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Fri 2 Apr 2010 – Episode # 5045

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” I’m Writing A Story “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 2 Apr 2010 – Episode # 5045 ]


LATE AT NIGHT - After checking on THAT box in the ceiling, Xavier claims down the leader, abut as he heading back to bed, he encounters Liam. Xavier tells Liam that he couldn’t sleep – so he is getting a drink form kitchen. Liam is clearly sus.


NEXT DAY – Rach isn’t so keen on Tony speaking to Xavier bout this boxing idea – she thinks he should seek to Gina bout it 1st. He insists there’s no reason to speak to Gina if Xavier isn’t interested.

They speak to Leah – who is over the moon bout how things are going with Elijah.


Liam is surprised that Xavier has bailed form the house already. When Liam tells marsha bout last night, se VEHEMENTLY tell him tax aver isn’t on drugs – and that its Hugo’s tings in that box.


Colleen talk to Alf bout there being more graffiti at the van park. Her ads that when she told Marilyn, the later insists that she would tell miles bout this latest attack. Colleen comment on how t8hngs are going to rack & ruin.


As John & Gina enter, Gina is on phone. When off, she tell John bout how Liam [on phone] is concerned bout5 Xavier.


Xavier tells Ruby bout how he is freaking out because of Liam’s quest bout THAT box. Rubes is understandably shocked when Xavier tell her there is $100,000 in the box.


Tony is keen to borrow some boxing gear form the gym. This lead to Tony telling john that he was a state finalist at school in boxing. John goes better – telling tony he was state champion.


Gina insists to Marsha she needs to search Xavier’s room – and see for herself bout the drugs sitsh.


Xavier wonders if they can hide the box here at the beach house. Rubes isn’t so sure about the idea – as she’d not be able to control herself form stuffing up somehow as revealing that it’s here. She’ll give it further thought though.


Tony is unimpressed with the lack of support he is getting form Rach. He tells him that it was his suggestion to Gina to step back and not talk to Xavier that further widened the gulf tween them. He hopes that his can mend some of that with this boxing idea.


Whilst Rach tell Leah bout how barbaric she thinks boxing is, Leah counters by saying that self defence classes she’s doing are VERY good for her self confidence etc.


Gina doesn’t find anything in Xavier’s room. Marsha insist ta whatever she thinks is going on its not drugs. When Liam arrives, Gina makes it clear that it’s Liam who tipped her off. Marsha & Liam UBER verbally clash over this – as Marsha insists that Liam doesn’t know all the facts.


Ruby tells Xavier they can’t hide it in beach house – Ruby doesn’t want to abuse Irene’s trust. She insists they WILL think of somewhere to hide the money. Xavier’s phone rings – its Tony.


Marsha talks to Gina 0 and admits, despite her clash today with Lima, that she doesn’t want him to move out.

Soon after, with Gina gone, Marsha tells Liam the TUTH bout that box.


Xavier enters and tony tell him tony is keen of Xavier to be on school boxing team. Xavier is worried bout Gina’s reaction. Tony insists to Xavier to leave Gina to tony.


Ruby talks to Colleen bout a mystery story she is supposedly writing for school. She needs a GREAT place in the bay to store hidden treasure = incl some important papers. Colleen tells Rubes she has the PERFECT spot – somewhere NO ONE will ever look.


Gina tells John she thinks that Marsha is hiding something form her. Alf tells that the Rachel visited Marsha recently. Gina bails.


Rachel isn’t impressed Tony & aver are boxing indoors. Gina, when she arrives, is even LESS impressed at what is going on.


Marsha & liam both have money in their hands. Marsha tells Liam the money is Hugo’s. Liam suggests they should take it to the police. Marsha insist she want6s xavier – of his own free will – to do that.

Marsha tells Liam she doesn’t want him to move out. She kisses him p- but he basks away. After Liam leaves the room, Marsha looks at ring Hugo gave her [in her necklace].



Alf tells Miles that Marilyn thinks Miles needs help

Rach tells Justin & Aden that the blood that was found on Justin ISN’’T

Xavier is shocked when he discovers THAT box isn’t in the ceiling anymore

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: 2 tone blue strapless maxi dress


Rachel: red [white flora] top/dark knee skirt


Leah: low cut v neck dress


Alf: SBH tartan pattern shirt/bone long pants

Colleen: blue [rectangle] blouse/red top

Gina: red crady/whuite top/dark long pants

John: white shirt/dark long pants

Liam: dark [white stripes on sleeves] jacket/white [dark unknown motif] t/dark long pants

Liam: white t

Marsha: grey [silver rectangles on bust] top/dark long pants

Liam: white [“technics:” t

Ruby: white singlet top/grey [brown floral] PJ long pants

Tony: grey [“puma”] t/dark long pants

Xavier: white [dark unkown motif[ t/olive green long pants

Xavier: light blue t

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