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My Romeo Is Here

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Story Title: My Romeo Is Here (sequel to Where For Art Thou Romeo?)

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters: Nicole, Romeo, Indi, Mattie, Aden... And others

BTTB rating: G

Genre: General... Love

Does story include spoilers: Nope

Any warnings: Nope

Summary: Its Nicole's 21st birthday, Sh has been with Romeo for a while now.. what will he plan??

This is a sequal to my last fic... You can find it on my page its called "Where For Art Thou Romeo?"

Hope you like it... I don't know how I feel about it :/

First chapter:

Aden sat at a table in the surf club, he ordered two drinks and was waiting for someone else to join him, he sipped his drink slowly, checking his watch as he became

restless, something Aden always became when he was alone... It was long before Romeo appeared through the door, Aden sighed “You’re late” He laughed

“Five minutes? Sorry, where you ready to send a search party or something?” he laughed

“I was sitting here like a loner, with two drinks” Aden mumbled

“Everyone probably thought you were meeting someone anyway, Or that you were just a creep” Romeo giggled, but stopped when Aden threw him a serious look

“Anyway, have you anything planned for tonight?” Aden asked

Romeo nodded, he grinned at Aden, when his face lit up and he looked very interested in what Romeo had to say “Well, I’ve booked this place, and invited everyone to be

here, I’m going to tell her I’m taking her out for dinner, but come here first and then surprise her”

“Sounds good, do you need me to do anything?”

Romeo nodded again, “Could you go to the diner, and give this to Irene?” he handed Aden an envelope “It’s the food order”

“Yeah, no problem mate” Aden took the envelope and put it into his pocket

“It’s hard to believe Nic is 21, isn’t it?” Romeo mused “I mean, the two years have flown by... It seems like yesterday we first kissed on the beach, its crazy how fast life goes by”

“Tell me about it mate, Belle’s four year anniversary is in a couple of months, I don’t even think it feels like one” Aden sighed sadly “But life must go on, eh mate?”

“Yeah I guess so, it’s sad but, to think how quickly life goes on when someone is gone and stuff like that, and you must really miss her?”

“Everyday, some days is worse than others, I’m so picky when it comes to relationships because no one can be like Belle, no one meets her standard, not one person in this world” Aden sighed once more.

“But you’re ok with Mattie right?” Romeo asked

“Yeah, she’s great. And she’s so similar to Belle, she was her best friend once, and having her in my life is a constant reminder of Belle, In a good way that is, She’s been amazing, and it’s great to see her and Nic getting on so well”

“It is yeah, speaking of Nic, I have to get going, She will be wondering where I am”

“No problem mate, See you later? 7 right?”

“Yeah, Nic’s coming at half”

“Ok, Bye” Aden waved as Romeo left the surf club, just as Matilda walked in “Hey beautiful” he called as she didn’t see him, she turned around and smiled at him, she began walking in his direction and sat down on his knee, kissing his lips before sitting in the opposite seat.

“Hi, how’s your day?” she asked

“Good and yours?”

“Good, Nic and I went for a swim this morning, I had my orders from Romeo to keep her occupied” Mattie laughed “Did he meet with you? He said something about a food order?” She asked

“Yeah, I have to head to the diner, do you want to come with me?” he asked smiling

She nodded, and stood up, grabbing his hand, she collected her juice before they left together and headed for the diner.

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Thank you for the comments! I'm not too sure about this fic, it seemed good when I started it, but not sure how it's gonna sound to you guys!

Anyway hope you like this chapter! :)

“Mattie, grab this will you?” Aden called as his girlfriend walked away from the diner counter; she turned to him and took a plate of fries that he was holding out to her

“Aren’t you supposed to be the guy, and get me things...? I so shouldn’t have to carry my own food” She laughed

Aden walked behind her to a table and sat down, “Sorry, I’ll just grow an arm next time and bring all the food to the table, would that please you?” He said

“It would indeed” Mattie smiled

“Ok, I’ll keep that in mind will I?” Aden said, and then laughed as he looked at her “Have you gotten Nic anything for her birthday?” he asked realising he hadn’t

bought anything yet

She smiled and then nodded “Aren’t you so glad you have me?” She grinned “What would you honestly do without me?” She giggled

“I seriously do not know” He laughed “What did you get her?” he asked

“Well, I got her a gorgeous necklace and some makeup and other girly things” She smiled

“Ok, I want to get her something from me, I mean not that I don’t want to have a present with you, it’s just I have something I wanted to give her for her 21st, I just need to get something extra for it” He smiled

“That’s ok, but you still want my present to be from both of us?” Mattie asked

“Yeah, if that’s ok” He smiled at her, he didn’t want to seem cheap or anything

“Yeah of course it’s ok” Mattie smiled back at him, how could she say no to his smile? It always made her bubble inside

“Good stuff, I’m going to go see If I get something for Nic, do you want to come with me?” he asked standing up and holding out his hand towards her.

