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Wed 14 Apr 2010 – Episode # 5053

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” The Climb “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 14 Apr 2010 – Episode # 5053 ]


Miles is on the couch when he suddenly wakes. He calls out to Rabbit – but she’s not there.


Leah talks to Charlie bout how VJ, Elijah & Leah are going way for a few days. Leah is still a little unsure bout this trip – but VJ comments that he is MUCHLY looking fwd to it.


Aden is wore tat it will look suspicious if Justin goes bask to his army unit now. Aden insists to Justin that they in this together now – wver since they buried the body togther.


Elijah tells Miles that he & Leah etc are heading off for a few days – and that it won’t just be a holiday. Miles talk to Elijah bout Rabbit – wondering what the difference tween Elijah talks to/believing in God etc is diferrent to Miles doing sim way Rabbit. Miles insists that Rabbit wasn’t hurting anyone. Elijah hugs Miles before he bails.


Avery hands Angelo & Charlie the DNA results. They match a person who is on the police database – namely Aden’s dad.


Nicole arrives as the phone rings. Aden tells her t he is quite busy with Justin at the moment – so Nicole bails. The phone call was the police – wanting Justin & AD to come down to the station.


As Elijah drives along [with VJ & Leah in the car], Elijah starts the playing a game. He wants them to look for a scarecrow wearing a black hat. Moments later, VJ sees one. Elijah comments to Leah that he thought that was a fool proof way of making this trip interesting – as no one usually spots one when he play this game.


Miles calls out to Rabbit several times as he looks for her. Once more, he is without success.


Angelo & Charlie tell Aden & Justin that it was their dad’s blood found on Justin. Justin insists that he doesn’t rem what happened that day that Marilyn found him. The police tell Aden & Justin that they are going to the crash site morrow. Charlie “suggest” tat Justin & Aden should go with them.


Nic looks very unenthusiastic as she talks to Britt. The later comments Nic doesn’t seem so commited to being a fashion designer these days. Britt ironically or otherwise comment you have to do whatever it takes in this business. Nic doesn’t disagree when Britt asked her to come over t Britt’s place tonight.


Marilyn & Alf as taking when Miles enters the room. He calls out to Rabbit – quite frantically at time, without success. Miles is quite distraught.


VJ is fallen asleep by this stge. Elijah & Leah talk about how this will be closure for Leah too. Leah comments that this sitsh is a complicated, but good, one.


Justin is stressing out about what’s happened. Aden urges him to keep calm. The phone rings – and they dolt answer.


Nic comet to Marilyn that Aden isn’t answering his phone.

Talk terms to Nic’s sitsh. Marilyn suggest Nic should meet with Britt some place that comfortable for Nic. Marilyn insist at if Nic lets Britt walk all a over her now, it won’t stop.


Miles sees some rabbit ears near the water’s edge. Moments later, he is DELIOGHTE to se Rabbit again. She insists she has been here the whole time. They hug – and Rabbet promise never to leave him again.


NIGHT – by a campfire, VJ wonder to Elijah when they will get to Vinnie’s grave. ELijah tells him morrow morning. VJ is keen to be there now – but Elijah insists it’s this journey, not the destination that is the important thing. Its helps when he tell VJ that there’s a portable comp games console in the car.

After VJ runs off to get that, Leah & Elijah hug – they joke they need to do so to keep warm.


Nic confronts Britt about taking the glory for Nic’s designs. Britt insists she had to make major changes to Nic’s deigns AND that Nic is a back stabbing thief!!!!!! Britt bails.



Nicole confronts Britt Hobart again – but in class this time

Charlie suspects Justin is hiding something

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Rabbit: hot pink [white teardrops?] top/hot pink short shorts


Nicole: white lacy top – with dark top ‘neath


Leah: gold [dark wavy vert stripes] mid thigh length dress


Aden: dark [grey silhouette of a peon on dark background] t

Alf: blue [white check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/

Avery: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Britt Hobart: dark blouse/white top/dark long pants

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/

Elijah: red jacket/blue [white “ANF” logo]/olive green long pants

Justin: white t

Leah: white jacket

Marilyn: dark [red &* white floral] top/dark long pants

Miles: white [b+w photo of a man] t/denim jeans

Nic: SBH uniform

VJ: red [white winged creature] long sleeve top/dark long pants

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