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Fri 14 May 2010 – Episode # 5075

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Someone In This Family Has To Act Responsibly “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 14 May 2010 – Episode # 5075 ]


Elijah asks Leah many questions – like does she want more kids?, is she ken to travel?, the ppl [dead of alive] that she’s have at a dinner party?


Romeo is kinda annoyed, but not surprised tat Jill has been in town for a number of days – and yet hasn’t seen him. She tells him she had to work up tee courage to do so – after getting his letter. Romeo tells Jill that she hasn’t changed – still disappointing. Jill bails.


Marsh is ken for tee police to stop tee surveillance on her house, but Hugo “suggests” it isn't going to happen. Marsha is waaaaaay pleased tat though that Hugo is back in her life. They then both head off to have a shower.


Marilyn arrives and is a lintel surprised tat alf hasn’t close up the bar as yet. When he tells her he is waiting for the last customer to bail, Marilyn tells Alf said customer is Romeo’s mum Jill. Maz & Alf agree to take Jill home with them.


After Jill, Marilyn & Alf enter, with Jill drunk of course, Romeo tells Alf & Marilyn to go to bed. He’ll look after Jill – as he has had plenty of practice [dealing with her in this state].


Hugo is in bed with Marsha enters the room [“dressed” only in a towel]. She lies on the bed beside him. Hugo tell her he never stopped thinking bout her whilst he was way. They waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay kiss.


With Jill asleep on the couch, and Romeo siting nearby, Alf enter the room. He suggest to Romeo he will watch over Jill whilst Romeo gets some sleep. Romeo appreciates the offer – but he insists that someone in his family has to act responsibly for a change.


Elijah asks more questions – like if she wants to stay in the bay form now on. Leah goes into the kitchen and talk to Irene bout why Elijah is asking her all these heavy questions.


Jill briefly wakes, and Romeo tells her how embarrassing it was that Alf had to bring her home. Jill tells Romeo he is a good kid – and will survive.


Leah tells Elijah tat she thinks all these questions are a way at he can dump her – if she answers in a way he doesn’t like. Leah is then STUNNED – when he ask her to MARRY him!!!!!!


Marilyn enters the room and Romeo wakes – after briefly sleeping. Although coomsti9mng on how annoying Jill can be, Romeo tells Marilyn that that he does car for her – as she’s his mum etc.


Elijah tells Leah that he always wants to be with her – and tat if Leah asks him the questions he aced her earlier, all his answers would centre round Leah.


Although Hugo is sceptical, Marsha tells him they will figure out a way to be together – as she always wants to be with him.


Leah tells Elijah tat although she is VERY flattered by his proposal, she’ll decline for the time being. Indeed, when Leah says not now [to the proposal], Elijah comet there are 2 no’s [NOt Now] in there. Leah insist she loves Elijah, bunt is keen for them to keep going the way they are for the time being.


NEXT DAY – Jill is kinda suprised tat Romeo was by her side all night. He comments it’s just like when she did that to him when he was ill as a kid. Romeo is surprised when Jill tells him she is quite well off these days – from an insurance pay out she got after Romeo’s step dad died.

LATER – when Romeo enquires, Jill tell him she looks so happy after being drink because she has had lots of practice. Romeo tells Jill that he is VERY annoyed with her – as she could have used the money to help get Mink out of juvenile detention OR trying to find Romeo !!!



Gina sees John & Jill kissing

Ruby denies it when Nic asks Ruby if she likes Liam

Leah breaks up with Elijah

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: white [dark trim] halter top/white jacket/dark long pants


Jill: royal blue low cut v neck dress/silver earrings


Romeo: red [white polar bear] t/ dark long pants


Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt/ dark long pants

Alf: brown polo shirt/khaki long pants

Alf: maroon dressing gown/blue [red vertical stripes] PJs

Elijah: black [white horiz stripes] t/dark long pants

Hugo: dark shorts

Hugo: grey t

Irene “: white [blue floral] top

Marilyn: dark [gold swirls] nightgown

Marilyn: white [brown leafy motifs] long sleeve top/dark skirt

Marsha: white mid thigh dress

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