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Thurs 8 July 2010 – Episode # 5114

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Mysterious Ways “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 8 July 2010 – Episode # 5114 ]


Romeo’s just been for surf when he sees Penn talking to a previously unseen woman [who is uncredited – and in a black bikini]. Penn waves to Romeo – before Romeo continue on his way.


Alf isn’t so keen on Nicole commenting that fact might have done this robbery after all.

Romeo arrives – and when asked, he comments that his surf this morn wasn’t so brilliant. Nicole is clearly intrigued.


Leah talks to Tony & Rachel bout how Elijah was up all night preparing his speech to the class for careers day.

After Tony heads off, Rachel is surprised to hear bout the Sid, Nurse Therese incident – whish is the hot goss with the nurses at the moment.


Sid is keen for Indi & DQW to be ready so they can go – so he isn’t late for work. Dex comments on how Nurse Therese could have thrown ting a lot worse at him – like a scalpel or a lawsuit. Indi is worried bout all this – but Sid is sure that things will be good again [now that Nurse Therese has got thing off her chest so to speak].


Romeo & Nicole are bout to head of to school when Peen arrives. Nicole is suprrierse that Romeo & Penn encountered each other on the beach this morn. Romeo bail – and Penn denies it when Nicole suggests that was a weird vibe tweeny Romeo & Peen just then.


Sid talks to Hayley, a prgenant woman who appears to have started having contractions several weeks earlier that expected. The nearby Rachel notices friction tween Sid & the nurse.


Dex & Tony talk bout the female boxing class – den how keen Dex is to help. Ton comments on how it sounds like Dex doesn’t know mush bout boxing. Dex responds by commenting on how he can played the Rocky them on a recorder.

Nicole asks Romeo bout what happened this morn – but he denies there‘s anything the is an issue.

After Nic walks way, Indi start to talk Romeo bout what shells just ssen/heard.


Rachel sees the nurses ignoring Sid when he asks them bout why something he asked for to do with a patient wasn’t carried out. When Rachel intervenes, Nurse Julie [with another nurse, veronica, near her] tells Rachel the nurse ALL won’t work with Sid.


Romeo tells Indi bout what he saw twen Penn & the bikini woman this morn. He is sur they were both flirting. Indi tells Romeo that he should tell Nic, but she’s not sure how he should do it.


Rachel tells Sid that the nurses are all in support of their colleague Therese. Rachel suggests that Sid should go have lunch – and that she is sure all will be ok once things calm down.


Romeo tells Nicole bout Penn & the woman that he was talking to this morn. Nicole tell Romeo that she is totally ok withy that. When Romeo talk to Indi soon after, he’s soon V concerned bout Nicole.


Hayley is worried that she is going into labour without her husband here. Sid talks to Rachel bout the nurse sitsh. Rachel tell nim the nurse unit manger is in a meeting all arvo. Rachel insists that she will help Sid whenever she can, But Sid isnlt ken to work at this place [given what’s occurred].


Alf tell Pen that Colleen is the person you would LEAST except to be involved in theft like this. Alf is VERY pleased when Penn tell him he will go to the police and withdraw his statement.


After being urged to by Indi, Romeo talks to Nicole bout Penn. She isn’t at she isn’t worried bout what happened this morn as Penn isn’t her b/f.


Indi & Romeo are talking bout the Nicole sitsh when Penn & a woman called Chrissie exit her van. Romeo confnonts Penn – as this looks VERY suspicious [esp. since Penn is going out with Nicole]. Peen tells Romeo that Chrissie has agreed to withdraw her statement against the theft of her property. It’s no real surprise when Penn has a grin on his face though – as Romeo & Indi walk way.


Nurse Julie ignores Sid when he tries to talk to her bout the Nurse Therese sitsh. He suggested she should be professional, but Nurse Julie insists that she has work to do so she can't sty here and chat]. Nurse Julie walks way.


Nicole enetr5s and is about to question Penn bout what Romeo said when Alf tell Nicole that Penn got all the people to withdraw their statement bout having tings stolen.


Nicole tells Romeo that he is please that Peen is seeing other girls, as she doesn’t want a full on ‘ship right now [i.e. tat causal ting she has with Peen is a good thing]. She is also pleased by how mush Romeo cares for her – to act all brotherly etc like that. Nicole hugs Romeo.


Rachel is talking-to Haley, who is eager to see her baby. Hayley starts to convulse – and the nearby Sid start to help Rachel. They need more help – so he asks Nurse Julie & Vernoica to assist. They unitarily don’t – but they do when he tell them to “grow up and do your job”



Ruby’s great day in the recording studio with Liam is ruined …….

by the arrival of April’s big sister [who, a little bit charecter wise, reminds me of ANGIE]

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: dark blue [dark ink blots type motifs] dress


Romeo: light blue [dark blue circular logo – with a pic of a child?] t/dark long pants


Tony: red [white “puma”] t


Alf: blue & white check button up shirt/bone long pants

Chrissie: dark top/denim short shorts

Dex: SBH uniform

Hayley [pregnant patient]: grey [white lace trim] dress

Indi: SBH uniform

Leah: orange [silver studs on bust] thin strap top

Nicole: dark singlet top/dark long pants

Nicole: SBH uniform

Nurse Julie: mauve [work] blouse

Nurse Veronica: mauve [work] blouse

Penn: dark blue t/denim jeans

Romeo: blue shorts

Romeo: SBH uniform

Sid: purple [dark very stripes] button up shirt/dark t/dark long pants

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