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Thurs 2 Sept 2010 – Episode # 5154

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Don’t Shout !!! “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 2 Sept 2010 – Episode # 5154 ]


Nicole tries to talk to Romeo – but soon realises that he’s lost his voice. Miles also want to know Romeo’s opinion [bout the Leah sitsh] and Romeo is able to communicate bout the loss of voice.


After they talk bout how Dex is avoiding Sid, Indi tell Sis she’s not in the best place with romeo – and tee she needs help, but when Sid offers, Indi tell him she needs a female perspective on tehis.


The like of Colleen, Xavier, Gina, john & April talk bout the council meting – incl how its sound like they’ve got a fir bit of public spt.


Nic & Indi are chatting. Romeo is keen to join in – but by the time he’s written down his comets they’ve bailed.

April & Xavier convince Miles it would be good for student to be that at the council mating – government processes and all that.

April is surprised when Xavier comets favorably for a change bout John [and how he's so into their plan].


John Talk to Alf & Gina. There’s plenrty of spt for the highway to the bay plan, but not as mnush for the ban plan of April’s.


Leigh raves [in a good way] bout her phone chat with Elijah – she is taking to Miles btw. Leah has arranged to speak to Elijah again on phone – but for her to do so, Miles agree to look after VJ for a while.


John rousingly speaks to the other councillor’s bout eh ban plan. When another of the councillors wonder how the business ppl who sell water will cope, John counters by saying the bottled water thawing is only a recent fad [i.e. that ppl survived when they didn’t sell it yrs ago.] when john comets bout the water bubblers about town, colleen not help when she says lancey got sick after drink from one yrs ago, john are mush mote hygienic these days.

The council APPROVES that ban plan AND the recycling plan, BUT they REJECT the highway plan – blot enough funds [cos of ban plan etc]


Sid suggest to Romeo at he must have allergy. Indi is worried that it’s her perfume, but Sid thinks it mighty be Indi's lipstick, so he puts some on Romeo’s arm -to see what will happen.

Note – this isn’t the 1st time Luke Mitchell's been in an allergy storyline. In h2o, Will’s [Luke Mitchell] g/f Bella [indiana Evans] as allergic to his aftershave


VJ tells Miles how happy he is form Leah & Elijah, but Miles is worries t Leah is talking things too fat.


Nic thinks it’s funny that Romeo might be kinda alergic to Indi. Romeo is ken to ad to the chat, but Indi’s bailed before he can write something. When he vehemently point to Nic [to talk to Indi] she tells him “don’t shout”


Indi talk to Nic bout her current sitsh. She is really word bout this latest hurdle – esp. Since Romeo seem to have just gotten over Annie.


Leah tells Miles bout her latest great phone chat. She’s kinda I 2mionsd what to do net though, so miles ask her to wonder what would make her truly happy.


John tall Alf he wished he wasn’t so convinicng bout the ban plan. April & Xavier of course overhear this.


Indi talk to Romeo bout her feelings. She is VERY pleased that hell’s written her a note –he’s NOT alergic to her.


Leah is stesseeing bout what to do. VJ ors Leah some advice she give him for tests …. Write down what you know, and what you don’t know will sort itself it.


April & Xavier clash with John over all that’s occurred. Alf suggest this should keep their voices down [given that throve only just been victorious].


Leah and VJ celebrate – after they book plane tickets to go and see Elijah.


NEXT DAY – Gina notes te John is distracted, even when she shows her the GREAT front page of the paper storey bout the ban plan's succeeds.

Dafter john bail, Xavier & Gina talk. Xavier doesn’t mention what he overheard [john badmouth the plan].


Romeo had his voice bask, but Sid’s test shows he is allergic to Indi’s lipstick.

After Sid bails, Romeo tells Indi at he want to be with her tonight. They kiss.



Ruby “loses it” – after bad news from Liam

Marilyn’s friend, who’s a psychic, arrives in town

Penn want to talk to Alf bout family

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Indi: hot pink thin strapped mid thigh length dress / brown [pink wavy horiz stripe] halter bikini


Nicole: dark [leopard pint trim] mid thigh length dress


Indi: grey [dark trim] thin strap knee length dress/dark [white & white floral] nightgown


Alf: off white [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants

April: SBH uniform

Colleen: green [pink floral] dress

Council Chairperson: yellow jacket/white blouse

Councillor Henry: dark suit white button up shirt/mustard [white daig stripes] tie

Gina: white [pink floral] blouse/dark long pants

Gina: grey suit/red top

Indi: orange mid thigh length dress/dark belt

John: denim button up shirt/olive green long pants

John: grey jacket/dark long pants/blue button up shirt/check tie

Leah: orange [dark “Lorna Jane” logo] hoodie/dark track pants

Miles: blue button up shirt/dark [dark unknown motif on grey background] t/dark long pants

Nicole: SBH uniform

Romeo: blue shorts/blue & white horiz striped singlet

Romeo: white singlet/blask & white check sorts

Romeo: SBH uniform

Sid: dark long sleeve button up shirt/dark long pants

Sid: dark long sleeve top/denim jeans

VJ: white [dark spider?] t/white mottled shorts

Xavier: orange [white unknown logo] sing

Xavier: SBH uniform

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