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Fri 6 Aug 2010 – Episode # 5135

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Full Moon Release Ritual “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 6 Aug 2010 – Episode # 5135 ]


On the back of the USA flight details printout, Tony writes Rachel a note – which he won’t be home tonight. Tony bails.


Tommy talks to miles. Although Tony think there’s no point [since Rachel has already booked the ticket], Miles urges Toby to talk to Rachel.


Rachel finds THAT note – and that it’s been written on back of the flight print out.


NEXT DAY – Alf is REALLY annoyed someone has put Mr Oddly on his ceiling fan. Marilyn & Miles deny responsibilty – and alf [as he throws Mr Oddly on the dining table] VEHEMENTLY insist that only why this will stop is if the get rid of Mr Oddly. Maz is of course especially affected by this.


As Dex & Sid walk along, Dex is surprised Sid believed Indi when she said the she’d be studying today [as it’s the w/e]. The subject turns to Marilyn. Sid is talking bout behaving a meal with Marilyn, whish prompts Dex to tell him Marilyn don't like seafood – whish he found out when he asks her all those queries.


Marilyn is ken to talk to Nic about why she’s so down atm. Maz eventually gets Miles out of the house so she can. Nic that tell Marilyn that Penn said some terrible things to her.


Tony sooooo can’t take it when Rachel tells him that she isn’t going alone to the US – Harry is coming with her. He vehemently tells her he isn’t losing another child.

Soon after, Rach tell Tony it wasn't her intention to book a flight – but when she was on the Net looking at info about Bastion etc and that led her to booking the flight. She then reminds him he said [when Daniel 1st raised the idea bout US job] that anything in possible. He responds by saying it’s NOT possible for both of them. To9ny bails – with Harry.


Sid insists Dex needs to apologise to Maz for all those questions her asked her. Sid also insists on being there when Dex apologises.


Marilyn is surprised and annoyed at what Peen said to Nic [when he broke up with her]. Marilyn tells Nic she has to forget the past – and Marilyn has a great idea how.


As Miles & Leah talk bout the Rachel & Tony sitsh, her comments lead Miles to remake that Leah’s too pessimistic [because of her ‘ship with Elijah didn’t work out] to be objective bout this.


When Maz tell Nic that they should have a “full moon release ritual”, Nic isn’t so keen on that. Nic is more positive when Marilyn suggest it’s really a get rid of bad things/feelings etc kinda ceremony.


Marilyn tells Miles bout the ritual tonight – and for him to tell Alf & Romeo. Miles doubts Romeo can attend [more intereted in Ind] but he’ll have Alf here. Miles bails.

Sid & Dex arrive – and Nic comets to Sid tat he was right bout Penn. Meanwhile, on back patio, Dex apologise to Marilyn.


As Leah talk to Rach, the latter reveals why she is pushing that US idea soooo mush ……the thought of moving etc REALLY scares Rachel – but she is vehement not to let that fear defeat her. When Leah suggests Rachel should tell Tony this, Rach says Tony will use it against her. Leah suggets that she has an idea bout who can help Rachel.


Tony tells Harry [and himself] that all will be OK.


NIGHT: Maz, Miles, Nic & Alf are in a circle – with Mr Oddly on the centre. Nic puts 2 wooden rulers – one each wit the words Penn & Aden – on top of Mr Oddly. Marilyn begins the ritual - and whilst Miles & Nic follow Marilyn’s lead in dancing a bit, Alf suggest they move on. They all comment on why they like Mr Oddly – incl Nic saying he reminds her of her dolls as a kid. Alf of course loves that Mr Oddly on made of wood – and he sets fire to Mr Oddly and the 2 rulers. Nic seem especially affected.


Rachel phones Lucas Holden!!!!!!!! and asks him to help her.



Bianca slaps Liam – after he kisses her

Nic, with Penn beside her, gets a needlestick injury

Miles & Sid are both concerned bout Indi/Romeo

Miles urges Tony to REALLY talk to Rachel

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: dark [with touches of red & white] strapless top


Rachel: green wide strap top/dark long pants


Marilyn: bright multi colour floral motifs low cut neck l/s top/dark knee skirt


Alf: blue & white check shirt

Alf: maroon dressing gown/blue [red vertical stripes] PJs

Dex: mauve shirt/yellow t/blue shorts

Harry: blue & white [like the sky at night] motifs yellow trim jumpsuit

Harry: white [blue horiz stripes] jumpsuit

Leah: dark thin strap top/dark long pants

Marilyn: dark [white floral?] low cut v neck top

Miles: grey [white “garage” on dark background] t/dark shorts

Miles: red [mustard astronaut] t/olive green long pants

Nic: white [dark trim] singlet top/dark ¾ pants

Rachel: silver [dark trim & sideways squares motifs] low cut top/dark shorts

Sid: dark polo/olive green long pants

Tony: blue [white “Russell athletic”] t/dark blue [3 white vert stripes] track pants

Tony: olive green polo/denim jeans

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