guess I'll take being the vampire. If it means I get to be with you.”

Adrian wiped away blood that dripped from her fangs and sighed. “You don't get it do you? We were never meant to be together...we're way too different.”

He moved out from underneath her and stood up, sunflowers and wild honeysuckle assaulted his senses with heavy fragrance.

“And where do you think you're going?” She asked hotly.

He backed away from her, already decided on the fact that as she was a vampire, she would just be some bad omen that would follow him around. “Somewhere you're not.”

“Well that's a shame.” She said disappointedly.

Dexter, with nimble movement of his feet, absorbed the sights of the darkened woods nearby.

The many trees and shaded areas made it hard for him to see everything. He took one last look at Adrian and then launched into a run.

Later that evening. Charlie tried to come to grips with the sight before her. She imagined the scene playing out over again in her mind, it was still all too fresh. From what seemed like a world away, she heard a voice close by.

“What's happened here?” Sid stepped into Angelo's. He surveyed the room and saw Charlie, “We heard gun shots. Are you ok?” He asked, as he walked over toward her.

“Save her..” Charlie spoke in a whisper. Sid didn't understand what she meant until he turned his attention in the direction of Ruby, sprawled across the floor. He immediately dashed over to her and started a professional analysis. He checked her pulse and studied the gun shot wound, he couldn't determine the location of the bullet within the body. Charlie watched him inquisitively, scrutinizing his gaze for an answer and dreading what it might be.

Sid looked up and stared blankly at Charlie. “I'm sorry.” He muttered.

“She's d...” Charlie couldn't say the words, it was too devastating to contemplate.

Sid shook his head calmly. “No. She's alive, but it's not looking good. She needs to go to the hospital, but that's treacherous right now with the zombies and everything.”

“So what now?” Charlie asked.

“We should head back to the bus.” Sid busily wrapped a bandage around the wound and tied it then scooped Ruby up in his arms. Both of them headed back through the door, walked cautiously down the empty staircase and out into the open towards the bus. Charlie quickly opened the door to the back passenger seat for Sid to lay Ruby down.

Colleen looked out the window, watching the blur of the street lights, daydreaming, blissfully blind at the goings on around her until she noticed the restless sea of zombies a short distance up the road. The horde suddenly grew still, gawking at the bus, Colleen was so scared she let out a yelp. It was a big mistake, as one of them looked directly at her and pointed before it fleetly moved towards the vehicle. The other zombies were now aware of their presence and fell in pursuit behind the leader.

“Oh my giddy aunt. Sid! Sid..!” Colleen shouted.

Marilyn and Nicole's heads turned round from the front passenger seat in unison. “Something the matter Colleen?” Marilyn asked.

“They're catching up to us!” Colleen answered.

“Who's catching up?” Nicole asked confused, she looked into the rear view mirror to see the zombie horde advancing on the bus. Marilyn saw them too. She shouted to Sid as he ran round to the drivers seat, keys still in the ignition. He tried to start the vehicle, but it wouldn't budge.

“Hurry Sid, before they break in here.” Marilyn said worriedly.

The zombies now surrounded them. Sid tried again, the engine sputtered back to life.

“Go, go, go!” Charlie screeched.

He stepped on it accelerating as much as possible and raced down the road hoping they could evade the zombies. As Sid rounded another corner, Nicole's mobile began to ring. She answered the call.

“Hey..Where are you guys?” Nicole asked, she listened as the caller answered. She nodded her head, still with a serious look on her face. “That's ok. We're on our way.” She hung up the phone and notified Sid to detour to the Austin's to pick up April, Xavier and Gina.

A few minutes later after the last of the trio had jumped into the bus, it set off again in the direction of the Yabee Creek Mall. Sid sped through suburbs leaving Summer Bay behind. He did a hard left as he turned another corner, gaining more distance between them and the zombies. As he rounded the corner, he beheld a figure who stood in the middle of the road, the bus nearly crashing into the person and skidded to a halt. Sid looked in shock and amazement as Dexter walked up to the bus.

“Dexter!? What in the world are you doing out here? I almost hit you. I thought you were with with Adrian?” Sid looked at his son impatiently waiting for a response.

“I was...until she..nevermind. There were a heap of zombies chasing me and... I'm just really glad to see you guys.” Dexter replied.

Sid accepted his word and was about to leave the conversation alone until he caught a glimpse of Dexter's neck.

“Is that a bite?” He asked.