“No, I told Indi I would meet her later at the beach, She’s on Nic patrol at the minute” Mattie laughed “I have to help apparently, we have to keep her at the beach and nowhere near the surf club” Mattie took Aden’s hand in hers “But you can walk me there if you want” She smiled at him, they began walking outside and down the path towards the beach “Oh I see them, you can go on now if you want” She smiled into his eyes.

“Ok, I’ll see you later then?”

“You will indeed” She grinned, she leant up and kissed him passionately before he left, she watching him walk away before she joined her friends, “I Love you” she shouted and heard him shout it back, she walked quickly down the beach with a smile on her face toward where Indi and Nic where lying. “Hey” She shouted when she was near enough to them

They both sat up to look at her “Hey” Indi smiled, Nic waved before she lay back down again, “You look happy” she said from where she was lying

“Why wouldn’t I be? I’m in loved” Mattie swooned as the other two girls laughed at her.

“That would make anyone sick” Indigo said slumping herself down to a lying position

“Just because your single” Mattie said sticking her tongue out at her “Your jealous, because me and Nic have the best boyfriends ever!”

“Speak for yourself, my boyfriend has abandoned me” Nic laughed “I haven’t seen him since this morning” She stated

“Oh stop complaining, he spends nearly every hour of everyday with you! He needs a break!” Indigo giggled “Maybe he ran away from you! Oh maybe he finally met that wrestler chick he’s in love with and they ran away together!”

“Be serious Indi!” Nic said, “He would never leave me, he’s in love with me” She smiled smugly

“Yeah, but would he really pass up the chance with that Kelly woman? She is beautiful” Indi continued taunting Nic

“Will you seriously shut up, you’re like a child” Nic laughed “He’s probably off with Xavier somewhere, speaking of xav, where’s Rubes?”

“Good questions, I haven’t seen her today” Mattie added

“She’s with Charlie I think, wasn’t she taking her to the Yabbie Creek or something?” Indi said

“Oh yeah, that’s right” Nicole said remembering Ruby tell her she wouldn’t be around until around 5 “Do you want to have a swim? I’m boiling” Nic said

The girls nodded and ran to the water, they dived in beside each other and swam out further into the clear blue water, “I love the water” Mattie yelled and the other

girls laughed.

“Yeah so do we” Nic smiled

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Next Chapter! Sorry for the wait!

Thanks for the comments! :)

At the surf club everything was going well, the decorations had been put up, the DJ had arrived, it all looked great. Romeo looked around and smiled, he looked at his watch and saw that he had two hours before the party started, and decided this would be the best time to get Nicole ready. He would tell her he was taking her out for dinner, and to dress up nicely, It wouldn’t be a problem, she loved to get dressed up, with her fashion course she was on, she always had amazing dresses in her closet, suited exactly for her and she always looked amazing, no matter how many times Romeo took her out, she took his breath away each time she

walked down the stairs in one of her dresses, tonight would be no different no doubt.

“Thanks so much for helping guys, I’m going to go and get Nicole ready, I’ll be back at 7:30” he smiled

“Thats no problem dawl” Irene smiled at him “Were all sorted here, We’ll just get the final touches done”

“Thanks” he smiled and excited the surf club, bumping into Geoff and Annie on the way in “You made it” Romeo grinned “Thanks alot for coming mate” He smiled at Geoff

“No worries, I was due a visit back here anyway” Geoff smiled “How are you mate?” He asked

“I’m good thanks, what about you? Is your mission going well?” Romeo asked Geoff a smile still on his face, he was stoked Geoff was here, Nicole would be so pleased to see him, They always got on so well.

“I’m doing well thanks, Yeah it’s going good, We’ve raised heaps off money for so many different things, it feels good to be doing something worth while” Geoff nodded and smiled

“Good stuff. I’m really sorry but i have to run, I need to get Nic ready” Romeo laughed “You know what she’s like”

“I do indeed, Is she doing well?” Geoff asked

“Yeah she’s doing great, Her fashion course is going really well and she has her own line in a few local shops”

“That’s great, I’m really pleased for her, she was always good at that fashion stuff. I’ll let you get off mate, I’ll see you later on” Geoff smiled and shook Romeo’s

hand befroe Romeo walked away, saying a goodbye to Annie also.

