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Fri 16 Apr 2010 – Episode # 5055

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” I’ve Been Breathing All My Life “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 16 Apr 2010 – Episode # 5055 ]


The hall is totally candlelit and it’s all VERY romantic as both Romeo & Annie use [on occasions] old school language – like lines FOM Romeo & Juliet. When they sit down to eat, Rome shows Annie he has made them spaghetti. She also comment she like it EVERYTING about Romeo is dangerous.


Marsha admits to Colleen she is still not coming to rems with losing Hugo =- she misses him VERY mush.


Ruby sees Liam and when she asks, he tells her he is writing a song for tee play. Ruby LOVES tee idea orf Romeo & Joliet doing a duet togther, and as she bails, you get the feeling Liam went to tell her something [but she was too quick is bailing].


Colleen tells Marsha that the pain will lessen/go away in ti9me, but Marsha is worried that it NEVER will.


After Annie comet at she enjoyed tee meal, Romeo admits it tee only thing he can cook.

Annie is further amazed when Romeo turns on a mirror ball. She thinks this is amazing and Romeo tells her tat he’s never met anyone like her.


Ruby talks to Irene bout how Liam is wring a song for tee play. Liam approaches and tells Ruby it’s a song to be performed by Mercutio [ruby charceter] in tee play. When Liam walks away, Ruby tell Irene she can’t do this – as Ruby can't sing.

NEXT DAY: Irene is worried that something must he up with Ruby’s diabetes – whish must be why ruby is so stressed. Ruby tells Irene & Annie she is stressed because she can’t sing. Annie insists that she can AND comment it was Annie who told Lima that ruby can sing. Ruby insists she needs with an escape plan – and Irene suggest Ruby shod sing off key when Liam asks her to sing [as that will put Liam off].


When Alf notes Romeo seem to be a million miles way, Romeo tells him his date with Annie lat night was amazing.

Colleen enters – and tells alf bout how mush Marsha is hurting.


Alf talk to Angelo bout Marsha. Alf vehemently insist Angelo should tell Marsha bout Hugo – or Alf will.

Angelo tells Alf although it will be good in one way for her to know, they’ll be putting her in further danger if they tell her. Alf insist that Angelo has to find a way to “fix this” and help Marsha.


In tee corridor ruby insist to Annie that Liam will have to find someone else to sing.

Ruby realises Annie is kinda ignoring her – when she sees Romeo. Annie & Romeo agree to meet up tonight – and both are coy as to why exactly they want to meet up.

As Liam walks by, Ruby tried to tell him her stich, but he [as he keep walks] tells her he is looking fwd to this arvo.

Soon after, Ruby & Lima are in a classroom they are the only ppl in the room. Liam sings his part of the song he has written, and then Ruby sings her bit – and she sounds GREAT. He tells her it is terrible – and she eagerly tells him t she will get Mel to recast tee role of mercutio, but he tell her that its tee song that is terrible. He ads that ruby has a GREAT signing voice!!!!


Angelo arrives and he tells Marsha that since they both aren't going so well in the love department atm, they will be good for each other – the whoile msidery lovesd compay ting.

As they dink whine and eat pizza, Marsha tell Angelo she like those stories bout dark chocolate being good for me AND wine too. They aloe talk bout 4 steps to get a former ’ship out of your head. Marsha agrees with most of them – but she doesn’t agree with throwing everything out [eg THAT engagement ring]. Overall, it does look/sound like Angelo has helped Marsha though.


Romeo & Annie are keen to say something to each other – but they each suggest they other should go 1st. in the end, at the same time, Romeo & Annie both say “I love you”.


NEXT DAY – Ruby & Liam are alone in a classroom. Ruby isn’t sure so bout some of the singing warm-ups exercises – as they seem quite silly. Liam is keen to get her to breathe like a singer – whish prompts my ep title. He responds by saying that breathing like a singer is different, and he proves it when he sees tat she ISN'T breathing with/from her diaphragm. Ruby seems to quite like it when he touches her stomach – to show her the correct way she should be breathing.


Angelo wonder if Alf has told anyone bout Hugo. Alf insist that he hasn’t. Angelo tells him Hugo has gone missing.


we sess someone – I presume its Hugo but he never see his/her face = enter t compound. The person looks at a pic of Marsha.



Aden & Justin move their dad’s body [whilst police are search the area]

Miles tells Michael that he no longer sees Rabbit [but she is standing behind him]

Gina suspends Miles from his job at the school

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Annie: white [gold zig zag design] l/s “old school” maxi dress


Marsha: 2 tone blue thin strap maxi dress


Ruby: SBH uniform


Alf: dark blue [white check] shirt

Alf: white [dark check] shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Angelo: light blue l/s shirt

Annie: SBH uniform

Annie: white thin strap dress

Colleen: dark [olive green floral] dress

Colleen: green leafy blouse/hot pink top

Irene: dark [white floral?] top

Irene: dark [white squares?] top

Liam: blue [a woman’s face] t/dark sleeveless jacket

Liam: dark [white check] shirt/blue t/dark long pants

Liam: white [brown check] shirt

Marsha: white lacy dress

Romeo: dark jacket/dark long pants/white frilly “old school” shirt

Romeo: grey [dark sleeves & trim] t

Romeo: SBH uniform

Ruby: grey singlet top/dark long pants

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