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Fri 24 Sept 2010 – Episode # 5170

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Misery Loves Company “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 24 Sept 2010 – Episode # 5170 ]


WHEN Maz suggest Mitzy should get a second opinion bout her cancer, Mitzy tells her she’s been to 3 oncologists – all who’ve said the said same things. However, Mitzy disagrees with doctor’s thoughts tahrt she won’t see another Xmas – as Mitzy want to make it tit to April next yarer and she loves Easter/chocolates.


Whilst Alf & Sid talk bout John – how he seem to really be sleeping a lot since his heart attack. John has a dream/flashback bout Peen saving his life [by performing CPR on him]. John then wakes suddenly.


After Dex asks Miles how Maz is going at the monet, they are a rather confusing chat bout Mitzy.


John tells Sid at he’s been having bad dream bout dying – and how john feels like its only a matter of time before he dies now.


When Maz asks, Mitzy tell her she didn't tell Maz sooner bout her own sitch [Mitzy dying], Mitzy tell her that she didn’t want to stress Maz further. Maz is pleased that Mitzy told her bout both sitches – esp. since it lead Maz back to the bay.


Alf talk to John bout what’s occurred. Alf isn’t so ken when John says he is VERY glad that Penn was there to save him. John also tell Alf how amazing te Gina ha been through all of this.


Mitzy & Dex start chatting – although Dex doesn’t seen to keen initially because of THAT kiss. Mitzy after a while tells Dex tells she is dying of cancer.


Maz tells Alf bout how stressful this all is – with Mitzy having cancer and all. She insists she will talk to fall further bout this if she needs.


John & Sid talk bout John’s sitch. Sid insist at with lifestyle changes, John won’t be in this position [heart attack/in hospital] again.


Mile & Maz chat, and as they do we sees Peen watching this from nearby. He then [using their body language and his own thoughts] does a mock version of their chat – whilst they are chatting, if that makes sense.


Maz tell Sid she really needs him. They hug – Maz is all but in tears.


Dex doesn’t think he's helping Mitzy when he comments bout his own problems, but the way Mitzy resounds gave you that impression she's thinking of that old adage – misery loves company.


Maz can’t belief it when Sid suggest t Mitzy is projecting her own sitsh onto Maz [when she said Maz is dieing]. Maz tell IS that he is sooooo judgemental. Maz bails.


Dafter Miles & Alf talk bout Maz’s sitch, Miles agree to look after the bar as Alf gets some more stook. Peen arrives, and Miles’suggets” for him to bail but Penn won’t til Miles know that truth. Indeed, when Alf returns, Peen tells them some of his story – incl how his dad was crippled when he was working day and night as part of dealing with Tulip’s death. Alf insist to Pen that he doesn’t believe him. Penn bails.


Alf & miles tall bout Peen – with Alf commenting on how Peen has told him various version of his past so Alf ins't sure what to believe. Alf also isn’t keen to delve into Penn’s past. Alf suggests for now they do tings kike double check the locks at VPH – i.e. make sure the place IS locked at all time when they aren’t there.


Sid phone Maz – leaves a message saying he is VERY sorry. Maz doesn’t take the call – but she listen to the apology as it gets recorded onto answering machine.


As they walk along, Mitzy tank Dex for the god night they’ve had. Dex is surprised Mitzy is still VERY keen on him – and way what to kiss him. Mitzy then collapse – and Dex phone for an ambulance.



Looks like Angelo cheats on Charlie with a new girl in town called Shandi

Peen talk to Miles bout Alf – and Miles tell Alf he believes what Penn says

Sid tells Nic he is keen for Mitzy to be out of Maz’s life

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Mitzy: red low cut maxi dress


Miles: dark button up shirt/white [full moon on dark background] t/dark long pants


Dex: fluro yellow t/blue check jacket/dark long pants


Alf: 2 tone blue check shirt/bone long pants

Alf: dark l/s shirt/dark long pants

Dex: SBH uniform

John: red jacket/dark t/dark long pants

Marilyn: dark [white floral] low cut v neck elbow length sleeves top/pink jacket/dark knee skirt

Penn: dark long pants/grey jacket/ blue button up shirt

Penn: olive green shirt/dark v neck t

Sid: blue [dark vert stripes] shirt/dark long pants

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