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Mon 25 Oct 2010 – Episode # 5191

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Sibling Rivalry “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 25 Oct 2010 – Episode # 5191 ]


Vittorio & Bianca WAAAAAAY pash in the shower.

Soon after, April has a go at Bianca of that long shower. Bianca & Vittorio tell Irene & April tat they are getting married in 4 weeks [the earliest they possibly can]. April insist she can’t help Bianca this weed with wedding prep - as ether’s council meetings [recycling/bus plans???] this week. Bianca sees she has a msg from Liam on her phone.


Irene approaches Will & Lily – and Irene “suggests” that Lilly start heading for home [to have a shoer after her beach swim]. Lily doesn't get far so she overhears Irene talk to Will bout he ^& Gypsy. Will insist he doesn'tt need Irene’s help.

Nearby, Bianca listens to Liam’s phone msg. He tell her he IS still in love with her, but if he doesn’tt hear from her in 24 hrs, he knows tat she doesn’tt love him anymore.


Nic teases Ruby a bit about how she’s fallen for another teacher - Miles, Liam and now Alex. Ruby doesn’t car so mush bout what Nic says, as Rubes is so in love. They see Alex nearby, and Ruby gets in the car and starts her latest driving lessons.


Colleen sees that Bianca is constantly looking at her phone – and wonder if shi playing a game on it. Bianca responds by suing that a game of some kind is occurring. Vittorio arrives – and he & Bianca chat.


Alex is rather surprised that Ruby is being rather serious during her driving lessons – esp. since he’d gotten use to her fleiti8ng with him. This distracts Ruby, who makes an error or 2 soon after whilst she is driving.


Irene talk to Alf bout how she is worried bout Will & Gypsy – but Alf suggest at Will will open up to her in his own time.

Nearby, Colleen is keen to share some of her weding/mariage experience with Bianca & Vittorio. Its too mush for Bianca – who bails.


After Ruby does a great reverse park, her lesson is over, so she asks Alex to have a coffee with her. Alex rejects the suggestion – sand Ruby quickly bails.


Rubes tell Nic all about the diaster that just occurred – and how she must have misread all the signals. Ruby is taken aback when Nic reminds her Nic will get her HIV test results tomorrow. Nic ads that it was kinda good Ruby was rabbiting on bout her love life – as Nic actually really needs distractions right now.


April approaches Bianca – and hears her listening to Liam’s phone msg [again]. April insists that if Bianca is having any doubts bout this, she shouldn’t get married. Bianca tells April she IS going to marry Vittorio – and she’s not6 pleased when April comet at if she is so committed to Vittiorio, she would have deleted Liam’s msg already.


Alex sees Ruby – and tell her he rejected her advances earlier as he has a g/f. Alex & Ruby insist tat wattles occurred shouldn’t affect their proffesional ‘ship – i.e. Ruby agree to keep having Alex is her driving teacher to the lessons are over.


As they dine with Vittorio, April & Vittorio both “dig their heels in” bout their perspective on the wedding, incl April being more the a tad surprised that Bianca hasn’t told their mum that she is getting married.


Will & Irene are also mushly at odds – to the point where Lilly can't take it anymore. She insists for Irene to STOP attacking Will, as that’s why Gypsy left them. Lily heads off upstairs to her room.

Later, Bianca & April arrive home – and they are still arguing bout Bianca’s wedding plans. Bianca insists she IS going to marry vittorio, but when she gets in her room, she is totally in tears.

Late at night - Will & Irene can’t sleep, and Will tells Irene that he CHEATED on Gypsy - and that is why she left him.



Nicole gets her HIV test results

Robert continues his investigation

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


April: orange & white thin strap knee length dress/hot pink gloves/white headband


Lily: blue & purple diag stripes 1 piece swimsuit


Irene: dark [orange floral motifs & gold trim] top/dark long pants


Alex: light blue button up shirt/denim jeans

Alf: blue [green check] button up shirt/bone long pants

April: blue, aqua & white halter bikini

April: white low cut top

Bianca: dark [sparkly] low cut elbow length sleeves knee length dress

Bianca: dark jacket/white [pearl like trim] top/dark knee length skirt

Bianca: white bathrobe

Colleen: dark [red floral] blouse

Irene: blue dressing gown/white PJs

Lily: grey long sleeve top

Nicole: dark low cut v neck thin strap knee length dress

Nicole: SBH uniform

Ruby: 2 tone yellow dress

Ruby: SBH uniform

Vittorio: blue t/denim jeans

Vittorio: sky blue long sleeve button up shirt/grey scarf

Will: olive green button up shirt/denim jeans

Will: white [dark unknown motif] t/denim jeans

Will: white t

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