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Fri 27 Aug 2010 – Episode # 5150

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Another Reason to HATE Xavier !!! “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 27 Aug 2010 – Episode # 5150 ]


After April give Xavier a massage [after all that flyer delivery he did], they talk bout how they don’t have a lot of money or a car. This leads to Xavier commenting although he HAS money, he can’t spend it – it’s in trust as such. Both are keen to get an interview for job going at Angelo’s.


VJ is suspicious when Leah is keen to rally spend time with him, so when she is out of the room he checks THOSE letters.


VJ phones Miles 0- telling him Leah KNOWS, and the letters aren’t ranged the way he had them. Miles isn’t keen to keep letters at tee VPH though. VJ has to quickly hang up the phone – when Leah aproasheds.When she womnders bout voices she heard, VJ tell he it must have bene the TV. He then bails – to go to bed.


Xavier & April are eps. impressd John has set up a website of their campaign. When talk turn to the rally itself, April speak with authority bout what to do if they get arrested – whilst Gina makes it clear she dent want them to get arrested.


NEXT DAY – Alf insist to miles he should tell Leah that its miles whose helping, beefer Leah works that out herself.


Miles arrives, colleen tells him Leah in a rather bad mod today. Talk turns to the rally - icnl colleen telling miles she is attending to be the voice of reason if things get heated.

Leah approaches – and talk to Miles. She tells him that VJ is writing to Elijah.


Alf is rather surprised that John has got himself involved in this plan of April’s. Alf also suggest t that he thinks its all cos of Xavier & eps. Gina.


After April & xavier bout the protest, they get all kissy. John “suggest” they should stop – as they have to bail to go to the protest.


When they arrive, john is concerned that there isn’t too many ppl here at the protest. Xavier & April think they’ve got a good turnout bout john disagrees.


Miles agree to do so when Leah is asks hum to talk to VJ bout t elaters – find out whose helloing [as VJ trusts Miles etc].


The journalist for the local paper takes photos of the protestors –incl colleen who joins in for t epics. Although the journlaists are keen to bail [other storiss to cover] john urge them to wait a bit longer.


In the middle if trying to get VJ to own up bout who is helping him, Miles owns up to Leah. Leah tells vj to go to his room – and that she has a go at miles.


After April gets of the phone, she tells Xavier at she scored the job at Angelo’s.

The journalist bail – and john is annoyed tan none of the pal who voiced their oppoition to the ban turned up at the protest – as a clash would have made this front news.

in the middle of john’s speech, Xavier walks way – but john is kinda pleased he did as Xavier has spoted neaby a classic 1970s Ford Falcon [like the car they used in “Mad Max”]. John & Xavier rave over t car – and it’s clear that April isn’t impressed.


Leah REALLY voices her disaproval of what Miles did. She tough suggest t he bail – before she says something she regrets.


April can’t believe that even Gina is impressed John & xaver bought THAT car.

[note – its good to know that Xavier like Fords, as I can’t stand ANYTHING with a blue oval badge]


After Alf tells Moils “I told you so”, VJ & Leah arrive. Leah & miles go onto back patio - where Leah tells/shows miles she’s written a letter [hasn't sent them[ to Elijah each day since he left. Leah admits how mush she missed him – as Mile hugs her.



Penn wants to talk to Alf about family

Miles & Iren have deferent opinion bout whether Leah should send a letter to Elijah

Looks like Charlie’s going to ask Xaver for help with Paulie’s sitch

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


April: white vest/dark [red floral?] top/dark long pants/white [dark floral] belt/red necklace


Leah: dark low cut mid thigh dress


Coleen: orange wide brim hat/red [orange floral] top/aqua long pants


Alf: blue [white check] button up shirt

Alf: orange [dark check] shirt/wide brim hat

April: green & brown scarf/black & white horiz striped top/olive green [white lattice like motifs] skirt

Gina: red [white floral] top

Gina: white [dark floral trim] top

John: grey jacket/white shirt/khaki long pants

John: yellow button up shirt/dark long pants

Leah: denim jeans/black & white horiz striped top

Leah: white dressing gown

Miles: grey [orange & green rainbow with black tropic motifs] t/white button up shirt/denim jeans

Miles: red [astronaut] t

Photographer [coastal news]: blue shirt/dark long pants

VJ: blue [white “munchen”] t/dark shorts

VJ: dark [white trim] t/dark shorts

VJ: white [dark unknown motifs] l/s top/dark t

Xavier: green [white unknown logo] jacket/blue [dark tropical? Motifs] singlet/denim jeans

Xavier: white [purple rock concert motif] t

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