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Wed 7 Apr 2010 – Episode # 5048

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” I’m Just Like Casper, But Not As Friendly “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 7 Apr 2010 – Episode # 5048 ]


When Alf & Marilyn confront Miles bout Rabbit, he tell that the he was frustrated and talking to himself. Rabbit “suggest” tat Miles should tell them the truth, but he doesn’t. Indeed, he insists on getting back to the job on finding the peon doing the graffiti. Miles walk away – leaving behind a confused Alf & Marilyn.


Romeo & Annie nicely takes advantage of their sitch – i.e. with the main lighting of the hall off, they term on the stage lights – and comment, of course, “what light thorough yonder window breaks”.


After Rachel arrives, Aden and esp. Justin are shocked to discover that the blood found on Justin Isn’t his blood. Justin insists that Rachel re-cehck the results. She bails.


Miles is standing on the stirs. Rabbit is siting a few steps down from where Miles is. He wants her to move – she insists she won’t unless he tells people the truth. Miles trues to step over Rabbit, but he trips over and fall don the last few stairs. Nicole hears the commotion and, upon Miles’s request, goes to gets Marilyn.


As they chat, Annie is ken to know all bout Romeo – so she asks him to tell her bout his past.


Alf & Marilyn & Miles [who is in wheelchair with lower leg bandaged etc] enter. Miles tell Marilyn bout Rabbit – including [prompted by Rabbit] that she is his [dead] daughter Amber!!! Miles insist at Rabbit is VERY VERY real to him – even though the others can’t see her etc.


Aden is on the phone – cheeking on his dad’s whereabouts, as it’s their dad’s blood tat was found on Justin. When Aden is of tee phone, he tells Justin that that it was Justin who signed their dad out of the correctional facility he was in.


Mils tell Alf & Marilyn taht Rabbit has been around since the day after tee Xmas party. Rabbit comet to Miles that she is like Casper, except she’s not friendly.

Alf doesn’t “buy” miles story tat Rabbit is keeping him sane – indeed, he tell miles & Marilyn that talking to a ghost etc makes him sound very INsane. Alf & Marilyn agree to phone Rachel bout this.


Romeo mostly avoids telling Annie bout what happened to his family – he doe say taht they fell apart, but does not say way. He tells her that he stayed away from having any kind of ‘ships with ppl. He admits at the when he came to the Bay, he started being more like the person he was before tee family turmoil. Although Annie is keen to actually have at she is the reason, he doesn’t go as far as actually saying that.


Miles is pleased when Marilyn & Alf seem to have set a place at tee table for Rabbit, but they tell him it’s not for Rabbit. Moments later, Rachel arrives – “suggesting” they should talk.


Justin is worried bout what has happened tee their missing dad. He tells And that he doesn’t think he wauled have lasted long before he did something horrible. They agree to head to near where Marilyn 1st came across Justin.


As they drive along, Justin once more voices his concerns to Aden bout what might he haven’t – i.e. if their dad told Justin bout what happened to Aden, Justin might have ”lost it”.


Despite the best efforts of Rachel, Marilyn & Alf trying to convince miles tat Rabbit being around isn’t a good thing [Alf even comets bout how he was seeing things because of his brain tumour], <Miles insist he LIKES having Rabbit around -so she's staying.


Annie admits to Romeo she likes him so mush because he IS so honest with his felling. He tells her if he continues talking like this [bout his past= he won’t feel so great – as that’s a pretty dark place.

Annie wonders where Romeo’s fave place is. When he tells her it is tee beach, she pours some paint into a paint tray, and [after having taken of her shoes etc she sands in the paint. She suggests that Romeo does likewise – and pretend that paint is the water of the ocean. After he doe so, you can see on his face tat he is visualising being at peace at tee beach, whish he AND Anni both really like.


In night time and Aden & Justin are out of tee car and searching for their dad.


Miles insist to Rach and the others that he like having Rabbit around – so he DEF not going to go tee hospital/take any drugs taht will make her go away


Justin & Aden find their dad’s BODY!!!!!!!!



VJ is shocked to discover tat Leah knew that Vinnie didn’t die in prison

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: dark blue [dark trim] dress


Nicole: red [white maze like patterns] low cut knee length dress /white belt


Miles: dark button up shirt/white [full moon on dark background] t/olive green long pants


Aden: green [white crest] t/denim jeans

Alf: dark button up shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Annie: SBH uniform

Justin: light blue button up shirt/dark t/dark long pants

Marilyn: red [dark dots] low cut v neck els top/dark knee length skirt/dark belt/dark framed sunglasses/red earrings

Rabbit: off white wide strap [outlines of ppl near the bottom]¾ length dress

Romeo: SBH uniform

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