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Wed 23 June 2010 – Episode # 5103

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Children, Like Pets, Are For Life “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 23 June 2010 – Episode # 5103 ]


Miles enters the main room and catches Nic & Penn kissing. Nic sees that he has – and Penn bails moments later,


Indi & Dex both tell Sid they so aren’t keen to hang round their mum & her new toy boy – so that’s what they are here with him.


NEXT DAY – Colleen looks in the paper and tells Miles that she is VERY pleased that they printed the letter she wrote to them. As Peen walks by, he says hello to them. Coleen comets on how nice Penn is.

After Colleen walks way, Miles reads letter – he doesn’t look impressed.


Marilyn is distraught when she reads Colleen’s letter [whish seriously has a go at Maz’s proposed new business]. Alf, Miles & Nic all voice their support for Marilyn.


As they finish packing the car, Sid wonder if Dex & Indi are having 2nd thoughts bout going to the bay with him. They insist that dolt – and beside that Dex wonderfully comets that children, like pets, are for life.


As Sid fives along, he wonders AGIN if her kids are having counts. Indi comment that she’s onto her 20th 2nd thoughts. Sid insist the ppl of the Bay are great ppl. Their car then breaks down.


Leah reads colleen’s letter aloud. She’s not too happy with colleen – and suggests this is similar to a witch hunt. Maz arrives – and slams the paper on the counter in front of colleen. Maz then has a go at Colleen of what she’s written.


Miles talk to Alf bout what’s occurred. Alf isn’t keen when Miles wonders if telling colleen the truth [Maz dying] will help.


Miles “loses it” at colleen=- after heading more of her anti Marilyn’s new business comments/tactics.


Dex does a great impression of David Attenbough as he uses his mobile to film the sitch they are in. he talks about the Walker family – stuck here on the side of the road whilst Sid [on higher ground] tries to get signal bars on his phone so they can call of help.


Penn arrive and Nic “suggest:” he shouldn’t be here. Miles sees that – and SERIOUSLY has a go at Penn & Nic for Peen being her. Nic & Penn bail [for lunch].


Nic tell Penn that Miles isn’t usually like that. They kiss – and agree to cats up later [as Nic has things to do]


Miles tell Leah he is concerned bout Nic &* Penn. Leah responds by tlling Mil ta she finds Penen a bit aloof.

Miles apologise to Colleen for going off at her – but it’s not the best apology in the world, and colleen has a go at miles for it. Miles is so annoyed tat he tells Coleen that Marilyn is DIEING. It takes a bit of time for it to sink in for colleen as well [form look on her face etc].


A tow trek driver tell Sid that he isn't sure what’s wrong with the car, so he will phone a cab for the Walkers.


Miles apologies to Nic for what went on with Nic & peen at school, today. He tell Nic he is worried bout her, but Nic counters by telling Miles that he is like her family now so she hopes he is cool with her decisions.


Colleen offer to help Marilyn with her new business. Colleen is surprised, but she doesn’t realise why until colleen tells Maz she knows she is dieing.


Marilyn has A MAHOT go at Miles for telling colleen what he did.


Nic tells Penn taht Miles apologised for what occurred today. They kiss – but moments later, Nic is like a deer in the headlights when Sid enters the room.



Nic tells Romeo that seeing Sid takes her back to a place that she never wants to go to again

Miles "suggest" that Sid should stay away from Nic.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Indi: black & mottled grey mini dress


Dex: pink t/blue shorts


Miles: brown [gold “lake placid truck district”] t/blue [sky sky check] shorts


Alf: off white [dark check][ shirt/bone long pants

Colleen: red top/purple [pink floral] blouse/multi colour maxi skirt

Dexter: green t/denim shorts

Indigo: white [black & red unknown motif] top/denim knee skirt

Leah: dark blue thing strap top

Marilyn: red [dark dots] low cut v neck elbow sleeves top/dark belt/dark knee skirt

Miles: olive green shirt/ grey [dark “Abercrombie”] t/denim jeans

Miles: white t/dark long pants

Nic: orange [dark floral] dress

Nic: red knee length dress

Nic: SBH uniform

Penn: dark [white trim] shorts

Penn: dark t/dark long pants

Penn: denim l/s shirt/dark long pants

Sid: dark l/s top/khaki long points

Sid: grey polo/dark long pants

Truck Driver: orange * blue polo

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