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Mon 27 Sept 2010 – Episode # 5171

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” OMG !!! A Pet Shop !!! “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 27 Sept 2010 – Episode # 5171 ]


After Sid wakes Mitzy, she does remember she tried to kiss Dex. Sid tells her she had a seizure, and suggests she should have a CT scan.


Bianca is in et kitchen talking to Irene, talking bout memories both good & bad of Vittorio. Speaking of whom, Vittorio enters kitchen – suggesting Bianca seem to be hiding from him in here.


Alf & Maz arrive – and thanks Dex for all he did for Mitzy tonight. When Maz talk to Mitzy, the latter say that she can’t se te future atm – becuae of her collapse.


Indi, whilst on duty btw, chats to Romeo whish Irene is anoyed bout.


Sid is keen to talk to Mitzy alone, but she wants Maz to stay [as Maz is like family]. Sid tell Mitzy t6atr she has brain tumour 0 and doesn't have long to live.


Vittorio is keen to talk further with Bianca, but she has to ghat to work. A swarm of reporters descends upon them.


Mitzy & Maz talk bout what’s happing – whish Maz mushly being able to empathise with the news that Mitzy has just received.


Bianca & Vitorio are chatting – comment on how they can't hide in her form that long [form the press]. Bianca also tells Vittorio she wishes he would make more mistake – so she could keep hating him. She lasso admits on how she “melts” when he looks up her a certain way.


NEXT DAY – Dex tall Romeo & Indi at he sooooo can’t get over his love of Maz. He doesn’t like any of the suggestion from Indi & Romeo either.


Bianca & Vittorio agree to have diner at Angelo's later.


Dex doesn’t like a “how to fall out of love” book Indi give him. He DIOES like the suggestion [by Indi or Romeo[ that he should find someone/ting who will love him bask.


Mitzy take offence when Sid tell her et he is going to get Dr young to take over her treatment – as Sid is too personally involve on this. He then admits he doesn’t belief the whole death date she gave to Maz. Sid then bails.


Dex enters – and most of the animals we se initially are birds. Adrian [dark hair, early 20s] wonders what sort of pet Dex is after. He tell her that although he wants the whole someone who loves me ting, but also is keen on a low maintaincae pet. Adrian is pale to meet Dex btw – as he wondered where the strange ppl in SB were.


Irene & Bianca talk bout Vittorio but Irene sees Romeo is distracting Indi from her work. Romeo aggress to go into the kitchen and do some if the dishes – cos he’s been distracting Indi.


Adrian tell Dex she initially got a part time job her and then kinda fel in love with working in Noah’s ark so to speak. She tells Dex goldfish mate for life – so he is keen to have one [and name it Marilyn].


Maz is surprised Mitzy is gong to laeve the hospital, but Mitzy doesn’t go into why before they bails.


Vittorio talk to the swarm of reporters – telling that he is her in Bay for Bianca [who walk thru the press gang and stands beside Vitorio.


Alf talk top Vittorio – commenting he will keep the press away from here, but Vittorio tell him bout the “chat” he just had to the press. The nearby Bianca sees Alf & Vittorio talking, and when Vittorio sits with her, he asked bout Bianca/Liam!!!!



Penn threatens Miles

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Bianca: hot pink top/dark knee skirt


Irene: mostly purple floral top


Adrian: dark [2 tone pink horiz stripes on sleeves] l/s top/dark [silver studs] choker necklace


Alf: dark l/s shirt/olive green long pants

Bianca: white crop jacket/red mid tight dress

Bianca: white scoop top/dark knee skirt

Colleen: multi colour floral blouse/peach top

Dex: fluro yellow t/blue check jacket/dark long pants

Dex: SBH uniform

Indi: SBH uniform

Indi: dark top

Indi : yellow scoop top

Irene: aqua blouse

Marilyn: dark low cut top

Marilyn: dark [white floral] low cut v neck elbow length sleeves top/pink jacket/dark knee skirt

Mitzy: multi colour floral dress

Mitzy: red low cut maxi dress

Reporter [female]: blue blouse

Reporter [female]: white l/s top/dark long pants

Romeo: dark blue t

Romeo: red t

Romeo: SBH uniform

Sid: dark l/s shirt/dark t/dark long pants

Sid: blue [dark vert stripes] shirt/dark long pants

Vittorio: grey l/s top/dark blue scarf/dark long pants

Vittorio: sky blue shirt/dark jacket/grey scraf/dak long pants

Vittorio: white l/s top/dark long pants

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