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Tues 20 Jul 2010 – Episode # 5122

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” NEWSFLASH !!! “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 20 Jul 2010 – Episode # 5122 ]


Leah & Elijah clash over basically his fear of domesticity, i.e. being a dog rather that a wolf.


When Tony asks, Rachel tells him that she’s not been in contact wirh Daniel for adges – and that this offer has come totally out of tee blue.

Daniel joins them as they walking along. Rachel tells him that its bad timing that he should make this offer now. Daniel counter that by asking her to thks some more bout it. He ads ta the move would be great for Tony – as Lucas lives in tee US at present.


Nicole phones Penn. She wonders where he is – as it sound like they planned to meet up here.


After Nurse Gloria give Sis a heads-up bout his next patient, Sid speak to said patient - Penn. Peen’s hands are all bloody and he tells Sid his head is sore, Peen suspect at he was attacked form behinds whilst walking on the beach.


Elijah to alms to Miles bout tee Leah sitch. Indeed, Elijah sages this is all Miles' fault, as Elijah went with Miles advice as was too blunt with Leah.


Daniel talk to Rachel & Tony about tee clinics he’s set up – icnl the proton therapy treatment with is GREAT for cancer patients. Tony is surprised at Daniel has been able to achieve so mush [given what you hear bout the US health system]but Daniel had friends in high place – part of whish is beached he’s been able to us the money that his rich farther left him in his will.


After looking at some scans, Sid tells Pen he couldnlt det6ect any head woods. Penn takes offence when Sid suggests that peen either hit a wall or was in a fihgt.


Rachel talk to Daniel bout her sitch – all the red tape etc in the public hospital system, but also that there is no chance that she can go into a private practice of her own in this region. Tony bail to get something from the diner = so Rach & Daniel can talk some more.


After Nicole bails, Elijah & Mie total further bout Elijah/Leah. In the ends, Miles suggest that Elijah should be talking to Leah, not Miles bout all of this.


When Ngoc arrives, Penn for whatever reason tall he tat all Sid has talked bout tai0n9ight is Nicole. Sid “suggest” tat Penn should bail =- since he’s been discharged.


Elijah arrives and tells Leah he loves her. She wonders if that’s still enough – and they hug.


Sid asks Irene her opinion of Peen – and Irene is quite complimentary , eps. In light of how he helped colleen.

Tony asks Sid how Rachel is faring at work. After Sid suggests she is going well, Tony tells him bout Rachel’s restlessness. Sid ads that kinda of thing led him ti having affairs with various women.


Daniel is a little surprised when Rach sys that if she were single she would take up hies offer. He counter by suing that he made several offers to her when she was single yrs ago and she all but always rejected him. Daniel suggest to Rach talk to Tony bout this – see how he feels bout a move.


Nic & Peen talk bout Sid. She says Sid’s not even tri to relaunch their ship since he return to the bay. She ads she wonders why Sid talked to Penn bout Nicole.

When Miles wonders what’s going on, Nic tells him its noting to worry bout.


Rachel can’t sleep – as she is thinking bout Daniel’s offer. she tell Tony this is a great place to raise a family etc and that she thinks maybe a move O/S is impossible – but he dent think its that way [impossible]. They are moments away from kissing when Harry starts to cry. Whilst Tony tends to Harry, Rachel is clearly still stressed bout what’s going on.


NEXT DAY – Elijah sees news report on the TV. Their’s been an earthquake in Samoa. Many dead etc and many aid workers needed. Because he turned up the volume ton the TV, Leah [kitchen] hears it – she can see from the look on his face that he is champing at the bit to go.



Looks like Dex is seriously interested in Marilyn

Leah tell Elijah that whilst she won’t hold him here, she won’t wait for him either [if he goes O/S]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: red low cut top/dark long pants


Daniel Lavalow: dark suit/white shirt/2 tone blue tie


Rachel: dark v neck top/dark knee skirt


Elijah: dark coat/blue “martial arts” [white dragon? Motif] top/dark long pants

Elijah: light blue [white “new York Abercrombie”] t

Elijah: light blue singlet/dark [white vert stripe] track pants

Irene: red [mottled] top/dark long pants

Leah: white [blue floral] nightgown

Leah: white singlet top/denim shorts

Miles: olive green shirt/white [dark unknown motif] t/denim jeans

Nicole: zebra stripes low v neck maxi dress

Nurse Gloria: mauve [work] blouse

Penn: blue-grey shirt/dark long pants

Rachel: dark [silver trim] PJ top/white [dark floral”] PJ long pants

Sid: purple shirt/dark t/dark long pants

Tony: gold, green & white rugby jersey/dark shorts

Tony: white t/dak grey [dark check] PJ long pants

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