Dexter nodded and climbed into the back seat, realising it was now quite crowded. “It could be worse.” He remarked.

“Oh my gosh Dexter. How can you possibly say that?” Marilyn answered.

“Are you kidding?” Nicole chimed in.

“How could it be any worse than this.” Xavier added.

“Well it could have started when we were at school earlier.” Dexter started. “I can just imagine it now. Hey teacher? May I be excused on account of a zombie apocalypse?”

As the bus travelled towards the centre of town, with the streets almost deserted, except for the skulking dead hiding in the shadows. Charlie, still grief stricken for her daughter's well being, held her hand and hoped for a miracle.

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Thank you so much for the lovely comments - RR1, JosieTash, Ashleyjane, Callyha & JarlieFanEver. I'm glad you all enjoy reading this and i hope you guys like this chapter.

Chapter 4

The doors of the bus opened as the frantic group jumped out and headed inside the Yabbie Creek shopping centre. They walked through the dimly lit mall, passed abandoned shops, restaurants that once served exotic cuisines, designer apparel stores and an IMAX theatre. They noticed seating areas were ripped and items that could have belonged to anyone in the country were scattered across the floor.

As Nicole moved onward, followed by her friends, she caught a glimpse of the new fashion dresses in a shop window. She reminisced briefly how her favourite thing was to spend a whole day there and try many outfits.

“That dress looks divine.” Nicole said.

“How can you think of dresses at a time like this?” Xavier asked.

“Think on the positive, Xave.” She replied.

“Let's hope they don't sell out in the meantime.” Dexter said light-heartedly.

A moment later a gun store called Fire and Ammo came into view. Charlie turned to look at them.

“I think we should prepare ourselves just in case of an attack.” She said.

“That's a marvellous idea.” Sid agreed.

“But how are we supposed to know how to use a firearm?” Xavier questioned.

“Don't worry. I'll brief you on what to do.” Charlie entered the gun shop. “C'mon guys, we don't know how long we've got.”

Everyone hesitantly stepped into the store, festooned with security cameras that overlooked the endless rows of glass cases that held handguns and civilian model assault riffles. Dexter looked amusingly over at the cash register.

“Guess my money is kinda worthless now with no till people.” He said.

April sighed. “Really Dex? Money? No one's thinking of money. The future of Summer Bay is in our hands.” She was really passionate about saving lives just as much as she had been on the environment. “We need to save it and hopefully find the cause.” She gave him a satisfied look and walked away. Xavier, who had heard their conversation approached April as she looked through the gun cabinets.

“Are you alright?” He asked.

“Sort of...i'm just really scared Xave.”

Xavier nodded. “I know, we all are, but we have to try get along and stick together.”

“I know.”

“You know I can just see you as Lara Croft.” He tried to pull her out of the tense mood.

“Really?” She smiled slightly. “And..who would you be?”

“Leon S Kennedy.” He smiled back.

Sid loaded the double barrelled shotgun with double-ought buckshot. While Marilyn stood by the counter watching over Ruby, who was seated in a wheelchair that they'd acquired. Meanwhile the others grabbed as many supplies as they could carry.

Gina and Colleen walked alongside a couple of cabinets, studying the different gun types.

“Should I have a gun as well?” Colleen called to Charlie.

“No, it's okay Colleen, think there's enough of us armed to watch your back.” She replied.

“Well that is a relief.” Colleen said.

Gina selected a pistol and began to load it with ammo.

“This will be interesting.” She said, as Colleen watched her.

“Just be careful with that thing.”

Further down the row of cabinets, Nicole chose a semi-automatic pistol, as next to her, Dexter pulled a rifle from a rack and weighed it carefully. It had good balance and decent scope. He rapidly stuffed the weapon into his rucksack, filled with other guns and ammo. He may have seemed paranoid, but he didn't want to be caught empty handed when the time came for a real fight.

“We've been here long enough guys. We need to get to a safety point.” Charlie stated.

After everyone had congregated and decided on a plan of action, they headed back out into the main area of the mall. As they swiftly made their way through numerous corridors, they were distracted by a banging noise coming from a nearby exit. Charlie aimed the gun and moved back. The door burst open with several zombies stumbling out.

April quickly reached down to clasp her hand gun from inside the sport sock of her converse, but in her nervousness she clumsy pulled the trigger and blew off her big toe. She hobbled away shrieking in pain and imploring Xavier to retrieve her toe.

