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Tues 31 Aug 2010 – Episode # 5152

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Three Questions “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 31 August 2010 – Episode # 5152 ]


Angelo arrives with flowers and an apology to Charlie for what he said in previous ep. She tell him it will take more that then to get her back in her good books.


After Lima & Bianca arrive they note they have the place to themselves – and whilst Liam is keen to get all kiss with Bianca, she is keen for them to REALLY talk.


Charlie & Angelo clash over Paulie – with Charlie insist Angelo isn’t “sorting tigs out:” if he rescues Paulie each time. She suggest that a fall could do Paulie the world of good.


Bianca & Liam decide to ask the other 3 questions – and answers HAVE to be totally the truth.


Angelo tell Paulie he got a loan form the bank but he;'s going to call them back and cancel it. Paulie is annoyed – insisting Angelo is letting Charlie do his thinking for him.


Xavier & Alf talk bout April's ban campaign – during whish Alf commit on how its sus ta John is suppoting this plan [ie Alf makes it clear he thanks its cos of Gina & Xavier].

Xavier & Alf talk bout April's ban campaign – during whish Alf commnet on how its sus ta John is supporting this plan [iE Alf makes it claer he thinks its cos of Gina & Xavier]. They also talk bout te proposed highway to summer bay – which I;ll admit to thinking was just a ruse when Alf was wanting to avoid having diner with Maz in the previous ep.


Dex arrives, and tell Maz that Sid can't make it tonight – he has Ben called into work. Dex is rally trying to get on Maz's good side, so he tells her he rally likes tofu [and seems to enjoy it when he eats some].


In response to her 1st question , Liam tells Bianca all bout his trouble past. She's a little surprised when his 1st question is for her to tell him bout her 1st ever kiss.


Paulie talk to Alf bout his business woes. Alf offers advice – incl for Paulie to find a generous benefactor.

Alf alos proofreads Xavier's proposal's to te council bout April's idea.


After Charlie answers a loud knock at te door, Paulie enters and wonders if she wants him Dead. He alos tell her ta his problem will after t the rest of the fam – incl Angelo. As Paulie talks, Angelo arrives – and orders Paulie to get out of te house.


As they eat, Dex tells Maz that only reason hel;d go vegetarian is if he had a vegetaion g/f. After maz makes a comments, he tell her that he is working on it [going a vegetarian g/f].


Angelo is surprised ta charlie has cahnged her tune bout the Paulie sitch. She tell him their might be a way to he;p him. charlie doesn't reveal te details of her plan – but will if she is successful.


Bianca is surprised when Liam stalls before asking her his lats question – he wants them to do the dishes 1st.


When Xavier ask, Alf tell him his proposal is great [as Alf proofread it a few times now]. Xavier's phone rings – its charlie.


Liam asks Bianca if she;s still in love with Vittorio – and Bianca admits that she is.


Maz & Dex are chatting when Dex's phone rings. Its Sid in his car – wondreing what Dex is up to [sine he had all but no paitents etc]. Sid is esp. annoyed when he hears Maz ins te background. Dex ends te call – before not before faking that call was breaking up.

Dex that comes clean to Maz – confessing his love for her. Dex then bails.



Miles & Iren have deferent opinion bout what Leah should do about Elijah

Xavier coyly akjs the like of John & Romeo bout Cahrlie's rquest

April is surprised – given how difficult Bianca is – that Liam has feeling for her

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Bianca : white l/s top/dark skirt


Charlie: yellow singlet top/dark 3/4 pants


Liam : dark jacket/blue [white Southern Cross constellation] t


Alf: olive green [yellow check] shirt/bone long pants

Angelo : white v neck t/denim jeans

Charlie : white mid thigh dress

Dex: yellow [dark outlinee off several ppl] t/grey [white vert stripes] shorts

Marilyn: white [Dalmatians spots] jacket/dark low cut knee dress

Paulie: maroon vest/red [white & yellow unknown motifs] t/denim jeans

Sid : dark l/s shirt

Xavier : red [white “eat at Soda Pop” logo] t/denim shorts

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