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Thurs 22 Apr 2010 – Episode # 5059

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Best Worst Option “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 22 Apr 2010 – Episode # 5059 ]


The Bishop majorly has a go at Elijah – esp. it light of how the public’s perception of the church isn't what it once was.

After the Bishop walks away, Elijah tells Leah that he better head of to have diner with the others at retreat.


As they dive along, Aden tells Justin that is going to move the body. Aden insists that it’s the best of the bad options they have.


Nicole talks to Marilyn bout how Justin wants her to help him convince Aden to join the Army. Marilyn suggests that Nicole knows Aden better that Justin – so she should have a batter idea of where he wants to be. Nicole comments bout how Aden is working in 2 dead end jobs, and that he has a flaky g/f. Alf enter the house at this point. He tells Nicole that he’s known people a LOT flakier that Nicole. Nicole bail – to talk to Aden.


Charlie thinks it’s hilarious that Leah & Elijah got busted the way they did. Leah is worried tat Elijah will be transfer, and Charlie only take things seriously when Leah tell her the Bishop’s nickname is “Pit Bull”.


After the get out of the car, Aden ralise tat he isnklt so sure wher body is buried after all. Justin doesn’t think it’s a good idea when Aden suggests they split up and look.


Elijah arrives and Charlie tells him that Leah has been stressing. Elijah tells Leah tat he had his phone off so he had time to think. After Elijah tells Leah the tings will be OK, she suggests that he is just saying that to make her fell better. He tells her he said it to get another kiss. Any further plans are interrupted when Elijah’s phone rings – it’s the Bishop.


Nicole tells Marilyn & Alf that Aden wasn’t home. When she comments that he said he wasn’t going out tonight, the 2 girls & alf has a minor verbal battle of the sexes bout who’s worse at changing their mind. Nicole phone Aden – and leaves another msg.


We see a flashback of when they found the body. Aden insists to Justin that neither of them is going to jail for this – as, because of what he let happen, their dad deserved to die yrs ago.

Back in the present, Justin & Aden agree in really too dark to search. They will sleep in car, and search early morrow morn [long beef the cops search starts]


NEXT DAY – Charlie tells Watson and other officers that the breifing for the search will be in an hour. When Watson enquires, Charlie tells her tat Charlie will phone Justin.


Justin & Aden find the grave. Justin’s phone rings – he can see it’s the police. He doesn’t answer.


Leah tries to9 talk to the Bishop but he all but ignores her. Leah tells Elijah that the Bishop makes her feel embarrassed bout what occurred. Elijah insists it will all be over soon.


Leah passionately plead her case with the Bishop that her ‘shop when Elijah is a great thing. The Bishop insists that Reverends like Elijah should be more than human, but Leah insists that its Elijah’s humanity that makes him soooo awesome.


Justin is feeling looking VERY ill – but Aden insists that he need help moving the body.

Nearby, the police [incl Charlie & Watson] arrive and search begins.


Leah apologises to Elijah for tee way she “went off” at the Bishop, but Elijah is glad she did that. The Bishop enters and tells them the lat time he had to deal with a ship like this, THAT ‘ship turned out VERY weal [i.e. the Bishop id reefing to himself & his wife -0 they have 2 kids & his wife is a lawyer]. The Bishop suggest that keep their ‘ship discreet though.


The police find some recently dug up ground. They hear a noise nearby – Aden & Justin close the boot of their vehicle. Charlie phones Justin – and can hear his phon ring. Aden & Justin [with body in tee car] quickly drive off.


Aden tells the just arrived Nic he & Justin were at tee beach – and their car got “borrowed” whilst they were there.

Aden suggest Nic should come back later as he is feeling tried. After she bails, the phone ring – its tee police. Charlie will be here soon.



Gina overhears Miles taking to Rabbit at school – and suspends him

The police have a warrant to search Adelle’s house

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole : silver [with various dark shapes] low cut v neck thin strap top/dark knee length skirt


Leah: silver singlet top/dark short shorts


Aden: green [white crest] t/dark long pants


Aden: red [white “Desala [something] Viva and arc like motif] t/

Alf: blue & yellow check button up shirt

Alf: brown polo shirt/khaki long pants/cream wide brim hat

Bishop: black [partly white collar] priests’ outfit

Charlie : white singlet top

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/police cap

Elijah: black [partly white collar] priests’ outfit

Justin : dark t/denim jeans

Justin: dark t/dark long pants

Leah: white singlet top/denim knee length skirt

Marilyn : white [brown floral] top

Nicole: red low cut knee length dress

Watson : light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/police cap

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