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Thurs 21 Oct 2010 – Episode # 5189

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Not So Grace-ful “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 21 Oct 2010 – Episode # 5189 ]


Robert is looking of a match to THOSE sequins amongst Nic’s clothes. She comments she has some underwear with sequins – but Graves tell Robert tat she’s already scoped them out [no match]. Nic also insist that she wouldn’t be caught dead in a dre4ss with cheap plastic seq2uins like tee one he found.

Alf arrive, and “suggest" Robert *& Grave [who didn’t find any clothe of note in ET laundry either] to bail.


Maz thanks Sid for letting her stay her at the moment – as she’s not been having nightmare her. She tells him its too forward of him to suggest she moves in. Sid then also suggest tat Dex should change clothes – Dex is in a suit – rather the tee SBH unknown he should be in. Dex is annoyed but he’s not going to win this argument.


Bianca & April told bout Vittorio’ proposal, and April’s insistence Bianca has to be sure bout this if she accepts. Its too mush for Bianca, who says she be late for school if she doesn’t bail now.


Robert talk to Colleen bout all she knows bout Peen – incl the whole needle; tig with Nic and how Peen set up colleen with those robberies. Robert thinks colleen for her assisttnce – and ask Grave to escort colleen beck to te diner – but that's only cos Robert wants coffee. Grave & colleen bails.


April is intrigued that Dex is wearing sunglasses. He insists he’s trying to go for the Dirty Harry look to impress a girl. When Aerophil ask, he makes it clear that there’s no chance that he’ll get back together with Adrian, so this is why he is going with the new look. He aloe tells April he’s just about to wag from school – as therls moor important thing to do.


Bianca arrives, and Vittorio is already there. He’s ordered her coffee already.


Alf talk to mile bout Robert being here today questioning Nic. The phone rings – its Robert, who request Alf & miles to meet him later today at surf club. Both agree to be there.


Bianca is walking along and she has a flashback to her engagement party – with Vittorio clearly still interested in Grace [his ex]. Bianca is so distracted by her thoughts she collides with a female student. April sees this and wonders why – but Bianca isn’t keen to talk.


Dex tire to Impress Graves – insisting he loves rules etc, but she is quite aware he should be at school right now [whish don’t help his cause]. She suggests they have noting in common and he should be bask at school.

NOTE – Although he had too much quirkiness when he returned ton the Bay, now that they’ve settled him down a bit, I’m REALLY liking Dex…. Also helps mushy that he briefly went out with Adrian [as I LOVE Phoebe Tonkin].


With Alf & Maz nearby, Robert ask Miles 1stly bout Leah [irene’s had an email from her seeing that she & VJ arrived safe & sound in Africa] and then bout Tulip. Miles denies knowledge of her.


Like he did with Adrian, Dex runs after – and catches up with - Graves. This time however he is out of breath, so she walked away by the time he’s got breath enough to talk.


After having another flashback to her engagement party, Bianca tell April she is worried Vittorio will chat again. April however thinks Bianca has made up her mind bout the sitsh but won’t admit it.


Robert further questions Miles bout various tigs – the meting that Alf &* co had at Anglo’s AND how long it would take to get from diner to surf club – and when Graves had taken a lot longer than miles suggests, Robert tell her to go way [so to not be involved in the questioning of Miles]. Robert then insists both Miles & Alf are lying bout their lack of knowledge of Tulip.


NIGHT - As concierge Emma takes Vittorio * Bianca to their table at the restaurant, Bianca has another flashback of Vittorio being interested in Grace.


Dex arrives and asks Graves out on a date. He seem pretty persistent he isn’t taking no for an answer – but she insist at she’s not keen on him. Dex bails – and Robert comets that this [Graves & Dex] must be the reason why she took so long getting his coffee.


Whilst they wait near Tulip’s grave, Robert wonders if Graves & Dex are BFGs. She corrects him – in that he meant BFFs. Robert is pleased when Alf arrives – so he gets Graves to take many pics of Alf and the grave site.


Bianca looks apprehencious as she & Vittorio approach his hotel room. She has another flashback – of finding him in bed with Grace. Bianca [present day] bails in tears.



Looks like Vittorio bails from the Bay

What’s the truth bout Will & Gypsy???

Ruby & Alex [drive instructor] are keen on each other

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Bianca Scott: red low cut v neck maxi dress


Nicole: dark [leopard print trim] low cut v neck dress


Grace: elec blue low cut v neck maxi dress


Alf: off white [dark check] button up shirt

Alf: olive green [dark check] shirt/bone long pants/dark coat/wide brim hat

April: SBH uniform

Bianca: dark [red floral] elbow sleeved knee dress

Colleen: green [mostly blue floral] dress

Dex: white suit/mauve shirt/dark tie

Dex: green [dark unknown motif]/dark vest/dark long pants

Dex: SBH uniform

Emma [resort]: white blouse/dark jacket/dark long pants

Graves: blue blouse/dark jacket/dark knee skirt

Graves: peach blouse/dark jacket/dark knee length skirt

Marilyn: dark [yellow swirls] low cut v neck maxi dress

Marilyn: red low cut v neck l/s dress

Miles: grey shirt/white [dark unknown motif] t/dark long pants

Robert: dark suit/dark vest/white long sleeve button up shirt/2 tone blue diag stripes tie

Robert: dark suit/white shirt/dark tie

Sid: dark l/s shirt

Vittorio: dark suit/white shirt/dark tie

Vittorio: grey scarf/white jacket/white shirt/dark long pants

Vittorio: purple t

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