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Mon 2 Aug 2010 – Episode # 5131

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Charlie Finds Out “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 2 Aug 2010 – Episode # 5131 ]


April & Bianca have grabbed their bags and are about to head off when Gina tells that theh7y6 she didn’t mean straight away [for them to levee]. Xavier of course blames john for all of this, whilst April tries her bet to calm the stich/ Xavier bails, and April goes with hum.


Irene reads a letter form Annie to Ruby – incl how Annie has started to write a novel. We can see that ruby really isn’t listening, and Irene spike up on that. When Irene asks, Ruby assures her it has noting to do with tee break up with Xavier. Ruby heads off to her room.


April tells Xavier that it was just a matter of time before Bianca got them kicked out. Xavier insists to Aril he will help her find another place.


Alf does something like tee Heimlich maneuver on Angelo – whose back is sore because her feel asleep on a table. Alf suggest at Angelo shouldn’t run himself into tee ground with this restaurant.


NEXT DAY – Charlie talk to Ruby. She is rally looking fwd to Ruby’s 1st professionals singing gig. When that seems to hit a nerve, Charlie wonders why – and Ruby tells her she's fallen in love with Liam!!!

Ruby the runs way from cahrlie – who is too stunned to give chase.


John & Gina talk bout what occurred last night. Whilst Gina is ken to speak to Xavier bout this, John insist on doing so – to tell him this isn’t about keeping April & Xavier apart.

In tee kitchen, Colleen is not impressed by Irene moping about not having anything interesting in her life right now [incl the fact it’s just her & ruby at the beach house right mow], colleen tell Irene to get a life.


April is ken for Bianca to tell her what occurred tween Bianca and her ex, so she can understands Bianca’s current moods. Bianca doesn't want to talk – so April comet on how she feel like a supporting charecter [and not a co star]in Bianca’s life.


Liam is surprised when Bianca isn’t her usual feisty self [initially[ when he talk to her, but she does end up “biting” – suggesting tat he should sort out the Ruby sitsh instead of worrying bout Bianca’s life.


Alf once more tell Angelo that he need to learn to’ delegate – but when Alf is out of the room, Angelo continues his 1 man band act.


After April tell Xavier that all the places that she & Bianca have looked at [in their price range] are “dumps”, Xavier tell April he will talk to Gina – to convince her to let Bianca & April stay.

Not that far away, Charlie talks to Ruby bout the Liam revelation. Ruby vehemently tells Charlie this is ALL 1 sided – and that Liam in NO way encouraged her. Charlie bail – to talk to Liam.

Note – I LOVE that whilst other students who’ve had crushes on teachers in the show have accused those teachers of wrong doings [when they haven’t done a thing], Ruby has admittedly FIANNLY owned up to this one.


After Lima enters, he insists to Charlie tat Ruby told him that [afetre the initial crush] that she didn’t have feelings for him. He also tells Charlie that he’s cut all ties with Ruby. She’s still MOST annoyed with him – and insists that he keep her in the loop from now on.


When Xavier suggests to April that she & her sister can camp out on the farm, April tell her the only stars Bianca sleep under are 5 stars [i.e. a hotel].

Xavier sess Ruby and she looks pleased when he tells her she can still talk to his when she has problems.

Xavier then talk to Gina bout April & Bianca – but mother & son end up having a HEATED verbal duel bout it.


Charlie arrives, and Alf tells her he’s not seen Angelo recently. They find Angelo asleep on a table in the kitchen.


Xavier asks Colleen if she knows of any houses etc for rent [for April etc]. After Colleen his him some secessions, she goes into the kitchen, and commotes to Irene bout April & Bianca’s sitsh [and how chivalrous Xavier was].


Ruby talks to Lima. After they briefly talk bout Charlie’s chat withy Liam, ruby calls herself stupid because of all of this. Whilst Liam initially goes all hard line [insisting that can’t be anything but teacher &* student], he DOES agree they CAN be friends. Ruby’s clearly V pleased by that.


Irene tells Bianca, April & Xavier that having the Scott’s living here will be a great new challenge etc. Ruby arrive – and is [from look on her face] not that impressed to be now living with Bianca & April.



Bianca tell Liam she has to tell Gina – after seeing a late night 1 on 1 chat tween Liam & Ruby

Miles tells Penn he wants him gone from the van park by the end of the day

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Charlie: light bleu singlet top/denim short skirt


Ruby: SBH uniform


Bianca: mostly white [shells near collar] top/dark knee skirt


Alf: orange [dark check] shirt

Angelo: dark l/s shirt/dark long pants

April: SBH uniform

April: white [pink floral] singlet top/purple knee skirt/purple beret/red large necklace

Bianca: grey [dark trim] top

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/police cap

Colleen: dark top/2 tone green blouse

Gina: dark grey suit/red top

Gina: red [pink floral] elbow sleeves top

Irene: grey &* white [like the sky on an overcast sky] top/dark long pants

Irene: off white elbow length sleeves top

John: blue l/s shirt

John: white l/s shirt/khaki long pants

Liam: red t/blue & white check l/s shirt/dark vest/dark long pants

Ruby: grey hoodie

Xavier: light blue [white trim, yellow sail boat logo] t/denim shorts

Xavier: SBH uniform

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