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Mon 16 Aug 2010 – Episode # 5141

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Yaaaaaaay !!! They Remembered Ruby Has Diabetes !!!! “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 16 Aug 2010 – Episode # 5141 ]

NOTE – this ep guide isn’t as detailed as usual, as I’m a numpty and left my draft ep guide at home. Most of this ep guide is in sequence but I know there are a few bits and piece that aren’t. You can blame it all on me getting star struck – I met the like of Lincoln Lewis & Phoebe Tonkin today!!!

At Angelo’s, Charlie has a go and Ruby – insisting she’s not “buying” that Ruby’s got the wine for Charlie. Ruby tells Charlie it was a suggestion form Irene. Meanwhile, Angelo is berating Indi of selling alcohol to a minor. Indi isn’t pleased when Angelo tells her he’’ll have top involve Sid.

Cut to tee VPH when Sid & Maz are chatting. He doesn’t like tee wheatgrass shot that she gives him. They are both concerted bout Nic only seem t0o want Peen to support her in her trouble times. Maz tells Sid bout Dex’s crush on her – after which Sid’s phone rings [its Angelo of course].

When Sid gets to Angelo’s, he’s surprised tat Charlie won’t be getting involved law wise with this, but she tells him bout Ruby [so it’s a conflict of interest]. Charlie say Watson will talk to everyone morrow – but in men time she suggest that Sid should “put tee fear of god” into Indi – as she will he doing same with Ruby.

After Sid & Indi bail, Angelo suggest tat Charlie should go easy on Ruby, but she reminds him that its mush worse for a diabetic person [that a non diabetic] to get drunk.

Charlie & Ruby go to tee diner – and Charlie verbally “lays into” Irene when she kinda confirms she did suggest the wine. Irene tri to explain 0 but Charlie is already on her way out of diner [insisting that ruby is coming home with her tonight].

NEXT DAY – on tee beach, Lima & Alf talk bout how its good that part of tee main beach in open again and how they’ll be doing daily sweeps form now on. After Alf bails, Lima talks to Bianca, who’s just exited tee surf. She usually swims on the arvo, but can't do that cos of Gina’s punishment. Bianca tell Lima bout Ruby & the wine.

AT Leah’s, Charlie”suggest” to Ruby that she should have breckfast or take some insulin or she’ll have a hypo [diabetes] today. After Ruby choses the breckie option, Charlie insists that ruby will be permanetly living here] so Charlie can keep an ey on her. In the middle of all this, ruby suggest Charlie’s idea that Irene should have bought the wine was a bad ides, but Charley fires bask [wondering why she didn't ask Leah or Bianca – you get the feeling though tad Ruby would rather die that ask Bianca for anything.

On the otter side of the parental coin, Sid’s giving Indi the silent treatment – but when he does talk to her, be insist at he’s not been talking as he fared he’d “lose it” with Indi.

Soon after, Sis is talking to Maz bout the Indi sitch. He think he when too far with her, so Maz suggest he talk to Indi saying the things that he’s just told Maz.

Meanwhile, Ruby tries twice to apologies to Indi. Te 2nd time Indi wonders if Ruby is stalking her – and tell Rubes friends don’t put frinds in that psoiytio0jn.

When Liam talks to Ruby bout what’s happened, she tells him he should have kept his mouth shut bout her getting drunk. With Bianca seeing the clash, Liam tells Ruby that she was a major attitude problem.

At beach, Sid approaches Indi to apologise to her, but she doesn’t listen to him – thinking she’s goi9ng to get another lecture.

Elsewhere, Bianca can’t believe it when Irene & Lima are blaming themselves over what happened to ruby, i.e. Bianca insists its all ruby’s fault.

At surf club, Watson speak to Alf, Angelo, Sid ^ Charlie. Although Watson tells him there won’t be too mush trouble [law wise] cause by what’s occurred, Angelo already looks like he is keen t fight any charges etc.

Indeed, soon after Alf & Charlie are shocked he is taking this to court – he insist at the he has a good enough case, i.e. the wine was of comsumption by an adult



Looks like Bianca sooo isn’t enjoying the whole libary ting with Liam

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Bianca: dark low cut halter neck 1 piece swimsuit


Irene : aqua [white floral] top/bone long pants


Ruby: white [red trim] knee length dress


Alf: yellow ][dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Angelo : blue button up shirt/bone shorts

Angelo: dark l/s shirt/dark long pants

Bianca: grey low cut v neck mid thigh dress/dark belt

Bianca : dark scoop knee length dress /white belt

Charlie : red & white horiz stripes thin strap top/white knee length skirt

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Colleen : blue & brown tropical village blouse/aqua top/dark [light pink floral] long skirt

Colleen: blue top/white [red & black swirls] blouse/multi colour floral log skirt

Indi: dark [red & white “rip curl” logo] wetsuit

Indi: dark low cut knee dress

Indi: SBH uniform

Irene: dark [white floral near collar] top/grey long pants.

Liam: white [blue check] shirt/dark [white “Ramones”] t/denim jeans

Liam: white [dark check].shirt/white [white unknown motif on dark background[ t/dark long pants

Marilyn : leopard print low cut v neck elbow length sleeves knee length dress /dark long pants

Marilyn: red [dark dots] low cut v neck elbow sleeved top/dark knee skirt

Ruby: SBH uniform

Sid : dark long sleeve top/denim jeans

Sid: purple shirt/denim jeans

Watson : light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

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