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Tues 24 Aug 2010 – Episode # 5147

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Given His Track Record, I Should Have Known “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 24 Aug 2010 – Episode # 5147 ]


Charlie urges Alf to talk to her bout what’s occurred – as he could get tee maximum term of 25 years jail.


After Peen given Nurse Gloria some instructions bout Peen treatment, she suggest he should go home – as its long after his shift finished. After Gloria leave tee room Sid is surprised when Peen cries out soemtyi8ng like "dad, don’t do it”. Penn isn’t conscious though.


Indi looks in the paper – their’s no job going for her. She tells Romeo a lifeguard job is being advertised.

Dex sits with them. He is glad that they’ve not spoken to Maz or Sid.


Miles, Maz & Nic talk bout Alf. Although he isn’t ken for anyone to go to court with him. Maz tough insist that someone should,


Angelo tell Charlie that the restaurant has had another busy day, and their’s word a food critic is coming to tee bay. Angelo agrees with Charlie’s request for them to go home to his place –as she isn’t keen on speaking to Ruby atm.


NEXT DAY – After oveehearing Indi chat with Romeo, Irene suggests tart Indi might be able to have job here. Irene tells Indi she will have to spec to Leah bout it 1st t6hough.

Nearby, Colleen tell Irene that they’ve got a customer [that we’ve not semen before] who’ve sampled several dishes – and colleen thinks he’s the food critic..


Alf arrives, and Maz, Miles & Nic are all pleaeed to see him. Nic asks if Alf attacked Peen – Alf tell her the he did not. We then see part of what occurred – Alf being annoyed when Peen said Nic got what she deserves.


Colleen is fawning over the food critic – telling him that many of et dishes that have the best this side of Yabby creek. When Irene suggests to colleen they have got other customers too, a drink gets spilt on the supposed food critic.


Although Charlie doesn’t rally want to hear it, Angelo insist a she has to stop avoidisng Irene.


Romeo tells Indi he’s contacted e surf club - if he wants the lifeguard job, its; his.

He then suggests she speak to Irene bout the diner job.


Maz talk to Sid bout lat light – how Dex denied having a crush on her. She though doesn’t believe Dex.

They are surprised that Alf is her at work – but he tells them he is keen to keep busy.

We see anther flashback to the clash with Peen. Alf pushes Peen over when he says that thing bout Nic. Peen then whisperers something to Alf – whish stuns Alf.


With Dex secretly watchingg, Maz agrees to Sid’s suggestion tea she come top the farm of a BBQ.

Sid’s phone rings – Peen’s now awake.


Irene tells Indi that Leah’s agreed – so Indi how has a job here. When Indi wonders why [given what happened with Ruby][, irene tells Indi that Irene was impressed Indi owe need up to her error straight way.

Charlie sees/hears all of this =- and can’t believe Irene would hire Indi. Irene tells Charlie Ruby apologue to Irene [and owned up to the wine being for ruby]. Irene “suggest” Charlie should stop accusing everyone else for Ruby’s bad beghavour – i.e. charley should sort this out with Ruby.


After Sid ask Peen a few queries – to make sure Peen is totally lucid etc. when Sid or Charlie asks Peen what happened, Peen denies Alf did. Penn was hitchhiking when someone with a red Ute attacked him.

Alf whilst in the corridor has another flashback of what occurred. The thing that Peen whispered was “I know bout the affair!!!!” Alf then punches some of the metal “beach close” signs nearby.

Back to the present and Charley tell Alf the charges against his are dropped.


Charlie talks to Angelo bout her “chat” with Irene – with Charlie suggestion that Irene basically called her a bad mum.

A waitress speaks to Angelo. A customer has complained of food posining – the customer is the Sam supposed food critic, but it’s actually Angelo’s bro Paulie.



Liam & Bianca kiss

Paulie’s in trouble – he says Angelo is the only one who can help

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Indi: sky blue [dark unknown motif] low cut dress – with dark tank top neath]


Charlie: white [red floral] thin strap top – with a blue mini dress beneath


Paulie: dark vest/light blue [white Marilyn Monroe silhouette] t/denim jeans


Alf: olive green [white check] button up shirt/dark long pants

Alf: white [red & blue] shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Angelo: dark long sleeve button up shirt/dark long pants

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants

Colleen: bright multi colour floral blouse

Dex: SBH uniform

Dex: yellow [dark camera motif] t

Indi: SBH uniform

Indi: silver tank top

Irene: dark [white floral] blouse

Marilyn: red [dark spots] low cut v neck, elbow sleeved knee dress

Marilyn: red [dark unknown motif & dark trim] low cut v neck elbow length sleeves top/dark knee length skirt/pink bangles

Miles: dark long sleeve button up shirt/dark long pants

Miles: olive green shirt/light blue [blue unknown motifs] t/dark long pants

Nicole: dark low cut v neck halter top/denim jeans

Nicole: SBH uniform

Nurse Gloria: mauve [work] blouse

Penn: denim button up shirt

Romeo: red [white unknown motif] t

Romeo: SBH uniform

Sid: blue [dark vert stripes] button up shirt

Sid: light blue scrubs

Waitress [played by Jane Cotter-Smith]: dark low cut knee length dress

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