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Wed 05 May 2010 – Episode # 5068

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Mum Is Waiting For Me “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 05 May 2010 – Episode # 5068 ]


Justin talks t Nicole bout Aden. Justin insists that he wants Aden to be happy, as does Nicole. She vehemently tells Justin that he can't just step into Aden’s life like this, esp. when Nic was there for Aden when he REALLY needed someone lat yr. Justin apologises to Nicole, but she doesn’t care if he is sorry or not [for Justin not being there for Aden last yr]. Justin bails.


NIGHT – Nicole talk to Romeo bout Aden. It doesn’t help when Romeo tells her tat he thought Romeo/Annie war forever. Like Liam, Romeo suggests tat Nic should ask Aden what’s going on. Nicole is worried that the only ting that Aden has put his soul into lately was helloing Justin with this business with thri dad.


NEXT DAY – Elijah & Leah talk bout how VJ is having nightmares bout what occurred. Elijah insists that things will be OK in time.


Colleen is reading the paper – the font page headline is “real life superhero” – all bouts how Miles saved Elijah & co. Colleen tells Leah tat it must have been divine intervention that Miles found them – so maybe God doesn't frown on Elijah/Leah after all.


Justin wants Aden to come to the city with him. Aden not ken on that idea – but Justin urges Aden to do SOMETINKG with his life.


Miles talk to Leah & Elijah. He tells that he’s not seen//heard from Rabbit at all today. Elijah is esp. curious when Miles them that the Ran wants Miles to go the beach. Miles bails.


Elijah insists to Miles that he HAS to let Rabbit go – as Miles is losing his grip on reality, and one that goes, you’re in serious danger.


Nic ask Aden if he is happy, and he tell her that he’s been better. When she wonders, Aden insists the she can’t help him.


VJ is still VERY stressed – but suggests a party could help things along. Leah & Elijah think a party for all those on et cave trip will be a great idea to lift their spirits


Miles is annoyed Rabbit is there one second, gone the next, then bask again. She tells him that there’s not mush time left – and to meet him on tee beach where they 1st encountered each other [in ep 4998].


When Leah tells colleen bout the party, colleen is keen on coming, but Leah insists it’s for the field trip ppl only.


As Miles helps Rabbit build a big sandcastle, she tells him she is leaving him – as Miles doesn’t need her any more.


Colleen arrives with some food for tee party – but Elijah has to save her fum choking when she tastees some of the cake she bought with her. Elijah & Leah insist at colleen should come to the party – as she’s just cheated death.


Rabbit tell Miles its time for her to go, and he GORGEOUSLY see her mum/Miles’ wife at the water’s edge. Miles starts to walk words his wife, but Rabbit insist s "you can't" so Miles stops. Mile & Rabbit hug – and as they do so, Miles is in tears, and Rabbit says “I love you daddy”, before she heads for her mum at the water's edge.

Note – I an soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo going to miss the Rabbit !!!!!!!


Nic tell Aden that she doesn't thick their ‘ship is working. And is ken to talk bout this, bust Nic says there noting really to say. Aden [stunned] if Nic is braking up with him. She responds only by bailing. Aden is totally in shock.



Xavier says “what is Hugo is still alive”

Nicole says to Aden “I want you to tell me you LOVE me”

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Rabbit: green t/white [pink floral] halter bikini top/white & yellow floral skirt


Rabbit’s mum: purple low cut v neck knee length dress


Leah: royal blue wide strap low cut v neck knee length dress


Aden: dark t

Aden: dark [green unknown logo] t

Aden: white t/dark long pants

Coleen: white [zebra stripes] blouse/red top

Elijah: dark [white horiz stripes] t

Elijah: dark singlet/red & blask check shorts

Justin: brown t/white shorts

Justin: dark t/olive green long pants

Leah: dark blue thin strap top

Miles: white [blask & blue movie poster? motif] t/dark shorts

Nicole: mottled red [white trim] low cut v neck wide strap top

Nicole: denim like scoop top

Romeo: white t/dark long pants

VJ: dark [white unknown logo, Red trim] t

VJ: white [silver trim & pocket] polo

VJ: white [white “10” on dark background]/dark [white check] shorts

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