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Wed 4 Aug 2010 – Episode # 5133

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,” You Want Me To Be Your Pseudo Girlfriend And It’s Not Fair “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 4 Aug 2010 – Episode # 5133 ]


As they shower after a surfing lesson, Indi tells Romeo she surely is the worst surfing student in history. She doesn’t believe him when he says he was pretty terrible when he was learning to surf.

Romeo wonder if Indi is keen to talk about their assignment Indi tell him she can’t as her family has this always have breakfast together thong happening. Indi is intrigued though when Romeo isn’t so keen on the study thing when she asks him bout it moment later.


Leah [despite being ill – sneezing constatmntly] insist to VJ that he’s not getting out of school, because of this. They bail.


Indi is clearly suspicious when Dex suggests to Sid they should have Marilyn over of dinner. When Sid is way from the table, Indi wonder to Dex why he’s acting this way – and she also tell him that Marilyn isn’t 2 timing Sid – Romeo would have told her if she is.


Marilyn wonders why Romeo is wolfing down his food. When he tells her that he & Indi are studying before school, he doesn’t appraise it when she sys tat Romeo * Indi seem to be joined at the hip these days. Romeo bails.


As Leah continues to sneeze frequently, Colleen “suggest” she should go home. They suspect that this is emotional stress that’s affecting her phsycaially. Leah doesn’t budge though.


Indi phone Romeo – leaving a message for him [as she wonders where he is]. She has a brief chat with Dex beefer Romeo arrives. When she wonders why Romeo wasn’t here eelier, he tell her he didn’t realise they were locked into a schedule like that. It’s clear that Indi is most intrigued by Romeo’s actions.


Miles goes to the counter but there's noone there to seve him etc. he goes being the counter and loudly commnsts [like miles would] that he is steeling thing [to get someone’s attention]. Colleen & Miles that discover that Leah has collapse in the kitchen. They wake her – she naturally looks terrible.


Dex talks to Marilyn – who was doing some exercise when he approached. He is ken to have lunch with Marilyn – and talk about her.


Indi wonder to Romeo why he’s been acting strange round her. He tells her it’s about what Maz said to him [about Indi & Romeo]. Indi ends up sternly telling Romeo to draw up a schedule – of how fast etc he want this ’ship to proceed. Indi storms off.


Whilst they have lunch, Dex is keen to ask Marilyn many questions. When she suggest they can’t be too personal, he crosses out many of the questions that he wrote. The 1st he does ask her though is intriguing – if she’s ever spent time in prison. All he gets is a stern look of disapproval from Maz.


Whilst Miles suggest to Leah that her current troubles are due to physical exhaustion, Leah suggest she feels like she did after the riots earlier this year.


Sid is very intrigued when Marilyn tell him about her lunch with Dex – esp. all those quseries.


With Leah up the beach a bit from them, VJ tell Miles he wishes he could do more to help Leah. Miles insist at that VJ should just keep being himself.


As Indi is Woking tonight, Romeo arrives – and asks Alf for ‘ship advice. Although Alf is reluctant, he suggests Romeo should give a heartfelt apology to Indi – and flowers wouldn’t go astray. When Romeo tries to talk to Indi, she tells him that they can talk in her brake later.

Nearby, as Maz & Sid dine together, Sid continues to be intrigued by Dex’s queries etc to Marilyn.


Miles arrives with lots of food for Leah & VJ – he tells that he was channelling his inner Colleen. Leah is really apprecaitive, but thinks it’s a little harsh when VJ comets that Miles is WAAAAAAAY better than Elijah.


Marilyn suggests to Sid he wolfed his food don because he wants to talk get home and talk to Dex. Sid gets a text message – from Dex, asking for a lift home.

Romeo tries to talk to Indi – but its busy tonight, so he tell her he will wait [on the pier] til her shift is over.


When Sid wonders what Dex is up to, Dex insists a he is just looking out for his dad. Sid however is still VERY suspicious, and “suggests” that Dex should back off from Marilyn.


Indi is in the middle of a bit of a rant [telling Romeo he’s sending her mixed messages and that she doesn't want to be his pseudo g/f] when he tells he to be quiet. Indi is further stunned when Romeo KISSES her!!!!



Rachel talks to Leah, and Tony to Miles bout the impending US sitch

Looks like Romero kinda regrets the kiss

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Indi: brown [pink wavy horiz stripe] halter bikini


Leah: dark [silver studded trim] scoop top/dark long pants


Romeo: grey [dark trim] jacket/blue & white horiz stripes polo


Alf: olive green [yellow] shirt

Colleen: peach top/bright multi colour floral blouse

Dex: green [dark triangles] t

Dex: SBH uniform

Indi: dark low cut knee length dress/denim jacket

Indi: SBH uniform

Marilyn: leopard print low cut v neck elbow sleeved top/ dark long pants

Marilyn: white [brown & black splotches] low cut v neck l/s dress

Miles: grey shirt/ [with black & white photo of a reasonably old looking man] t//brown [white horiz stripes] long pants

Romeo: blue shorts

Romeo: SBH uniform

Sid: dark shirt/dark t/ dark long pants

VJ: blue primary school button up shirt

VJ: light blue t/dark blue shorts

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