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Mon 31 May 2010 – Episode # 5086

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Memories Of An Internet Sensation “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 31 May 2010 – Episode # 5086 ]


Killer phones – he tells Hugo he has Gina, Marsha & Xavier. He wants Hugo to come alone. The hostages will die if Hugo doesn’t Hugo start to write the location tat Killer has told him to meet at.


Angelo arrives, and is surprise to finds Charlie ironing in her underwear. He wonders if he is early or she is running late. Charlie quickly puts on her police uniform, and UBER kisses Angelo before they bail.

Note – Charlie ironing like this reminds me of when Sally [also in this house] was ironing in her similar attire. The difference is that LOTS more people saw Sally – as Sal's then b/f Vinnie had [deliberately or otherwise] left the webcam running – so, for a few days [about 10 yrs ago] Sally was an internet star. She SOOOO didn’t like it either


Although Rubes insists to Nicole tat she doesn’t have a crush on Liam, when Nicole says his name, Ruby quickly turns round to face him. Ruby is concerned when Liam say t no one has seen Xavier. She is further worried that Liam plans to tell Gina bout their argument – as Liam thinks that Xavier has run away. Liam walks away.


After Charlie & angle talk bout how there’s no sign of Xavier recently, Angelo wonders of Charlie will be spending tonight talking to Rubes bout what’s happened. Charlie tells him Rubes is going over to Nicole’s. She then “suggests” he should ask Charlie out tonight – whish Angelo does.


Alf is on tee phone – there’s been no sing of Martha recently.

Liam talks to Alf bout how things aren’t so easy at school – as he is having issues with one of his students [i.e. Rubes]


Whilst Ruby tells Nic she thanks Xavier is totally over reacting bout the whole Ruby, Lima music etc ting, Rubes is force to admit she prefer making music’s with Liam than hanging out with Xavier. When Nic asks, Ruby admits she DOES totally like Liam.


Tony is keen to help Hugo, Rachel isn’t soo ken – not want him to be the hero.

Tony does help Hugo – and both Hugo & Tony insist Rach doesn’t contact police. Tony dive the car and when he gets to the police car that is watching the place, Tony talk to Avery bout various tings – whish allows Hugo to sneak out of tee house and use tee tress for cover until he get to the edge of the property. By then, Tony is driving again – and he briefly stoops to let Hugo in the car.


When Lima tells him the student’s feelings ARE serious [i.e. not just a casual ting], Alf tell Liam he has to cut all ties with her – the whole cruel to be kind ting.


Ruby tell Nic she [Rubes] is the worst g/f in history, nut Nic counter the by saying what Ruby has is a CRUSH on Liam. She ads that it’s a typical student-teacher crush scenario. Nic also says they dolt hurt if you can avoid cooing something REALLY stupid during them.

Note – I’m surprised Nic didn't remind Rubes of her crush on Miles a while back.


Tony is wore that Hugo [who is crouched in bask set of car] is just going to give himself up to the bad guy – as Tony think tat that will “kill” Maratha & co. it will just like when Hugo “died”.


Rachel phones the police – telling them bout how Xavier & co have been kidnapped. Angelo tell Rach he & Charlie will be there soon


Tony stops the car – and Hugo takes over driving. Tony hides where Hugo was – and Tony will be Hugo’s superiores in his fight to get Marsh * co bask.


Rubes thanks Nic for all her ‘ship advice – and Nic admits tat she should know planet [given all the ‘ship drams Nic has had]. Lima phones – and Ruby agree to meet with him.


Rubes apologise for making Liam’s life a misery, esp. when he could collaberte with anyone he wants to with music, and yet he chooses Ruby. Lima tells Ruby tat as long ad they are strictly professional bout the music ‘ship ting, there shouldn’t be an issue. Ruby love that – but as she bails, lima looks like he’s realised that THAT [professionl ‘ship] isn'lt going to be so easy – given how keen on him the Rubes is.


Although Angelo & Charlie that Hugo is around, Rachel [holding Harry] insist at Tony took the phonecall. She give them the address of the place wither kidnapper &* Tony are meeting. Te police bail.


Tony & Hugo arrive at meeting point. Killer, with rifle in hand, is waiting there.



The battle is on tween Killer & Hugo – with Xavier, Marsha and Gina trapped in a fast filling up water tank

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Charlie: silver [dark trim] bra & briefs/light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants


Rachel: hot pink [occasional yellow circles] top


Ruby: SBH uniform


Alf: white [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants

Avery: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants/police cap

Harry: blue & white [yellow trim] jumpsuit

Hugo: blue & white check shirt/dark long pants/dark jacket. /dark cap

Killer: dark jacket/dark t/dark long pants

Liam: light blue [a woman’s face] t/dark jacket/dark long pants

Nicole: SBH uniform

Tony: mustard shirt/grey [PUMA] t/denim jeans

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