He walked quickly to the beach where he told Indigo to keep Nicole, as he got to the top he seen them lying on the sand, He smiled as he automatically picked

Nicole out, They all looked similar with their blonde hair and slim bodies, but he always could tell which was Nicole no matter how far away he was.

He smiled at her as she saw him approach, she jumped up off the sand and hugged him tightly befre placing a gentle kiss on his lips, “Where ahve you been? I missed you!”

Romeo smiled, “I’ve been planning dinner for us tonight, You need to get ready” He smiled,

“Dinner?” she asked

“Yes, A special dinner for just the two of us, To celebrate your 21st, it’s a big deal you know!” Romeo smiled lovingly at Nicole

“It’s not that big of deal really” Nicole said “But this sounds really nice, your the best boyfriend ever!” She grinned

“Yeah, I am pretty great” He winked with a laugh “Now come on, I booked the table for 7:30”

“Ok, I’ll see you later guys” Nicole said turing to her friends and waving, before placing her hand into Romeo’s and walking up the beach.

Indigo and Mattie stood up together “ I guess we better head and get ready, We have to be there in more of less and hour and a half, and you take days!” Mattie laughed

“I think you’ll find thats you! Will I get ready at yours, or do you want to come to mine?” Indi asked

“Mine, Aden’s waiting there” Mattie smiled

“Ok, no problem” Indigo smiled and both girls gathered there things and left the beach walking qucikly to the house Aden and Mattie shared.

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Thanks Danni & Charlene for the comments :)

Thanks to everyone reading this!! :)

Hope you like this!

Wow, Romeo thought as Nicole walked down the stairs, her dress was a short drak purple with beading at the top, her hair was long and curled slightly, She had her make up on perfectly, her shoes were perfectly suited for the dress, all in all she looked amazing.

He continued to look at her until she was right in front of him looking up at his face “Are you ready?” she asked, he shook his head almost as if he hadn’t understood her

“Sorry, Um yeah are you?” He asked coming out of the slight daze he was in “You look amazing!” He added smiling at her as she walked to collect her small clutch bag front the sofa

“Thanks” she smiled almost shyly “I’m all ready” She grinned

“Do you want to head to the surf club for a drink before dinner? The table is booked for 8” he asked, hoping she would say yes or this would be really awkward

“Sure, that sounds good” She smiled, She took hold of his hand he offered out to her and then left the house closing the door quietly behind them, they walked slwoly to the surf club, Nicole thinking there was no rush, and Romeo knowing they would be right on time, it was 25 past 7, everyone would be there and everything would be ready, he smiled to himself.

As they approached the surf club Romeo’s smile grew wider and his stomach was filled with butterflies, he was hoping everything would go just right, As they walked inside there was no one there.

After a few seconds a chorus of ‘surprise’ and ‘Happy Birthday’ could be heard, Romoe looked to Nicole who had a very large smile on her face.

“Oh my gosh!” She said with a huge grin “Wow, I don’t know what to say” She looked towards Romeo and he smiled bacl at her “Happy Birthday” He said and kissed her lightly and quickly

“Thank you” She whispered back, she looked around and saw all ofher friends and family and one person she was very excited to see, “Geoff!” she screamed with excitment, “Oh my god! Geoff” She said and rushed to him, wrapping her arms around him in a tight hug, “Your here!” she said with even more excitment

“Yeah” He smiled “Happy Birthday!” He said holding out a gift bag “That’s from me and Annie” he said when she took the bag from him

“Thanks you! You didn’t have to” She smiled

“Annie bought most of” He laughed “I was always awful with presents”

“It’s the thought that counts” Nicole smiled and then laughed “Ever think you would have heard me say that?” They both laughed and another corwd of people joined in around them, wishing Nicole a Happy Birthday and giving her gifts.