Sid instantaneously turned after he noticed Charlie and April do the same. His handgun was brought up instinctively, towards the heads of the zombies. He wasn't a perfect shot, but he'd practised enough to be able to hit zombies, clumped together as a mass. He shot three rounds into the shoulder, neck and head of the first; two were sent into the head of the second, and the rest of the magazine was sent into the torso and neck of the third zombie. However, he saw more of them coming through and realised they needed to move back.

They all ran down the hallway. Marilyn frantically wheeling Ruby away from the chaos.

“They may be dead, but they still manage the element of surprise don't they.” Marilyn said. She turned back to see to the advancing horde and was glad to see that they'd outrun them.

“I think we caught a lucky break.” Sid remarked.

Xavier walked a short distance down the corridor and then back to the group.

"Should we get out of here or stay? I mean this place is riddled with those things.” He said.

Nicole looked at Xavier. “We're better off here. Food and water, safety. We just need to walk around and lock every door.” She fiddled with her hair. “We even have clothes, bathrooms. We have everything here. Just till some military arrives.” She looked away showing fear for the first time in her life.

Charlie looked at them both. “The military won't do anything but bomb us.” She said. “We can't stay here. We have to go. We won't last long here.”

“You're kidding?” Xavier said. “The military wouldn't bomb us? That's insane. Why would they? Would they think we could be infected or something?"

“And how would the military know that we, out of god knows how many are uninfected?” Sid said. “I refuse to even go into that discussion.”

April grabbed the back of her head trying not to cry. “We can't leave...we can't. We will die...one of us has already been shot.” She walked around, running her fingers through her hair, starting to become extremely scared, her heart pounding in her chest.

“Yes but you did that yourself.” Colleen remarked.

Dexter noticed she seemed scared. “Don't worry, okay?” Although, he normally made a joke of everything, as that was how he dealt with life, he could actually be quite caring when he tried.

Charlie put her arm on April's shoulder and looked her eyes reassuringly.

“I know this sucks. I know it feels like the world's coming to an end, but there is still hope. If we give up now we might as well be dead. We've been dealt a situation and we can either break down and give up, or we can stand strong and fight. We can survive, we just have to keep our heads. We stick together, keep our humanity, and we can get through this.” She said, hoping her pep talk would do what she intended it to do.

They began to proceed further up the hallway. It seemed a million miles from where they were at the beginning of that day. How it had turned out so differently. Xavier thought of Alf, who they'd never get to see again and perhaps for Miles, it might be the same outcome. He also thought of what his life might be like if he were to survive. He tried to take his mind off it.

“Get a grip. It's not over yet.” He thought to himself.

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Firstly I'd like to thank my reviewers (RedRanger1, callyha, ~JarlieFanEver~, JosieTash, ashleyjane, Chipsferryroxmisox, and Carina) for sticking with my first fan fiction.

Secondly I'm sorry for the long hiatus. Real life took over and i didn't really know how to end this story. I hope you guys enjoy the last chapter. There's also a special cameo as well. Keep a look out for my new fan fiction coming soon.

Chapter 5

Robert Robertson strode down the sterile white hallway of the special purpose Anti- Zombie Organisation centre, his hands in his black suited jacket pockets. The hallway was filled with dozens of busy workers, moving from different offices. A local police constable followed beside him, as they talked in hushed voices.

“Why can't we seek rescue operations? C'mon Robertson. You've gotta talk to your higher ups. You heard the triple zero call, didn't you?” Watson asked heatedly.

“We've been through this. It's far too risky.” Robertson replied.

“For you, you mean. So what's the status at the mall?”

“Well, it's entirely blocked now, according to one of my colleagues.”

“Do you think this was a set up by the Federal as a test to see how everyone would cope?” Watson asked.

“If I knew that I'd be working for the government or something, not a little league backwater police department. The White House is sending a special agent to help sort out this mess, he should be here soon. You can ask him all the questions you like.”

“Why's the report have red markings all over it?”

Robertson looked at her. “ There's too many errors. I've spent the last half hour correcting it. If typos were terrorists I'd be Jack Bauer right now.”

“Someone said my name?” The special agent said, walking towards them. He wore an AZO, complete with elbow and knee pads and a Sig Sauer p226 in his right hand.

“Hold on a second. Who does this guy think he is?” Watson whispered to Robertson.

“He's a special agent assigned to this case. Let's just see what he does.”

