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Fri 10 Sept 2010 – Episode # 5160

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Diazepam “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 10 Sept 2010 – Episode # 5160 ]


NIGHT TIME - Peen is at the grave of his mum, Tulip O’Hare.

We the see a flashback of Peen as a kid. Tulip tells him she loves him. Moments later, we see a bottle hitting the floor – with a woman’s arm splayed out in the background.


April is rather surprised when John suggests that he thinks her plan is a very viable one – and that he will thoroughly look over the proposal.


After thy finished having dinner, Irene is curious about what exactly Leah asks ed her to come over tonight.


After April & Xavier bail, Gina tell john she is rather surprise that if his action bout April’s proposal – indeed, she wonders if he going soft. John tells her that the way April’s way is sounding is impressive, so it’s just the right tig to do to fully read through her proposal.


Irene is rather surprised when Leah wants her to run ten diner full time.


Xavier is surfside April’s not more upbeat bout John’s enthusiasm. She sys it cos she doesn’t want to get her hoper up [i.e. he might full rea the proposal an reject it].


After John & Gina, Peen enters. He asks one of the surf club employees if Alf’s around. The woman tells him Alf will be bask soon.


Leah tells Irene she REALLY wants to be with Elijah. She suggest at she should, like, even teach Greek to the ppl in the African country he is in. Irene is concerned – remiding Leah that the diner is a big part of Leah’s life too.


Alf isn’t keen that Penn is here, but Peen suggests they took a trip down memory lane.

We see flashback to Penn's past. Tulip tells him to sty in bed, but a lintel later, Penn gets out of bed. It’s a nice touch that on TV at the time is 80s Oz Prime Minister Bob Hawke [to tell you when this occurred]. Penn goes into main room of the house – we see a shocked look on his face.


April tell Xavier why she is soon apprehencoius. The report she give John is real – but the Swedish government DIDN’T go with this proposal [whish Aril told john that they did]. Xavier is worried that his life won’t be worth living if john goes with this plan mad it ruins him financially.

John &* Gina arrive and after the order takeaway coffees, John tell April tan they will talk after he’s fully looked over her proposal.


Although Irene is concerned bout Leah, Irene comets bout how this is similar to how she went on yacht trip way with Lou. Irene father comets bout how although that ended up not going well [of course], the times on the yacht beefer Lou was killed were some of the best of Irene’s life.


Penn shows Alf a small-ish bottle and comet it was emptied cos of something Peen saw as a kid.

We see a flashback – to Peen seeing Alf & Tulip waaaaaaaaay kissing.

Back to the present – and Alf looks at the medicine bottle. Tulip must have OD’d on Diazepam tablets. Pen tells Alf to kept the bottle.


NEXT DAY – Alf lays some flowers at Tulip’s grave



Vittiro arrives

Angelo & paulie go top the horseraces

Mitzy tell Maz she will die sooner that Mitzy initially predicted

We see Penn in a straightjacket

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Irene: orange [dark trim] low cut v neck top


April: white [dark floral?] low cut v neck dress


Colleen: peach top/multi colour floral blouse/dark [white pink] full length skirt


Alf [when younger]: dark check shirty/bone long pants

Alf: dark long sleeve shirt/olive green long pants

Alf: dark raincoat/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Gina: dark [silver trim] top/dark long pants

John: blue button up shirt/dark long pants

Juice Bar Server [Justine???]: aqua blouse/dark knee skirt

Leah: red [frilly trim] tank top/denim jeans

Penn [when young]: white [dark snakes?] PJs

Penn: dark hoddie/dark long pnats

Penn: dark jacket/white t/dark long pnats

Tulip: dark [very 80s style shoulder pads etc] dress

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