“This is amazing” Nicole kissed Romeo when the got a second alone, she looked up at him and smiled. His hand were around her waist and her hands arms were wrapped around his neck, “Your the best, I love you” she smiled

“I love you too, Are you having fun?” He asked smiling down at her, looking into her eyes he found so amazing everytime he looked in them

She nodded “It couldn’t be better honestly, all my friends are here. You even got Geoff! Your amazing, I don’t know how it’s possible for you to be real” She giggled and kissed him again

“I’m glad your enjoying it, you deserve it you know, your a little bit amazing yourself” he grinned and kissed her again before they were interupted

“Hey Nic” Aden smiled “This is for you” he handed her a small bag, she took it with a smile

“I’ll be right back” Romeo said excusing himself

Nicole looked inside the bag and took out a photo frame, she looked at it and her eyes filled with tears “Aden, thanks you” She smiled, it was a picture of Nicole, Aden and Roman “This means alot to me” she looked at the picture again, at the bottom of the frame were the words ‘family’ she lookedat him and hugged him tightly

“I went to see Roman yesterday, he sent you card and present in the post, He said sorry for sending it late, and he said to wish you a happy birthday” Aden said with a slight sigh

“I miss him, I wish he was here. I meant to go see him, but I find it so hard and I always put myself off, But it’s not the right thing, I love seeing him and he loves seeing me, the leastI could do is go for an hour and visit him” she said getting a little upset, Aden hugged her again

“Nic don’t worry, Roman knows you love him and he know’s how hard it is for you, You can see him when you feel ready again” Aden reassured Nicole

“I wish he was here” She sighed letting a tear escape her eye

“I know, Me too” Aden sighed with a sad smile on his face

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This is the last chapter... I think I Kind of ended it pretty early.... Sorry if its awful and it sucks! lol

Anyway thanks to everyone who read it and commented! It means a lot! There will probably be another sequal.. Lol, I wanna write it a couple of years on! So look out for it! :)


The party was getting on, everyone was dancing and having a great time. Nicole was on the dance floor with Indigo dancing to one of their favourite songs Crazy in Love by Beyonce, Nicole stood still for a few minutes “I’ll be right back Indi” she said rushing otuside, she suddenly felt faint and sick, she stepped outside and took in 2 large breathes of air.

“Are you alright?” a voice from behind her asked, before she could say anything she fell to the ground, her fall was broken by a pair of arms catching her fall, She felt herself being helped into a seat before she blacked out.

When she came around a very worreid Geoff was standing over her “Nic! Are you ok?” he asked

She nodded her head “Yeah I’m fine” She said trying to stand only to get pushed back into the seat by Geoff “Geoff I’m fine honest” She told him

“I think you would be better going to a doctor” Geoff said “I’ll call for Rachel”

“No! Geoff I know what it is” Nicole tolf him trying to stop him form drawing anymore attention

“What?” He asked, “Nic whats wrong?” He asked again when he didn’t get her to answer “Your not sick are you?” He asked his face going slightly pale

“No, I’m pregnant, But I wanted to tell Romeo first!” she said slightly upset, she had been so excited since this morning when she first found out, but Romeo hadn’t

been around for her to tell him, so she thought she would tell him at dinner, she wanted him to know first, for it to be a special thing between them before anyone

else knew, she didn’t even tell her best friends.

“Oh, congratualtions I guess, Sorry” Geoff said awkwardly “When are you going to tell Romeo?”

“Tell Romeo what?” A different voice asked, Romeo was standing in front of them now

“Great” Nic mumbled

“What’s going on?” He asked confused “Is something wrong?”

“No! Nothing’s worng!” Geoff said quickly

“Then what?” he asked, looking at his girlfriend waiting for an answer.

She looked up at him, a slight sad expression across her face, she wanted to tell him in public, for everyone to know. She was 3 months pregnant althoughs he only just found out, but she wanted everyone to see the excitment on Romeo’s face, and she wanted to tell him first with no one else in the room knowing.

“Were having a baby” she said and then smiled letting the excitment finally come out, she jumped up and hugged him tightly, she pressed a kiss to his lips and

grinned widely

He joined in with her excitmen the grin on his face slightly bigger than hers “Oh my gosh! I’m going to be a dad?”

She nodded “Yes! You are, were going to be parents!”

“What? Of love’s thats wonderful!” A voice from behind rang, Geoff’s face dropped slightly as they all turned around to see Colleent standing just behind them “Oh everyone has to know the good news!”

“You hoo,, listen. Young Romeo and Nicole are going to be parents to a little baby!” Colleen shouted when she got back in the doors.

Everyone smiled and cheered slightly, “Thats great news dawl” Irene said grinned at the two of them who had followed Colleen inside

“Thanks everyone, and thank you all for making this night special for Nicole, You all know how much I love her... and I just want to ask her one thing” Romeo

turned to Nicole and looked into her eyes, he fell to one knee and smiled up at her. “Will you marry me?” he asked

“Yes!” She yelled grinning and jumping into her arms.


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