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Mon 11 Oct 2010 – Episode # 5181

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Summer Bay’s “Hell” “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 11 Oct 2010 – Episode # 5181 ]


Sid agrees that an idyllic spot that Alf is showing him is the prefect place for Marilyn to be at the moment. They both suggest not telling John about this place – or he’d totally ruin it.

NOTE – if you’ve seen the movie “Tomorrow, When The War Began” or read the Tomorrow novels, think of “Hell”, but the SB version isn’t quite as pretty/idyllic.


Angelo & Charlie are moving a mattress into the house, with Leah & Ruby already in the house arranging other tings. When Ruby supports Charlie in a small tiff with Angelo, he comments [kinda jokingly?] that they are ganging up on him.


Indi hasn’t got a response form her mum, and is annoyed that her mum ran off with her b/f in the 1st place.

Sid & Alf enter and tell Sid tells Marilyn that he will take her to a great place morrow. He agrees to Marilyn’s request for her to stay the night at his place.


Ruby speaks to Charlie & Angelo in kitchen. She thinks it’s cool that she found a little rubber duck in the bathroom [she suggest it must been Harry’s]. After Ruby heeds back to the bathroom, Angelo comment about REALLY christening this place [i.e. h23 & Charlie in the bedroom]


Thing are pretty quite over diner, and Sid comments that it would be great if Dex was here. Marilyn heads way form, the table [she’s not that hungry] whilst Indi still hasn’t got response form her mum.

NEXT DAY – Whilst Indi is worried about being late for school, Marilyn tells Sid that she is surprised she doesn’t feel any better by now about Missy’s death [pain is still there etc],


Whilst Romeo talk to Xavier about Romeo/Indi [and how they are taking ting pretty slow], Ruby apologises to Indi about the whole wine buying ting. When Ruby mentons that Charlie esp. isn’t quite settled in thri new home, Indi comments about how she’s also got mum issues at the moment.


Maz LOVES the sereness etc of the “Hell” like place Sid has bought her too. She tell him t ash thought she would cope better with Mitzy;s death than she has.


Romeo is surprised with Irene tells him Annie might be heeding home soon. Indi looks worried as this prospect.


Angelo. Leah & Charlie talk bout Leah’s sitsh &* the move in together, its all too mush for charley – who bails.


Maz tell Mitzy at she forgives her – and looks fwd to seeing her again.


Charlie is worried bout how stressed she is, but Leah thinks charley isn’t as bad as Leah was earlier this year [when she barricade herself in diner storeroom]. Leah assures Charlie that no meter where she is, Leah will always be there for Charlie.


As Indi talk to Romeo, you just know her mind is on annie, whish I why Romeo tell Xavier he HAS no idea what’s going though Indi’ brain atm.


Maz tells Sis that now she can move on with her life


Romeo & Indi resolve the tension twen them in previous screen – agreeing top take tings slow in thri ship.


.Maz thanks Sid for everting that occurred today.


Leah arrives and gives Charlie a housewarming pressie – some cooking equips that Leah’s mum once gave Leah. They both comet on how they are both heeding into the unknown [so what could possibly go wrong]

Soon after, Ruby is surprised when Angelo is right – that Charlie DOES want a housewarming party.


Indio still hasn't got a msg from her mum. When Romeo goes upstairs, Alf arrives. There’s a letter for Romeo – from Annie. Indi hides it in her bag.



Sound like John moves out of Gina’s place

Will Indi ‘fess up about taking THAT letter?

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Charlie: tan jacket/red & white horiz striped thin strap top/denim jeans


Ruby: white [dark swirls] thin strap top/red long pants


Indi: purple mid thigh length dress


Alf: dark long sleeve button up shirt/bone long pants

Alf: olive green [yellow check] shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Angelo: light blue button up shirt/denim jeans

Angelo: olive green long pants/grey [white crest] t

Charlie: white tank top/dark long pants

Indi: SBH uniform

Indi: white [dark swirls] t/dark long pants

Irene: white [blue floral] top

Leah: grey top/white jacket/dark long pants

Leah: red hoodie/dark long pants

Marilyn: dark long sleeve top

Marilyn: hot pink jacket/dark knee length dress

Marilyn: leopard print scoop dress

Romeo: red [white unknown logo] singlet

Romeo: SBH uniform

Romeo: white t

Ruby: SBH uniform

Ruby: sky blue bathrobe

Ruby: white thin strap top/grey skirt

Sid: dark jacket/dark t/denim jeans

Sid: denim jeans/blue long sleeve top

Xavier: SBH uniform

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