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Fri 3 Sept 2010 – Episode # 5155

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” I Don’t Want To Taint Him “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 3 Sept 2010 – Episode # 5155 ]


A woman [who we later discover is Maz’s friend Mitzy] arrives in the bay in a cab. After she get out of the car, Peen walks by her – and she comments that that it felt like the devil had just walked over her grave.


With Maz about to cook things like vegetatarain sausages, Alf isn’t ken to hang around. After he bails, Maz is keen that she with soon be alone with her b/f Sid.


As Sid dives along, he notes Indi [also in the car] is distracted. She doesn’t tell him why though.


Colleen is quite vocal in her opposition to Mitzy reading a book on the occult, but Ire is able to smooth the waters so to speak. She also, upon Mitzy's request, provides directions to the van park.


Ruby wonders if Alf’s seen Lima bout. He hasn’t, but the nearby Penn tell Ruby [he calls her Jules – or the like - btw] that he saw Liam on the beach and the bad news in heading Rubes’ way. When Penn bails, Alf tell Ruby to ignore Penn.


Sid tells Maz he is worried about Indi, but before he gets chance to talk to Indi, she bails with Nic.

Sid tells Maz he’s been in contact with a Dr friends of his in the city – but its doesn't sound like Maz is too keen to 6take up Sid’s offer to se the city Dr/


Liam tells Ruby what happened – that the record Co. wants Liam but not her. He tells her she will get royalties if the songs are a success though. Ruby bails.


After Ruby enters, she throws several things about living room before she REALLY starts balling her eyes out.


When they talk bout Dex, Sid tell Maz he's not been able to talk to the elusive Dex as yet.

Maz’s friend Mitzy arrive – and the 2 finds MUSCHLY hug.


Nic & Indi are talking about Romeo/Indi when Liam asks them if thy've seen Ruby. They haven’t.


Irene arrives, with some [business?] info for Leah, but since Leah’s not home, Ruby tells Irene she’ll pas it on. When Irene wonder, ruby says she’s fine. Iren accepts that and bails.


Sid is more that slightly stunned/sceptical when Maz & Mitzy tell him Maz will be dead in about 5 mouth, as Mitzy has had a visions bout the who/what/where/when Maz’s death will occur.


Peen annoys Ruby when he comets Liam obviously didn’t fight for her, i.e. if the record Co wanted Liam, surely that put him in a good position to keep Ruby with the program etc. Peen also deliberating refers to ruby by the name he called her leir. He tells Ruby he can help her – and he bails.


Pen tells Alf he is ken t talk bout5 family. He comments about Alf having a thing for tulips in the past, and strikes a nerve when he wonders if Alf remembers the name Jules O’Hare. Alf then has a flashback to Peen saying “I known about the affair”.

Back to the present, and Pen buys a bottle of vodka before he bails.


Sid canlt believe what he’s heading form Mitzy & Maz, who insist that Mitzy has NEVR been wrong with ANY of her predictions.


After listening to Indi go ion bout how she thinks she will taint Romeo [since Indi has had such a chequered past], Nic calls Indi an idiot for thinking like that.


Sid’s had enough the mystic type suggestions of Mitzy. He insists Maz isn’t going to die. He bails.


Liam talks to Irene – telling her bout what’s occurred [record Co. only wanting Liam].


Penn is walking along when he sees Ruby. He gives her the bottle of vodka and says “enjoy”. As he walks way, she starts drinking.



Angelo isn’t ken on Paulie accepting THAT money

Leah’s unsure bout the planet trip

MANY are worried about Ruby

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Mitzy: dark [multi color floral] halter maxi dress


Ruby: brown [African tribal looking] singlet top/dark long pants


Indi: orange mid thigh length dress/dark belt


Alf: dark l/d shirt

Alf: 2 Tone blue check button up shirt/bone long pants

Cabdriver: sky blue shirt/dark long pants

Colleen: aqua top/grey [blue & white floral] blouse

Irene: blue & mustard [dark swirls][ top

Liam : blue [a woman’s’ face] t/dark long pants

Marilyn: multi colour floral low cut v neck top/dark skirt

Nic: hot pink halter kini/black & white striped l/s dress

Penn: olive green shirt/dark t/dark long pants

Sid: dark l/s shirt/dark long pants

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