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Tues 2 Nov 2010 – Episode # 5197

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Secret Trysts “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 2 Nov 2010 – Episode # 5197 ]


Liam tells Bianca & Vittorio he met Nina as she is a singer who he saw busking etc. Bianca, not to be outdone by Liam, tells him she & Vittorio are getting married in a few weeks.


Because of what Ross told Alf bout Martha, he suggest she speak to Gina, but Ross tell Alf they shouldn’t be talking about this is such a public pace [with the likes of Colleen around].


As John & Xavier work on THAT car, April is one more reefing to it as a ozone layer destroyer. Xavier tries to talk to john bout get back together with Gina, but John insists at its not going to happen. He deo hover want to help Xavier fix up THAT car -= as he made a promise.


Roo formally apologies to Alf her wild child pat. She also tells him she has done so because she’s follow his example and not run way from her problems anymore.


As Liam, Nina, Bianca & Vittorio chat, Liam & Bianca are constantkly involved in a game of one upmanship so to sepk.


April sees Liam and wonder how Bianca feels about this. Bianca assure her she is so happy with Vittorio ta it doesn’t matter Liam is back. Liam asks Gina for her old job back – she tells him they can talk about this mater later.


When Roo & Alf entry the house, Maz & Sid are there chatting. Maz realise Roo’s arrival is what her dram was about – so Roo commits ta Maz is the new Floss McPhee. Alf is a little surprised that Maz is moving on with Sid – or more to poimt ta Maz hadn’t told him yet.


Gina isn’t really keen to just give Liam his job bask – but she hasn’t been able to find another person for the job, so she’ll give him a 2nd chance. Xavier – outsides the classroom where Liam & Gina are – is encouraged by all this.


Xavier tell John bout Gina giving Liam a 2nd chance – and how John should try. John insist it’s ta Gina no doubt made a practical business decision – so her ‘ship sitsh with John is a totally different thing.


Because they are moving in together, and want no secrets tween tem, Sid tell Maz ta Mitzy told him that Maz’s end date IS real. Maz is taken aback – and bail to go for walk by herself.


Nina tells Lima t she just knows that Bianca is his ex, and that she is totally OK with that. They kiss – whish nearby Bianca & Vittorio see. Bianca or Vittorio comet on how Bianca will have to get use to that. Bianca tells Vittorio she loves him – you get felling to assure herself if no one else.


Alf tells Colleen tat Roo is very sensitive of her past – and if colleen hasn’t got anything good to says, she shouldn’t say anything at all.


So everything is out in how open [now that Maz is moving in with Sid], there is tension twen Maz & Sid before they agree to tell Indi & Dex bout Maz’s end date.


Vittorio talk to Lima – suggesting that his ship with Nina is just to make Bianca jealous. Liam kisses Nina – trying to show Vittorio not all he does is for Bianca’s benefit I thought.

Xavier suggests to Gin to give John a 2nd chance, but she insists ta she can’t – and that’s it all to complicate to explain.


Gina enters John’s room – and they kiss. Both insist they want to totally sort out their ship before they made it public again. John & Gina kiss once more.



Roo gives Gina an envelope – saying Martha & Hugo need help

Robert is keeping an eye on Roo

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Gina: white [frilly trim] scoop top/dark suit


Colleen: bleu top/multi colour floral blouse


Bianca: tan mid thigh length dress/white belt


Alf: orange [green & bleu check] button up shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

April: SBH uniform

Bianca: dark elbow sleeved knee dress

Gina: white [green leaves motifs] top/dark long pants

John: blue shirt/dark long pants

John: dark t/denim jeans

Liam: dark jacket/dark long pants/purple [white unknown motif] t/dark vest

Marilyn: dark low cut v neck knee dress

Nina: red top/dark jacket/dark long pants

Roo: blue low cut v neck top/dark long pants

Sid: blue long sleeve top

Vittorio: light blue button up shirt/light grey jacket/grey scarf/dark long pants

Vittorio: white t/dark long pants

Xavier: green [white crest] t

Xavier: SBH uniform

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