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Thurs 10 June 2010 – Episode # 5094

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Pinky Swear “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 10 June 2010 – Episode # 5094 ]


When Liam wonders what's gouging on, Ruby runs a mile – i.e. she says she is late for class, and scoots way from tee hot zone. Lima wonder to Nic what is happening – she tells him that can talk about it at lunch.

Miles approaches Nic, but she all but ignores him – insisting that she can’t be disturbed as she is thinking.

Miles talks to Romeo. Since Nic appears to not care bout the sitch, they agree they have consensus Jill can move in to the VPH>


Jill & Marilyn enter. Jill is worried bout her past, but Marilyn insists she should do what Marilyn has done several times in the past – just start totally anew.


During class, Ruby & Romeo both talk to Nic bout their issue. Nic insist at she will think of something appropriate to say to Liam [bout what Ruby said]. Nic also tells Romeo she think his mum won’t fall off the wagon this time as she'll want to get things right beefer Romeo became an adult.

Miles, annoyed with the chatter, throws a piece of chalk at Nic – and it doe hit her. He then tells the class he's setting them a BIG essay form homework – the topics of whish he hopes Nic was just talking in class bout.


Irene gives Jill lots of advice bout the whole giving up alcohol sitch, and its look like Jill thinks Irene is butting in a bit too mush. Indeed, Jill is pleased when Romeo arrives to have lunch with her.


Liam talk to Nic – who tell him that Ruby was talking about him in that way [not being able to stop thinking about him] because … ruby hates his songs – shells think they are too girly [and not girly in a good way either]. Its clear Nic is thinking on the run so to speak.


Romeo is pleads when he sees a card for alcoholics anonymous Irene gave Jill. Jill still loks like this is moving too fast for her.


Lima tells Ruby that he is sorry he put her through all of that, and that he won’t bother her with his songs again.

After Liam walks sway, Ruby wonders what Nic said to him. Nic tells her at it’s the only thing she could think of. They agree to talk at the VPH later.

Romeo talk top Mile bout Jill – he is pleased she seems to be rally taking control of her life.


Colleen talks to Alf bout Martha & Hugo. She is worried about how Alf is coping – esp. since Martha & Hugo have gone all bonnie & Clyde.

After colleen bails, Alf isn’t so sure the he & Marilyn should go out on a date after all – but she is still VERY keen.

Jill talks to john. She is keen to sign up for the pliates class at gym. She tells him she likes to get all hot & sweaty – and because john doesn’t take the pliates class, she promises to show him all her moves after a few classed.


Whilst Irene helps miles gather together what he needs to make Moroccan lamb for diner tonight, Lima talk top Romeo. Lima’s latest song lyrics are pretty woeful, so Romeo suggest to Liam should talk to Ruby.


Nic & Rubes talk about the possible reasons that Rubes doesn’t like lima’s songs, incl Ruby having bad hearing OR Nic having misheard what Ruby said [Liam has bad thongs, instead of bad songs].

When rube tell Nic she doesn’t want this dream to end, Nic wonders what drem – being a singer or baing togtyher with liam, as there are a host of raons why the later wonltb happn,


When Ruby encounters Lima, she is forced to admit her feelings for him [as he is feeling so down bout the songs he’s written that she said she liked].


Whilst John & jilt have a non alcoholic drink together, Alf tell Marilyn that he tanks that going out on a date will ruin their friendship -= and he does not want to lose that. Neither doe Maz – so they cancel their date plans.


Lima tell ruby there’s no way they can work together now -0 esp. since he has a duty of care as her teacher. Ruby insists she loves work together with Liam, and insist on keeping her feeling in check. She ads its only a crush – and she also tells him at she had a crush for a short time on Miles. They pinky swear to keep things professional.


Although Ruby is keen for she & Lima ty0o work together tonight, he “suggest” ruby should look over some of his latest songs tonight [alone] and tell him what she thinks morrow. As he says things he hands her something like a manila folder with several pages in end.

After Liam bails, Irene comet to Ruby she LOVES seeing a smile on ruby’s face.



Tony punches John – after Jill invites john to diner at VPH

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Marilyn: off white [African Savannah like motif] l/s top/dark knee skirt


Ruby: SBH uniform


Jill: black [gold mid section] knee dress


Alf: dark green button up shirt/grey long pants

Colleen: red [white swans?] dress

Irene: off white [blue & yellow swirls] elbow sleeves top

John: white [dark vert stripes] shirt

Liam: olive green button up shirt/red [dark unknown motif] t/denim jeans

Miles: dark shirt/white “Garage” t

Nicole: SBH uniform

Romeo: SBH uniform

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