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Fri 25 June 2010 – Episode # 5105

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” I’m Lady Macbeth, And This Is Rosencrantz And/Or Guildenstern “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 25 June 2010 – Episode # 5105 ]


Romeo insists to Jill that he is just tying to help her, but she tells him tat it soooooo doesn’t help tat he is lying to her [going behind her back]. As jill exits tee room, Alf enters. He wonders to Romeo what’s occurred.


Sid talks to Dex – and seem surprised when Dex comet that Indi now is one of the most thoughtful ppl he knows. When Sid wonders bout how Dex fel bout him and their current sitch, Dex suggest things are gaping well at tee monet, i.e. he tells Sid not to screw thongs up.


As Leah & Elijah chat bout THAT document on the fringe, Lijuan & song enter tr kitchen. Her jaw is hurting, but she insist at it’s only a jawache [it’s not more serious than that].


Indi talk to Sid. She isn't sure how things will go when they rtn top SBH. Sid tells Indi what Dex said earlier [bout they way she has changed]. Indi ads that Dex is a better gauge at that the Sid as the latter & Indi haven’t seen a lot of each other recently.


John notes Gina is looking over her shoulder a fear bit [looking about for Jill no doubt]. She wonders what t6his ‘ship mean to him – as Gina is in this for the long term.


Jill talk top Romeo bout what’s occurred. She isn’t keen to be boring or find god no that she isn’t drinking. Romeo insists Jill need to be tough to go out with John, but when Jill commnts on how she protected Romeo & mink from their step dad, he reminds her it was tho other way round. Romeo tell Jill it’s her trademark for he man she is with to be everyyting in her life.

After the chat ends, Alf’s comet to Jill indicate he is on Romeo’s side in all of this.


NEXT DAY - Liam talk to Romeo, as he can see Romeo is clearly concerned bout something. When Romeo tell him what’s occurred, Liam says only person who makes an alcoholic drink is an alcoholic.


As Elijah & Leah chat bout an upcoming christening that he is to preform, THAT document falls of the top of the fridge. Lea quickly puts it back in place.

Lijuan’s toothache is still WAY bad – and Leah wonder to Elijah is this is enough of an omen. The look on his face suggests it is.


Sid talks to Gina now that its Indi & Dex’s 1st day back at the school. He also sees Liam – look like he is surprised at that Liam is a teacher her now. They agree to talk at lunch.

Indi sees Romeo is the corrdior. He looks a million miles away. Indi & Dex approached Romeo and when Romeo intro’s himself, Indi responds with the GREAT line that is my title for this ep.


Jill isn’t impressed when Alf tell her at Romeo did what he did for the right reasons. She tells Alf she is sick & tired of ppl telling her what to do just because she drinks.

Jill speaks to john – they agree to chat soon.


Leah is confused by colleen's stance bout the whole 3 days of no omen thing, esp. comopared to how vehement sahe was aginst Maruilyn’s fortujne telling venturte. Colleen insists that Leah is gong up against 1000s of years of tradition.

Leah is then worried when Elijah tell her that this toothache could be enough to sink their proposed marriage.


Jill is ken to spend the night at john’s place but he isn’t ken on that. Jill can't believe that john is keen on Gina, but he insists that he loves Gina. Jill tell john that seem to be a speciality of her to pick the wrong guy. Jill bail – and john looks all thoughtful.


Sid confronts Liam bout his [drugs] past, but Liam insist he has NOTING to hide. All the same, Sid warns Lim to stay away from Indi.


Leah & Elijah have a MAJOR confrontation over the whole omen thing. Leah wnats Elijah to stand up to his parents for once, but he reminds he that these ppl took him in when no one else would,


Dex & Indi talk to Romeo, who is disheartened when Dex tells him that he corresponds with Annie on facebook all the time. Indi is clearly intrigued/concerned for Romeo when he says he’s not going to get into another ;’ship – as he always gets his heart broken.


Romeo is surprised that Jill has packed her bags. She tells him she is leaving morrow – as his action have mad tings WORSE. She then, well, sculls a big glass of red wine.

Note – when Jill is going off at Romeo, it’s a nice dramatic touch when she calls him Todd.



Angelo is drunk & disorderly on the beach

Penn confronts Sid bout what occurred last year with Nic

Romeo tells Jill if she wants to drink, it’s her choice

Looks further like Leah & Elijah won’t get married

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Indi: grey [dark trim] thin strapped knee dress


Leah: silver [dark trim] singlet top


Colleen: dark blue blouse/hot pink top


Alf: blue [white check] shirt/bone long pants

Alf: orange [green check]button up shirt/bone long pants

Dex: SBH uniform

Dex: yellow [black & silver arch] t/pinky brown shorts

Elijah: black [partly white collar] priests’ outfit

Elijah: dark shirt/dark long pants

Elijah: red [white “Abercrombie”] t/dark long pants

Gina: grey jacket/white blouse

Gina: silver elbow length sleeves top

Indi: SBH uniform

Jill dark scoop knee dress

Jill: dark bleu & white horiz stripes top/dark 3/4 pants

John: white l/s shirt

John: yellow shirt/dark jacket

Leah: purple [cross strapped] thin strap top

Liam: olive green shirt/red [dark unknown motif] t/dark long pants

Lijuan: grey long sleeve shirtdress/dark belt

Lijuan: white [dark vert stripes] l/s blouse

Romeo: 2 tone blue shorts

Romeo: faded blue & white horiz striped t/dark long pants

Romeo: SBH uniform

Sid: dark jacket/white l/s top/dark long pants

Sid: purple [dark vert stripes] shirt/dark t/dark long pants

Song: dark [white vert stripes] long sleeve button up shirt/dark long pants

Song: white polo/brown long pants

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