“Detective the toxicology reports confirming if the corpse we found was responsible for this incident.” A man walked toward them and hand Detective Robertson two documents.

“Ah, Penn Graham, a face only a mother could love. The tests were conclusive, we have our culprit. Told you I always get my man, or woman.”

“What happens now?” Watson asked.

“We need to find out where it started.” Bauer said.

“Ok.” Watson walked over to a desk and pressed play on a recording device. “This is one of the calls that was made.”


“This is Gina Austin, we need help immediately.”

“How many of you are alive?”

“Six, including me, one of us is wounded.”

“Can you give me your location?”

“We're situated at the north end of Sydney. Our current location is the Yabbie Creek Mall. Listen, I don't know how long we can hold out in here. Wait, there's hordes coming for us....”

Gina's voice cut off as screams resounded from the speakers.

“Most likely that call came from here.” Watson circled the location on the map in a red marker. “The AZO have already shut down the main entrance and the two side entrances. “We believe our best bet is to fly in by chopper and enter through the roof. This is only way we'll succeed in saving the survivors. Ok, the team will be comprised of...”

Meanwhile back in the Zombie-infested mall the group had been separated. One unlikely duo, Dexter and Nicole were inspecting the expiration dates on the food products in a Cole's mini-mart.

“This definitely isn't a walk to the grocery store.” Dexter began, picking up a bag of chips.“Welcome to Zombie Creek, population dying. You know Nic our resources are running out, we're practically zombie bait.”

“Come on Dex.” Nicole called. “We haven't got time to stop. We need to find the others.”

“Right behind you.” Dexter threw the chips into his backpack and was about to catch up to Nicole when he head a loud thump from across the aisle. He ducked down behind the rows of shelves and drew out his gun.

Nicole had heard the noise too, she hid amongst the garments of the clothing section which provided cover. She leaned her back against a low rail, her hands gripping a semi-automatic. Her face was smudged with dirt, covered with cuts and bruises she had received from other close encounters with the zombies. She watched as one undead staggered around, scavenging and sniffing the two of them out.

“Nicole?” Dexter whispered, taking a step towards the end of his aisle. He peeked his head around the corner, he saw only empty boxes and plastic carrier bags scattered across the floor. He noticed his heart rate accelerate as he tried to catch a breath, he didn't like these drawn out moments of suspense.

Nicole crawled to the end of the aisle and waited for a perfect moment to race towards Dexter. She hated being alone when practically every zombie was waiting to attack. Dexter wasn't someone she would have usually hung around with, but when it came to survival she figured it was better to stick with someone she trusted than to be alone and die. She pulled herself up from the floor, standing quiet, her eyes scanned the nearby aisle, like the rest of the store it was empty. Then a low shuffling sound caught her attention. Her nerves were rigid, with fingers poised on the trigger.

“Nic behind you!” Dexter shouted from the other end of the aisle.

Nicole whipped her body round and pulled the trigger, to her astonishment the bullet didn't come anywhere close to the approaching zombie. As the gun had been pointed towards the ceiling and had blown a big gaping hole, snowy white powdery dust fell to the floor.

“Good going, I'm sure that attracted every zombie within a three mile radius.” A familiar voice spoke.

“April?” Nicole asked, squinting though the sheets of dust as she tried to make out the girl. Suddenly she noticed Xavier creeping up behind the zombie, a cricket bat at hand. He brought the bat down onto the zombie's head and with a sickening thud the creature dropped to the floor.

Meanwhile somewhere in the mall Ruby had woken from her unconscious slumber. She watched as Charlie picked up the weapons of their dead comrades. “Isn't that disrespectful to the deceased or something.”

“If it saves our lives what does it matter?” Charlie continued to loot Sid's backpack.

Ruby sighed. “I guess you're right. It's just they were our friends.”

“I know.”

The two of them continued their journey through the elongated hallways of the mall nervously, glancing back and forth, sweeping their flash-light around to be sure there wasn't anything hiding in the shadows. Then suddenly Ruby froze in surprise as she saw Penn standing a few metres away. She tugged at Charle's leather jacket anxiously.

Charlie turned to face Ruby and noticed something wasn't right. “You ok?” She asked, full of concern. “You look like you've just seen a ghost.”

Penn chuckled before Ruby could respond. “A ghost? That's new.”

Charlie jumped out of her skin. “I thought you were dead.”

