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Mon 7 June 2010 – Episode # 5091

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” All About Eaves “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 7 June 2010 – Episode # 5091 ]


Charlie queries Eaves bout what happened with Killer. Despite Charlie & Angelo’s reservations, Eaves is keen to go to the farm.


Hugo is all set to bail, but Martha convinces him to stay. She suggests he can use what he has on Eaves as a bargaining chip with police.


Elijah introduces bother his parents, Lijuan & Song to Irene & Leah. Song jokes bout the family resembelance tween he & Elijah – i.e. Song is Asian whilst Elijah is adopted.

Leah & Irene are intrigued that Lijuan has bought her own tea & teapot etc.


Alf isn’t impressed when colleen comets on how ridiculous an idea tats Marilyn/Alf is – given that Alf is mush older.


Leah has hardly touched the cup of tea Lijuan gave her, but covers by saying she is slow tea drinker.

Leah & Elijah are in the kitchen. Leah thinks his folks don’t like her – but Elijah tells her thig ARE going well.


Angelo talks to Martha. She has to tell him Hugo is close by. Angelo wants to know EVRYTING bout Eaves.


Angelo talks in secret with Charlie. He shows her the txt msg from Hugo – and tells her to go to the farm and apprehend Hugo.


Hugo hides when there’s a knock on door. Martha lets Charlie is. Charlie has a go at Martha for harbouring a criminal. Martha urges charley to remember that she is a person, not just a police officer. Charlie urges Martha to tell her all bout Hugo & eaves.


When Alf asks, Marilyn insists he isn’t too old for her at all.


Leah is surprised by Lijuan when it’s revealed that the reason Elijah’s parents have bought so much stuff with them is that that have bought their own pillows & sheets.


Angelo is keen for Eaves to remain here to the officer investigating killer’s death arrives, but eaves insist that now that the warrant is her, he IS going to the farm.


Charlie tries to convince Martha to get Hugo to go with Charlie. Martha is worried theta Eves killed that witness [killer] an could do same to Hugo. Charlie asks Martha to trust her. she tells Martha that Charlie & angle will deal with Hugo – not the witness protection ppl.


Leah is concerned when Lijuan thinks tat Leah is trying to get rid of them, i.e. when Leah gathers up the plates after dinner, Elijah hasn’t quite finished yet.

Lijuan & song tell Leah a VERY embarassing story from Elijah’s past. Te night of his 1st date, when the girl he was to go out with rang the doorbell, Elijah fainted. Elijah counters the embarrassment - by saying that now he has FALLEN for Leah.


Alf & Marilyn agree to go out on a date. Alf tough suggest they shouldn’t take thing too far, i.e. not let colleen rile them too mush.


Charlie is talking to Hugo on phone, but she is worried when he doesn’t answer. She looks behind her – Hugo is standing there. She insists she and Angelo CAN protect him. Martha urges Hugo to go with Charlie’s plan. Charlie handcuffs Hugo. She phones the station – and is told that Eaves & Angelo are on their way to the farm.


Angelo is driving his police car when Eaves orders Angelo to hand over his weapon [as eaves got seized when he fired that deadly shot at Killer]. Angelo begrudgingly complies.



Confrontation at the farm

Song talks to Leah bout his marriage

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Irene: orange top


Marilyn: dark elbow sleeves top


Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/dark jacket


Alf: white [blue check] shirt

Alf: bone [Noah’s] shirt

Angelo: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Colleen: white elbow sleeves top

Eaves: dark suit/white shirt/dark [white check] tie

Elijah: green [dark green horiz stripes] polo

Hugo: blue & white check shirt/denim jeans

Leah: dark thin strap top/off white shorts

Lijuan: dark blouse

Lijuan [Elijah’s mum]: grey knee dress

Martha: denim jeans/white [brown squares] singlet top

Song: brown [white vert stripes] shirt

Song: white [blue vert stripes [ shirt/dark long pants

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