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Wed 11 Aug 2010 – Episode # 5138

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Sacrifices “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 11 Aug 2010 – Episode # 5138 ]


When Leah talk to Miles, he doesn’t it’s a good idea that Rachel got Lucas involved in this.


As Rachel arrives, ton y is ion phone - leaving a msg for Lucas not to come. Tony is way annoyed Rachel want things her way all the time, but she insist she thinks that Lucas can offer a fresh perspective. Tony disagrees.


April tell Irene that she was talk to Ruby - Bianca seems to be the [ruby] problem.

Irene heads of to bed as Xavier aiives. April love how gullible Xavier can be – when she suggest things like she & ruby have drawn up a timetable so they can share Xavier. Xavier isn’t keen on seeing another one of April’s film choices – but she thinks she will surprise him with latest choice.


Beefer Rachel talk to Tony bout their sitsh, we see some of tee framed pics of Jack about the house. Rachel seems frustrated that tony won’t talk to her – but he thinks that shutting down is the best wee to go [as she isn’t listening to her]. Rachel [with harry] bails.


AS April & Xavier talk about her latest film choice [The Return of Martin Guerre], Colleen agree with April it’s a great film. Xavier is keen to know what it’s about though – but April doesn’t want to ruin it of him.

Rachel & Harry arrive, and as Rachel talk to Leah & Miles, her phone rings. It’s Lucas – there’s a big storm in US and all flights are grounded.


Alf, John & Gina talk bout both tee Rachel/Tony sitsh And what’s going on with tee beach – i.e. after what happened to Nic, the beach is closed, and there’ll be a metal etc sweeper going over it morrow.

The trio clearly see things still aren't right with Tony – when he arrives alone and orders 2 beers.

After Tony & Gina have walked way, John seems concerned – when Alf comet on how he thinks tat Gina is the marrying kind.


NEXT DAY – Miles talk to tony, suggesting that he should tell Rachel bout Jack. He vehemetly declines.

Nearby, April & Xavier talk bout tee film last night. Xavier comet on how it kinda reminds him of the sitsh with Hugo. He also really wished he should help Rachel/Tony.

With tee sweep of tee beach going on in bakgrounrd, Gina talks to John. She i9s ken to intervene in tee Rachel & tony sitsh. She also comet on how her opinion about being favourable of marriage is stonger than ever before.


Gina is talk to Rachel – insisting she & tony can sort tings out [despite Luca not being able to make it here] when tony enters. After Gina bails, Rachel tells his bout tee storms in the US. He dejectedly remarks on how Rachel is sure to be going.


After Xavier comet to April about how the movie [Martin Guerre] had a not happy ending, April tells him life is so random that things can work out positively. Xavier hugs April – telling her not to go anywhere.


Gina talks to Tony. She insists if he loses his family through pride or fear or whatever, he’ll never forgive himself.


As Rachel talk to Leah bout tony, she realises that JACK is the reason tony doesn’t want to leave the Bay.


Tony has flashback to various comments – by Rachel, Daniel, Miles & Gina – that seem to REALLY make him think about this sitch.


Rachel & harry arrive, and Rachel tells tony she realises this is about Jack – that Tony doesn’t want to leave him. Rachel tell tony she WON'T take that job, as family is more important that a job. Rachel is surprised &n pleased when Tiny tell her they will ALL go to the US [as Rach was willing to make that sacrifice for him, so he is now doing this for her - and that if he satyed here without her, he may as well be in te gound with Jack]. They mushly kiss.

NEXT DAY – Rachel, Tony & harry say goodbye to several of their family & friends [incl Irene &* all of those mentioned below]. There's hugs etc all round as –

1. Colleen give them a book of the history of the Bay

2. Gina tells them the US sound like a great spot for her next holiday

3. Miles is keen on crashing on Rachel & tony's couch when he visits

4. Alf & tony wonder if the Atlantic is big enough for both of them when they fish together

5. Rachel tell Leah is will get easier [the Elijah sitsh]

6. Tony tell John they’ve had some intertesting times

7. Tony tells Xavier that he is VERY proud of Xavier.

Before they bail form the bay, Tony & Rachel say there's one more thing to do.


With Rachel & harry beside him, Tony places some flowers on Jack’s grave – and say goodbye to his son. The trio then head away form the grave.

Note – I esp. LOVE Rachel, and sad to see her go. Looking forward to seeing Amy Matthews in other roles in future.



After Liam kisses Bianca, she slaps him

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: green jungly maxi dress


Colleen: white top/dark [various color floral] blouse


Miles: white [white "republic" logo & spark plug motif on circular red. blue & yellow background] t


Alf: blue & yellow shirt/bone long pants

Alf: brown & white check shirt/bone long pants

April: SBH uniform

April: black & white diag & vert striped top

Colleen: red top/mustard floral blouse

Gina: grey suit/red top

Gina: red blouse/white top/denim jeans

Gina: white [gold vert stripe on shoulders & sleeves] blouse/dark long pants

Harry: 2 tone blue jumpsuit

Harry: light blue beanie/lime green [grey horiz stripes] jumpsuit

Harry: white [blue horiz stripes] jumpsuit/light blue beanie/light blue booties

Irene: dark [red floral] top

John: denim shirt

John: light pink shirt/dark long pants

John Palmer: yellow & red lifeguard polo

Leah: white singlet top

Leah: dark singlet top/dark short shorts

Leah: white top

Miles: dark shirt/dark [light blue unknown motif] t

Miles: green [dark unknown motif] t

Rachel: dark scoop l/s dress

Rachel: dark low cut knee dress

Tony: dark t/denim jeans

Tony: green t/olive green long pants

Tony: grey t//dark [white vert stripes] track pants

Tony: white [dark vert stripes on each side] t/dark shorts

Xavier: dark blue t

Xavier: light blue [white “Detroit”] t/denim jeans

Xavier: SBH uniform

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