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Tues 6 Apr 2010 – Episode # 5047

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Revelation “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 6 Apr 2010 – Episode # 5047 ]


Marilyn shows Miles the drawing of Rabbit. He insists that he didn’t out in on the fridge.

Elijah arrives – so Marilyn bails. As Elijah tells Miles there are now more people coming to the retreat, Miles is distracted – to the point its Rabbit who suggests for him to ask Elijah how many more people will be coming to the retreat. When Miles does ask, Elijah tells him there will be 4 more people now.


Leah tell Irene how Elijah’s story [bout the kid vomiting on stage] seems to have rally got VJ on side.

Leah is worried bout what the other people mat this retreat that Elijah is hosting will think of Elijah/Leah, but Irene insists that they will no doubt have more modern thoughts than Colleen.


After rehearsing some of the play together, Romeo tell Annie that he rally like son of the old world dialogue and that he is keen to woo her. Annie tells Romeo that if he’s started trying already, she hasn’t noticed.


As Marsha tells Alf that she has ruined any chance of being with Liam, she is touching the ring on her necklace most of the time. Alf suggest to Marsha that if Liam is a true friend, he won’t abandon her.

Marilyn enter and insists to Alf tat she need to talk to him bout Miles.


Miles [with Rabbit close by] ions once more distracted when Elijah pays him the bill for the vans for the retreat, Elijah seems confused/intrigued when Miles makes a comment [to Rabbit] that hasn’t even remotely ghost anything to do with what he & Miles war talking bout.


Alf almost can’t believe it when Marilyn tells him she saw Miles doing the graffiti. She also tell him bout her dreams of Rabbit – and the drawing of her on the fridge. Whilst Maz agrees with Alf [in that all of this is pretty weird], she insists that it does not stop that fact tat all of this is happening.


As they walk along Liam talk to Annie & Romeo bout how he is doing some of the music for the play. The trio also talk bout him moving out of Marsha ’s place. Liam insists that although he is [move out] it don’t mean he will be totally out of Marsha’s life.

Meanwhile, in a classroom, Miles is about to start teach his latest class. The student of pretty noisy – and Miles follows Rabbit’s lead – after she says something like “quiet please. Teacher speaking”. Miles has a kinda weird look on hi face – afar Rabbit wonders what he would do without her.


Marsha talk to Liam – she seem pretty chirpy, and insists tat she will help him move into his new place. When he wonders if she will be OK by herself at the farm. Marsha gets all terse – insisting tat she has to get back to work.

After Liam bails, Marsha & the nearby Angelo talk bout how thinks aren't going well for them both in the love stakes now. naturally, Angelo felling out of that tree is mentioned.


Elijah tells Leah ta he is concerned bout Miles - b4 he asked Leah to join him at a BBQ the retreat. Leah naturally does not see the funny side of Elijah making a comment bout it being maybe embarrassing with he show up with a date to the BBQ. VJ arrives and is ken to play soccer but Leah isn't finished work for another hour. Leah accepts Elijah's offer of him playing soccer with VJ today.


as they walk along beside the buildings, Romeo tells Annie tat he is still quite concerned bout performing in font of an audience. they both are concerned when they see the the hall appears to be all locked up.


As Elijah & VJ play soccer, VJ commsnt that Leah has told him that his dad was pretty good at soccer [and the VJ certainly didn't get his soccer skills form Leah]. when Elijah asks, VJ tell him ta he never met Vinnie - but he's heard lots strories bout his dad.


Alf suggest to Angelo tat they should tell marsha tat Hugo is alive - as it would help her current sitch. Angelo disagrees with telling her.

When Marilyn talk bout Rabbit & Miles to Alf & marsha, marsha is on Marilyn;s side - that maybe Miles hasn't REALLY gotten over losing KIrsty & Oly.


romeo & Annie are rehearseing in a classroom. Annie seem rather bored doing so 0- and she tell romeo tat she'd mush Rather be ion stage doing do. Romeo has an idea - and Annie follows him out of the room.


Elijah points out to Leah tat he was morseo having a go at himself when he comment bout date to the BBQ. The others won't expect it - as Elijah hasn;t taken a date with him to one of these things before.


Annie isn't so keen when Romeo climbs into the hall building via a unlocked window at the bask of the building. indeed, Annie stays outside.


As Miles cleans some graffiti off a van, he is talking to Rabbit who is helping him clean it off - BUT in this scene we get confirmation tat she isn't rally there, ie one moment we see her as Miles is talking to here, the next moment she is not there [with miles still talking to her] and then she is bcsk again [cleaning & listening].


With Annie still outside the back of the hall, Romeo cries out - he hust have have hit his leg etc on somethung. Annie covers for him [there are other students nearby] by stying out in pain herself - but she does it like its a line form the play.

Romeo is finally able to persuade Annie to join him inside 0- and she hands her bag to him Thur the window.


Miles insist to Rabbit ta she has to stop doing this graffiti. Marilyn & Alf are nearby - as Alf is shocked to see that Marilyn appears to be right [as there is no one around - that;s visible - that miles could possibly be talk to.



Looks like Aden & Justin find something shocking at Justin’s crash site

Miles insists he likes having Rabbit around

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Marilyn: red [dark dots] low cut v neck els top/dark knee length skirt/dark belt/dark framed sunglasses/red earrings


Leah: silver [dark trim] singlet top/dark shorts


Rabbit: off white wide strap ¾ length dress


Alf: dark button up shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Angelo: grey [dark trim] singlet

Annie: SBH uniform

Elijah: black [partly white collar] priests’ outfit

Irene: red elbow length sleeves top

Liam: green [blue check] button up shirt/dark [white “Ramones”] t/dark long pants

Marsha: grey scoop t/dark long pants

Miles: dark button up shirt/white [full moon on dark background] t/olive green long pants

Romeo: SBH uniform

VJ: orange & white horiz stripes [dark tropical? motifs] t/white shorts

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