“That doesn't stop me. I stopped being angry at Alf once he bit Miles on the bum, now that was funny. Now I'm just messing with you guys.”

“Ok then.” Charlie said slowly as she leaned into a regular standing position. “What about the zombies? Do you mess with them as well?”

“Course I do.” Penn smirked. “Now I want myself a Charlie and Ruby feast.” He lunged forward, and tried to grab them.

Charlie and Ruby sprinted away from him. Despite their fatigue and lack of proper running shoes they pushed themselves to lose Penn.

Meanwhile back in the clothing shop. Dexter eyed the fallen zombie warily. “Is it dead? Please say yes!” He asked anxiously.

“I think so.” Nicole replied as she and Xavier crouched over the zombie. “Xave took care of it for us.” She glanced over at April.

“Xave's zombie kill of the week.” April began, with a smile on her face. “We've looked all over the mall for you guys, it's been like three days or more.”

“Yeah, we looked for you guys too.” Nicole said. “Have you seen any sign of the others?”

“No.” Xavier shook his head. “I hate to break it, but I think they're goners as well.”

“Well we can't stop looking.” April said.

“What's the point if there's no one alive to look for?” Xavier asked.

“It's like no one cares about us. We've been stuck in this mall for days and no one has come to rescue us.” Dexter said.

“Charlie said that rescues probably wouldn't go ahead because of cross-contamination or something.” Xavier thought out loud.

“In case we were infected.” April corrected him.

“Just because we're zombie bait doesn't make us obsolete, it just makes us sympathetic.” Dexter said.

“It's too dicey down here. I suggest we get higher up.” Nicole gestured to the rooftop with her head.

“That sounds like a good idea.” Xavier agreed.

A hollow chuckle made the four teenagers whip around to see Penn standing behind them. “Isn't this cozy, a charming little reunion.” He mocked, circling them like a shark. “You think going to the roof will keep you all safe.”

“How you got mixed up in all of this I'll never know.” Nicole began. “But aren't you supposed to be dead?”

Penn smirked at her. “I saw some of your friends, I chased them but unfortunately they got away. The same won't happen for you lot though, cos I'm gonna kill you all.” He began to transform into a bipedal reptilian-like creature, his hands became large claws, growling loudly at the group his temper flipping fast.

Dexter looked Penn directly in the eye, taking a step back. “I don't think he's joking. Run!”

Xavier grabbed April's hand and headed towards the stairwell. Dexter and Nicole quickly followed suit making a mad dash to the exit. They raced onto the last set of stairs, hurrying to the rooftop as fast as they could. As they opened the door to the rooftop they saw Charlie and Ruby waiting for them. The loud, giant drill of the planes blades spinning disrupted their trains of thoughts, triggering Ruby to cover her ears and duck to the floor. They suddenly noticed Penn, now a grotesque monster. Everyone had turned to see April, doubled over, claws pierced through her upper body, the fabric of her blouse tainted red. She squirmed in resistance but Penn dug the claws deeper, until blood started to seep out of her mouth. Her eyes rolled back and the life drained out of her, as she dropped onto the cold concrete floor.

“I didn't mean to make a mess.” Penn growled at the survivors.

“Now I'm afraid your luck has run out.” Jack Bauer said, stepping into view, a machine gun in his hands. “Everyone go get in the chopper. I'll handle this.”

The final survivors rushed toward the helicopter, piling in one by one. Bauer turned to the mutant.

“This is where it all ends.” Bauer said.

“You'll never take me down, not by yourself.” Penn retorted.

“It's a good job I brought some backup then.” Bauer gritted his teeth at Penn, as a group of snipers took their places around him. “This will all be over in a matter of seconds. On my word...Fire!”

The snipers pulled their triggers, the bullets pelting into Penn hard and fast. One last shriek sounded and his whole body was blown into smithereens.

Meanwhile back at the Anti-Zombie Organisation building Robertson had finally pieced everything that connected the outbreak, and had his conclusion.

“Looks like it hit a small suburb first, and they tried to contain it, but it spread to a bigger population center.” Robertson said. “It's been confirmed that there is a connection with Ramsay Street. It appears the spontaneous outbreak of this creepy plague started there. Our one Mr Penn Graham used to be a resident there.”

“Didn't Kylie, I mean Charlene used to live there?” Watson asked.

Robertson looked at her eagle eyed. “I should be so lucky.”

“So, what now?”

“There's only one thing for it. We have to nuke Ramsay Street tonight.”


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