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Mon 10 May 2010 – Episode # 5071

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” The Best Form Of Defence ….. “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 10 May 2010 – Episode # 5071 ]


Gina [speaking with a rather stern voice throughout this scene] wonders why Hugo is her. He tells Gina that she, Marsha [and anyone close to Hugo] are in danger.


Xavier is esp. worried bout why Hugo didn’t show up. Ruby suggests there could be any number of reasons why he was delayed.


When Gina wonders why Hugo is here [seeing her], he tells her tat he spotted someone on his way to see Xavier. Gina is annoyed tat Hugo didn’t do the sensible tigs and go to the police.

Hugo quickly hides with Elijah & Leah aspen the door to classroom – they are looking of the keys to the storeroom – to get equip of the martial arts class. After they are gone, Gina isn’t impressed or surprised [in a way] when Hugo is keen to hide out at her place.


Angelo is fretting that one the warrant for Hugo’s arrest goes out, he’ll [Angelo] be beck to being public enemy #1. Angelo & Charlie agree that they should speak to Gina – to see if she’s got any knowledge of Hugo’s whereabouts.


Xavier suggest to Ruby tat they should go to the old army facility – to see if Hugo is there. Marsha arrives, and offers to take them to the diner for dinner tonight. Since Ruby & Xavier had the food etc that he got fro Hugo, Marsha offers to help put the shopping away before they head off.


NIGHT – Gina is driving along – with Hugo hiding in the back seat. He thanks her for helping him. She insists that she is doing this for Marsha & Xavier, more so than Hugo himself.


Xavier is keen to stay at this house, in case Hugo shows up, but Reed “suggest” that Marsha will get suspicious if they don’t go out to dinner with her. The trio then bail.


Angelo & Charlie are travelling in their police car – heading for Gina’s place – when they see Gina’s car going the other way. They follow her – switching on the red & blue lights atop the car. Hugo tells Gina to stop – so to not arouse suspicion. When both cars have stopped, Angelo, Charlie AND Gina get out of their cars. Angelo is keen to speak to Gina bout Hugo, but she rather bluntly [in a “the best form of defence is attack” manner] says to him something like “haven’t you stressed my family enough?” Gina agrees to se to the pollie at 9am morrow. After all 3 are back in cars, and the police have driven off, Hugo tells Gina that she was amazing just then [with police].


Elijah & Leah enter. They are looking forward to a good meal after latest martial arts class.

After Ruby & co enter, Xavier is ken for them to ruder quickly. It doesn’t look like Marsha is “buying” his “I’ve got lots of homework to do” type story.


Gina REALLY tell Hugo what she thinks of what’s occurred – headlined by when she says to him that he is DEAD to her in the way that matter, i.e. she didn’t raise him to turn out this way.


Xavier has finished his meal, and is keen for the others to hurry. Ruby “suggests” that he can wait for them [Ruby & Marsha] to finish. Xavier is of course ken to get home if case Hugo is there [ironically].

Nearby, Angelo & Charlie talk bout their encounter tonight with Gina – and how suspicious she was behaving.


Hugo tells Gina what’s happened in his life., he tells her tat he just ran ways after the accident [where he killed his g/f in an MVA], and then he made a series of bad choices whish led him to realise that he was rather good at smuggling tings and then people. It brings a tear to Gina’ eye when he tells her that she raised him well – because he ALWAYS knew he was doing the wrong thing. Hugo is ken to bail. Indeed, he is at the front door – but she urges him to stay. He runs to her – and they hug.


Colleen is run off her feet [with Aden bailing the way he did], and Leah [with Elijah] bailing for the night doesn’t help her mood either.

Angelo & Charlie continue to be suspicious of Gina’ actions - like why DID she get out of the car when they stopped her earlier tonight?


Gina tells Hugo that he can prove to her that he has changed [like he says he has = because of Marsha] by NOT running, but he insists that he has to do so to make tings right. He tells Gina that if he sees Marsha, he won’t be strong enough top go.

Hugo is about to bail when Marsha & Xavier enter. Moments after Marsha sees Hugo, she faints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Gina & co hide Hugo form the police

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: dark [multi colour trim] singlet top/white short skirt


Leah: multicolour [pink, white, grey, and black – each colour in square shape] sports singlet top


Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants


Angelo: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Colleen: green jungly blouse

Elijah: blue “martial arts” top/dark [grey trim] singlet

Gina: grey suit/white blouse

Hugo: dark cap/dark jacket/grey t

Hugo: white [dark check] shirt/dark long pants

Marsha: white [flamingo] singlet top/denim jeans/white bra

Xavier: blue [white crest] t/denim jeans

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