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Thurs 15 Apr 2010 – Episode # 5054

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Vincent Patterson “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 15 Apr 2010 – Episode # 5054 ]


Aden, backed up by Justin, urges Nicole to fight this ting with Britt Hobart – who also threat to take Nicole to court bout this [as well as call her a back stab thief]. They suggest the Nicole should be able to proof that Britt Hobart stole his ideas from Ni’s original designs sketches etc.


Annie is impressed an Irene is worried that Romeo has planned something VERY special for [himself &] Annie.


NEXT DAY – Whilst VJ is keen t get going, Lea tell Elijah tat it will bring a real finality to all of this – seeing Vinnie’s grave. Elijah tells Leah & VJ he is her for both of them.


Nic talk to Aden bout her sitch with Briit. She say she has phoned Morag – who told her a lawyer to fight this would be really ally exopenive. When Nic wonders, Aden tell her he will be pretty busty today helping Justin.


As Elijah dives along, he tells an epic fishing story involving he &* his dad. The story involved catching a giant squid AND Elijah’s dad DIEING after he suffered a stroke or a heart attack. VJ tells Elijah he’d like a final memory if his dad Vnnie to be like that. Elijah says that can share Elijah‘s.


After Aden & Justin enter, Charlie tells them Angelo is out on another case, so he won’t be joeing them today. When Charlie asks, Justin insist he doesn’t rem anything further


VJ is initially reluctant to go to Vinnie’s gravesite, but when that all do get to be by Vinyl’s grave, there’s a plague on it – saying [paraphrase] “Vincent Paterson, loving husband of Leah and father of Vincent Junior”. Elijah comments to Leah that Vinier insisted on being buried under his real name – not his witness protection name. Leah really starts to cry, and VJ comforts her.


Nic & Romeo talk bout her sitch. He insists if Nic doesn’t stand out to Britt, she’ll probably keep on doing this kinda thing.


Near the crash site, Justin tells Charlie he doesn’t remember anything. Charlie goes to search the surrounding area. Justin all but whisperer to Aden he is worried tat some ruin might have washed ashy the covering soil from where they bury their dad. Aden goes after Charlie – telling her he will help search.


Alf is surprised when Romeo tell him that Romeo has been given the keys to SBH. When Annie arrives, Romeo tells her he has something V special planed for tonight.


Nic – in font of the whole fashion class – confronts Britt bout what happened. She hands Britt a note – saying “we quit” and ALL the students walk out of Britt’s class. Nic makes a catty remark bout Britt’s jacket as Nic bails.


Before they head bask to the car arm in arm, Leah tells Elijah that she REALLY has closure now.


Nic, Annie & Romeo talk bout how they’ve heard that Britt had QUIT her job at the school. Nic remarks that Britt must be pretty desperate etc if she has to steal Nic’s designs. Nic also is WAAAAY encouraged in a way she did that – as it proves Nic has what it take to make it.


Aden wonders what Charlie is looking for. She tells him she will know it when she sees it. After they search a bit more, charley * Aden head back towards the road. They weren’t far from where Aden’s dad is buried.

When Aden & Charlie are getting close to the police car, Justin gets a road speed sign. He has a flashback of his dad – all bloody etc. when Aden & Charley ask, Justin says he still doesn’t rem anything.


VJ is keen to sleep whilst that head for home. Elijah gives VJ his jumper and VJ used it, like Elijah suggested, as a pillow will he gets in the car. Before he does get in though, VJ hugs Elijah, and Leah does likewise.


Annie enters the hall. Romeo is waiting there – at the end of a candlelit path. Annie comet on how amazing it all is.


Nic tells Alf & Marilyn it feels great she stood up to Britt – and that he nightmare is over.


After Justin & Aden enter, Aden wonders why Justin looks etc so stressed. Justin tell And that He [Justin] killed their dad!!!!



Marsha continue to way miss Hugo

Alf tells Angelo that if he doesn't tell Marsha bout Hugo Alf will

Ruby is concerned when she is asked to sing [in the play I take it]

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: blue [red & green feathers?] knee length dress /dark long pants


Aden: dark [dark mountainous island on red background] t


Annie: black & white maxi dress


Aden: dark [grey silhouette of a person on dark background] t

Alf: off white [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Annie: blue [white lacy design] dress

Annie: SBH uniform

Britt Hobart: white jacket/dark dress/silver sparkly belt/dark pretzel like necklace

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/police cap

Elijah: red [white “Abercrombie” logo and 2 tennis racquets] t/white [grey mottled] long pants

Irene: dark [silver floral?] top

Justin : white t

Justin: dark t/dark long pants

Larry [Aden’s dad]: bone button up shirt

Leah: white scoop top/denim jeans

Marilyn: leopard print top/dark knee length skirt

Nic: SBH uniform

Nicole: white lacy [dark trim] dress

Romeo: dark jacket/white shirt/dark long pants

Romeo: grey [white unknown logo] t

Romeo: SBH uniform

VJ: yellow [crowd of people?] t/dark long pants

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