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Wed 7 July 2010 – Episode # 5113

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Breeding Like Rabbit References “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 7 July 2010 – Episode # 5113 ]


Sid talk to his kids – esp. Indi –n bout how he’s heard rumours that Nicole still has fling from him. Sid insists that he won’t let anyting happen this time. Indi comments that she hasn’t heard any rumours bout Nicole & Sid.


Miles is querying Mr Oddly – wondering how he got back to the house from in the water. Miles has an electrical pencil sharpener and isn’t afraid to use it on Mr Oddly’s finger to get what he wants. Alf “suggest” that he should stop the cop routine.

Marilyn arrives. She is annoyed with alf – and get even more so when he cuts her finger on a nail protruding from Mr Oddly.


Irene & Leah talk bout Colleen’s sitch – incl how Colleen won’t dare tell Morag bout this. Because this has happened, Leah now can’t make it to the school tomorrow to talk to VJ’s calls on careers day.


Indi tell Dex that she rally couldn’t deal with it if Sid & Nicole got together again. They see Romeo and Indi suggest to Dex that he should subtly ask Romeo bout it. Dex then straight out asks Romeo bout the Nicole & Sid sitsh.


Leah talks to Elijah bout how she will miss careers day. Elijah suggests to Leah that he can go in her place – if it’s OK by VJ.


Romeo insists to Indi that Nicole is seeing Penn. They agree to have lunch together.


Marilyn is annoyed with Alf – as now her finger is really sore. He suggest she go to the hospital – esp. since that waiting times shouldn’t be long now tat Sid is also working there full time. Marilyn can see that alf is apprehensions bout something – so he begins to tell her bout Sid’s womanising ways.


Sid talk to Miles – insisting that he has no interest in Nic. Dex arrives – and “suggest” that Sid should order him some lunch.


Indi & Romeo agree tat twelve both got “intriguing” mums – but when Indi talk bout her dad, Romeo tell her t he dent want to talk bout his.


Sid tries to get rid if Dex by remind him to go back to school, but in the end, Sid bails 1st. Dex wonder to Miles bout Rabbit.


Sid cost to Maz on how it’s strange she is here now as she not time for her regular check up. She tells him its bout her finger [whish she shows him[. She also tells Sid he is very differnt for the [womanising] person that she thought he would be. She ads that she live at the VPH with Miles e& co.


Leah, VJ & Elijah are playing soccer. They stop after VJ scores a goal. VJ like the idea of Elijah going to the careers day – but reacts badly when Elijah makes a “step dad” comment.


Romeo & Indi comment on how similar their lives are – but also that Dex & Mink are similar too.

Miles talks to Romeo – who insist they Nic is intested in Penn [not Sid].


Leah & Elijah are worried bout the whole step dad comet, but VJ tells Elijah he would rather call him DAD, whish all 3 are totally cool with.


Near the nurse’s station, Marilyn tells Sid he’s a V good Dr and that she didn’t feel a ting when he gave her a needle. Marilyn gives one of her business cards.

Nurse Therese speaks to Sid bout a patient – before she tips coffee on his pants. Marilyn is surprise, but it doesnlt concern really concern her bout why this has happened.


Elijah tall VJ to pack up his tings as they are about to home. VJ isn’t that keen – but begins to pack up. Leah tells Elijah [as he talks to her behinds that counter] that he did a god job, Elijah suggest that he should take a parenting course. Leah tells Elijah that all kids need to know is that they are safe & loved. She also tells him its good VJ is not a baby – as he will tell Elijah if he’s crossed the line. The trio bail.


Although Sid tells Dex he is in his scrubs as they are comfy, Dex sees Sid’s clothes – and Sid tells him bout tee coffee incident.

Indi tells Sid that Nic isn’t into him anymore. Dex & Indi bail from the room, and Sid looks very stressed.



Nurse Julie tell Rachel that the nurses ALL won’t work with Sid

Romeo confronts Penn after he sees him flirting with woman other than Nic

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Indi: dark singlet top/white short skirt


VJ: light blue t/dark shorts/dark [white check] cap


Dex: green [dark uknown motif] t/denim shorts


Alf: “SBH tartan” button up shirt/

Dex: SBH uniform

Elijah: black [partly white collar] priests’ outfit

Elijah: dark [grey trim] singlet/blask & red shorts

Indi: SBH uniform

Irene: apple green [white floral?] top

Leah: dark low cut knee length dress

Leah: dark sing/dark shorts

Marilyn: dark [white kinda floral] low cut v neck elbow length sleeves top

Miles: dark [white check] bus h/dark [white unknown motif] t

Romeo: SBH uniform

Sid: dark [white trim] button up shirt

Sid: light blue [white trim medical] top/light blue long pants

Therese [nurse]: mauve [work] blouse

VJ: blue long sleeve primary school button up shirt

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